Abu Dhabi Past Present and Future

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In this study I will carry on research about instruction in Abu Dhabi. I will depict the current status of instruction in Abu Dhabi with its orientation to past. I will carry on a study to foreground the instructors prospective of instruction in Abu Dhabi, and how the instructors and pupils are making in instruction. I will seek to convey out the failing and strengths of instruction in Abu Dhabi by agencies of the study of different schools of Abu Dhabi.

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Hamad Ahmed Al Dhaheri 1

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As portion of class required: Research Report Writing – ASC 301 1

Abstract 2

Table of Contentss 3


A A 4

A Introductory paragraphs 4

A Purpose 4

Significance of the survey 5

Research inquiries and/or hypotheses 5

Background 5

Literature review 5

Methodology 6

Restate intent and research inquiries or void hypothesesA 6

A Procedure and clip frame 7

Analysis program 7

A Premises 7

A Recommendations 15



Appendixs 17

Survey of instructor of class 8th in different schools 17



A Introductory paragraphs

In this study I will depict the instruction in Abu Dhabi by relation to its yesteryear, present and future. I will portray the degree of instruction in Abu Dhabi and reference different educational activities in which Abu Dhabi is involved. I will besides carry on a study on instructor of class 8th from different school to cognize how good they think Abu Dhabi peculiarly Al-Ain is making in comparative to instruction. I will carry on the research in the signifier of study to set up the importance of instruction in Abu Dhabi.

Statement of the job

There is no peculiar research which tells the current state of affairs of instruction in Abu Dhabi. By my research I will pull a right image of instruction, because I believe by making the study on instructor it will give me a greater image. Teacher were pupil at some point so it represents past and they are learning pupil so it represent present and they know more about coming development in instruction so it will stand for the hereafter of instruction in Abu Dhabi.

A Purpose

The end of my research is to detect restriction and current development of instruction in Abu Dhabi. I will polish the current thought about the educational system of Abu Dhabi by agencies of my research.

Significance of the survey

My survey can assist the school to deviate the educational form to adjustable degree which is both benefit to the instructors and pupils, in other words my survey will indicate out what are successful or unsuccessful instruction and analyzing methods applied in schools in Al-Ain.

Research inquiries and/or hypotheses

My research inquiry for this survey will be is at that place a important difference between what methods we are learning or it can be improved.


Literature reappraisal

“ By and large it is believed that to reform a present instruction is really hard occupation, and it is the most of import issue which is needed to be resolved for improvement of the Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Education Council ( ADEC ) wants to shut the worst executing school in coming ten old ages. ADEC kept nine criterions to find school public presentation and found that about 184 private schools did non met the needed criterions in some manner. ADEC points out her are merely 31 per centum of UAE national in private schools. ADEC believes that Al-Ain has 57 schools with 48400 pupils and this figure will increase because of population growing in approaching old ages ” ( Olarte, 2010 ) .

“ It is believed that Abu Dhabi is increasing the educational installations throughout the part of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is be aftering for distance and on-line educational systems for modern economic system of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is acquiring its instructor and academic from all over the universe to run into the challenges of universe category research. Abu Dhabi authorities believes that better instruction will present better economic system for Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi wants to go the regional centre for universe category instruction and schools which are non limited by geographics. ” ( Engines of Abu Dhabi ‘s Future Economic Growth, n.d ) .

“ School ‘s governments in Abu Dhabi believe that there is need to alter the overall system of instruction in Abu Dhabi. ” ( Arabian Business, 2010 ) “ This authorization besides believes that they will make whatever necessary positive stairss they need to take for doing a good educational system in Abu Dhabi. The Government wants to see the fight in instruction by holding right educational system in Abu Dhabi. ” ( Arabian Business, 2010 ) “ Government besides believes that they need to take extremist and cardinal actions for holding a good educational system which is good for both instructors and pupils of Abu Dhabi. Government is sing conveying policies which are helpful for school and the environment of instruction in Abu Dhabi. ” ( Arabian Business, 2010 )


Restate intent and research inquiries or void hypothesesA

I will carry on the study of instructor of class 8th in different schools and the population will be teacher of class 8th from different school in Al-Ain, so it will be random trying to some extent. I will see assorted schools in Al-Ain from 8 a.m. to run into the different instructors and bespeak them to make full my study signifier. I will seek to cover 10 different schools in Al-Ain for my truth in informations for the study.

