Abuse Institutional Abuse Essay

July 1, 2017 February 4th, 2019 Medical

Unit of measurement 204 – Principles of safeguarding and protection in wellness and societal attention

The Numberss in the bracket after each inquiry relate to the appraisal standard in the criterions UNIT 4222-205

1. Specify the undermentioned types of maltreatment: ( 1. 1. 1 )
• Sexual maltreatment
Sexual maltreatment is the forcing of unsought sexual behavior by one individual upon another • Emotional/psychological maltreatment
Emotional/psychological maltreatment may affect menaces or actions to do mental or physical injury ; humiliation ; voilation
• Financial maltreatment
Fiscal maltreatment is the illegal or unauthorized usage of a person’s money. belongings. pension book or other valuables. • Institutional maltreatment
Institutional maltreatment involves failure of an administration to supply appropriate and professional person services to vulnerable people. It can be seen or detected in procedures. attitudes and behaviour that sum to favoritism through unintentional bias. ignorance. inconsideration. stereotyping and stiff systems.

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• Self disregard

Self-neglect is a behavioral status in which an person disregards to go to to their basic demands. such as personal hygiene. eating. vesture. or medical conditions they might hold.

• Neglect by others

Neglect is a inactive signifier of maltreatment in which the offender is responsible to supply attention. for person. who is unable to care for oneself. but fails to supply equal attention to run into their demands. Disregard may include neglecting to supply sufficient supervising. nutriment. medical attention or other demands.

2. Identify the marks and/or symptoms associated with each type of maltreatment ( 1. 1. 2 )

3. Describe factors that may lend to an single being more vulnerable to mistreat ( 1. 1. 3 )

4. Explain the actions to take if there are intuitions that an person is being abused ( 2. 2. 1 )

5. Explain the actions to take if an person alleges that they are being abused ( 2. 2. 2 )

6. Identify ways to guarantee that grounds of maltreatment is preserved ( 2. 2. 3 )

7. Identify national policies and local systems that relate to safeguarding and protection from maltreatment ( 3. 3. 1 )

8. Explain the functions of different bureaus in safeguarding and protecting persons from maltreatment ( 3. 3. 2 )

9. Identify studies into serious failures to protect persons from maltreatment ( 3. 3. 3 )

10. Identify beginnings of information and advice about ain function in safeguarding and protecting persons from maltreatment ( 3. 3. 4 )

11. Explain how the likeliness of maltreatment may be reduced by: ( 4. 4. 1 )
a. person-centred values
b. active engagement
c. advancing pick and rights

12. Explain the importance of an accessible ailments process for cut downing the likeliness of maltreatment ( 4. 4. 2 )

13. Describe insecure patterns that may impact the well-being of persons ( 5. 5. 1 )

14. Explain the actions to take if insecure patterns have been identified
( 5. 5. 2 )

15. Describe the action to take if suspected maltreatment or insecure patterns have been reported but nil has been done in response ( 5. 5. 3 )


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