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August 31, 2018 General Studies

AbstractAnimal experimentation has been going on for a while now and people have been protesting against it since it has begun. It seems now days there are more cons for animal experiments because of how it has become a popular topic to this day. The pros seem to think that animal experiments are necessary for living a healthy life. With all of the debating going on, animal experimentation may be halted.

Animal ExperimentationShould animal experimentation be regulated? Do animals have the same rights we do? These are questions that are of much debate. Animals are used in experiments all of the time, whether they are testing a new drug, or testing their reactions to a new fabric softener. But is this morally O.K.?First of all, billions of dollars of taxpayer money is spent on animal experimentation annually. Money is given to big name corporations and the military. It is used for wound testing, radiation testing, and other chemicals of war. Agricultural experiments include finding ways to ?improve? farm animals. Private companies also invest in the vivisection industry. These experiments are actually more expensive than experiments on human subjects (Internet 3).

Animals are not humans, obviously, but we test drugs that are meant to be used on humans all of the time. It is good that we don’t have to make humans suffer, but just because something works on, or doesn’t effect an animal, doesn’t mean it will do the same on a human. For instance, the drugs thalidomide, Zomax, and DES were all tested on animals and thought of as safe, but they had devastating effects on humans (Internet 3).

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Many of the protests now days for animals are to give them rights against experimentation. The company that people protest against most is the Procter and Gamble pharmaceutical. They do a various number of tests, and one of the most common is the draze test. In the draze test the animals get multiple soaps and detergents placed and dropped into their eyes to test if the soap will be safe for at home usage.

Usually what happens is if the soap is not safe to eyes then it may cause serious damage to the animal’s eyes. Some other tests include cures for cancers and many other tests that usually cause the animals to live the rest of their life abnormal (Internet 4). Some people feel that animal experimentation is not bad at all because the animals help keep us safe and alive. Some of the tests they do to animals may seem crude but they are helping people in everyday life. After most animals are tested on they can be put to sleep easily and may suffer no further pain.

They also do vivisection’s on animals and connect computer ports, such as parallel ports ( which you would connect a printer too) too there head which is linked to there brain activity areas. They use the port on their head to read such things as their cholesterol and blood pressure and various other things instead of having to use a needle, etc.

But many believe that even though they are put to sleep afterwards, that is no excuse for the misery they are put through before that (Book 1). There are alternatives however to animal testing, for instance testing on death row inmates.

The government does already highly regulate these experiments. They are only allowed to use certain species and living conditions must be up to par. They even do surprise inspections, but many illegal operations go on all of the time without the government even knowing. You can find pictures of these sorts of things all over the Internet, and they are very disturbing.

Animals can not talk, they can not say whether or not they want to be tested on. They did not do anything to deserve such torture. But, it is for the good of man right? Humans really need to get their morals straight. There are still so many questions; did God intend for us to do whatever we want with animals? Do animals have rights? But one thing will always be for sure; it is your decision.

References1. Fox, Michael W. (1980). Returning to Eden: Animal Rights and Human Responsibility New York: The Viking Press2.


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