Absolutism and democracy

May 1, 2018 General Studies

Government is what keeps the world going. There are all kinds of government tactics, the same government set-up isn’t the same throughout the world. In fact, government can change right under your nose, which is what happened in Europe, starting in the 15th century. Absolute monarchy and Democracy are just a few of the ways a government is ran. Let’s take a journey to find out how government’s changed and how people’s views of government have changed also. Machiavelli once wrote about how to be a successful prince.

Machiavelli explained that you have to be in good graces with your people in order to be a successful prince. Fear is a good thing, but love is also a good thing. Your people must be able to count on you, but they must also not want to revolt against you, which is why an absolute monarchy is the best thing according to them, at the time. King James 1 thought that a monarchy was a way to run Europe, because he thought that Kings were God’s lieutenants and that as a king he had to run his people by the word of God; that God told him what and who to do something.

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He even referred to kings as gods. As the government system progressed, the idea of a monarchy was more solely focussed on the kings people listening and following the commands of their ruler. Democracy is when the people vote for who’s in charge. A man doesn’t vote to get their properties of privileges taken away, so they put their trust in the new government system that’s supposed to make the power of men more equal. If a person in power were to take over someone’s free will said person probably wouldn’t want to listen or follow that person.

A ruler wants their people to like and respect them, not dislike them and wish them out of power, this causes the ruler to try to please every party. The way the government is run has come a long way. People of power used to be absolutely in charge of their people and now people have a say in who is in charge. People have the power to speak up for themselves. Men are now equal in the government’s eyes. The government may be in charge of a country, but now people have more a say in what goes on in their country.


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