A Procedure and clip frame

I will get down my study at 8 a.m. and coating at approximately 11 a.m. , and I will personally manus the study inquiry to the instructor and bespeak them to make full it in forepart of me. I will seek to clearly do them understand my inquiry in the study and assist them if they find any of my inquiries confounding.

Analysis program

I will utilize Microsoft Office Excel to pull and show the determination of my study to my audience can acquire good apprehension of my research.

A Validity and dependability

I will do certain that meet the right demand of face cogency, content cogency, and concept cogency. I will utilize internal consistence to do certain I bring dependability to my study.

A Premises

My premise is that the full instructors who will make full the study will make full it with great degree of honestness and without any prejudice.

A Scope and restrictions

The restrictions are related to population because the figure of schools in Al-Ain is 57 and I will be covering merely 10 of them. I will besides choose the school indiscriminately and non based on the educational systems such as British educational system etc.


The sample size for the study is 10. And below is detail degree of my analysis.

Age Gender

Nationality Education


1. Harmonizing to your learning experience describe the degree of reading of pupil in your category?

30 % say above norm, mean and below norm while 10 % say readimh degree varies greatly.

2. Is at that place particular method for enrichment of reading direction in your school?

60 % say there are particular methods for enrichment of reading direction in your school, while 40 % say no.

3. In typical hebdomad do you give to following activities?

30 % say instruction, 20 % say working with single pupil, 10 % administrative responsibilities, 25 % subject monitoring and 15 % other responsibilities.

4. In your school do you hold library or reading corner in your schoolroom?

75 % say yes schools have library or reading corner in your schoolroom and 25 % no

5. How many times you take your pupils to library other than your schoolroom library or reading corner?

20 % say mundane, 30 % say one time a hebdomad and 50 % say twice a hebdomad.

6. Often do you delegate reading as prep for any topic?

25 % say everday, 20 % say 1 or 2 times a month, 25 % say twice a hebdomad, 5 % one time a hebdomad and 25 % say no prep.

7. How much clip you expect a pupil to pass on prep affecting reading?

10 % say 10min, 15 % say 30min, 50 % say 60min, and 25 % say more than 1 hr.

8. What portfolio ( aggregation of pupil work, reading, etc. ) a portion of your appraisal of pupil advancement?

10 % say no usage, 40 % say auxiliary and 50 % say major.

9. Are you a certified instructor from authorities?

85 % say yes, certified instructor from authorities while 15 % say no.

10. In past one twelvemonth how many hr in entire you spend on your professional development ( workshops or seminars ) ?

50 % say none, 25 % say 10 hours, 15 % say 20 hours while 10 % say more than 30 hours.

11. At place how frequently do you read for enjoyment?

25 % say mundane, 45 % say 1 clip a hebdomad, 25 % say 1 clip a month and 5 % say ne’er.

12. Make you work as?

90 % say they work as full clip and 10 % say they work as portion clip.

13. Make you believe you are fixing pupil for occupations or workplace?

5 % say hapless, 25 % say norm, 45 % say good and 25 % say excellent.

14. Make you believe authorities support instruction by and large?

90 % say yes and 10 % say no.

15. Your school disposal provides adequate stuff to educate pupil good plenty?

10 % say no and 90 % say yes.

Decisions and recommendations


A Summary and Discussion

My determination shows different facet of instructor and pupil instruction and larning methods. Most instructors think the degree of instruction is good at their school. In schools teacher have to deviate attending to other activities besides such as administrative responsibilities, work with pupils, but they normally focus on instruction. Schools provide libraries to student for their better acquisition environment. It is known by my study that authorities certified teacher work in most school which is really encouraging for better criterions in schools. It is satisfactory fact that most teacher work every bit for good or full clip as a instructor. Teachers believe that they are fixing their pupil for the occupation or work environment of Abu Dhabi. Almost 90 per centum instructors believe that authorities support instruction in Abu Dhabi by and large, and schools besides provide the instructor the stuff for learning expeditiously.

A Recommendations

It is point out in my study that the figure of times the pupil goes to libraries should be increased. Reading should be assigned to student as place work because it will do them smarter, and my study shows diverse reading assignment of place work forms. Time of reading as place work given by instructor is about 60 proceedingss but it is needed to increase. Teachers do non pass much clip in their professional development but they should make it by affecting more into the instructor communities.


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