Abused Victims: Their Pains and the Treatments

By May 31, 2018 Psychology

“Abuse” is a term that is believed to be an overloaded description of the actual situation that is happening in the society right now. It could be observed that through the years, the number of individuals being victimized by the said dilemma are undeniably increasing making the word “abuse” not just a word but one among the many things that people within the human society fear most.

Abuse is the way by which people try to maltreat their fellowmen. This is regardless of the fact that the people being maltreated are either their friends or their family members as well. It could not be denied that this dreadful situation have affected the sections of human socialization already.

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The school institutions, the workplace, the churches and now even within homes, the existence of abuse cannot be much controlled anymore. This is primarily the reason why it is very important to take several things regarding this particular issue into consideration for studying. This would naturally allow a more focused procedure that shall be developed to assist abused victims

both young and old, men and women to recover from the situation that they have been involved with when they were abused in the past.

1.1     Significance of the Study

There is an important factor that defines studying social dilemma as one of the most important issues that need to be dealt with by the experts who are concerned of primarily assisting the human society in recovering from the said factors of distress. Concerning the fact that cases of abuse affect the whole human community in many ways, it is indeed necessary to understand why and how abusive acts actually develop.

The reasons behind the developments of the said situation and the effects that it leaves towards its victims would actually help in identifying which type of treatment actually fits the situation best. The victims are the main reasons why there exist some certain support groups and NGO’s that are devoted to focusing themselves in helping the people understand why and how they could help those who are primarily afflicted by the said social malady.

1.2     Purpose and Objectives

It is the expectation of the researcher of this study to help the people understand the roots of the major advancing process by which abusive acts increase every year. More than simply understanding the roots of the problem, this research also aims to make possibilities by which the said situation could be treated well by the authorities who are supposed to be involved within the treatment of the said social issue.

To understand the objectives further, the following list shall enlighten the vision of the readers with regards the said purposes of the commencement of this particular study:

(a)  To assist people in having an in depth understanding of the reasons behind the existence of abusive situations between people around the world.

(b)o help in the process of finding the most effective ways by which the dreadful effects of abuse among victims could be well treated.

(c)  To find possible ways by which the situation could either be ceased or at least regulated to be bale to lessen or decrease the rates of the people being victimized every year.

1.3     Statement of the Problem

To be able to have a stronger process of determining the data needed to complete this particular study, the following questions shall be utilized by the author of this research as one of the primary basis of the continuing of the methodologies that are further prepared to complete the study:

(a) Why are abusive acts evident within the human society and how are all of these particular cases of maltreatment impact the human society based on the social and economic status of the countries that are afflicted by the said situation?

(b) How are these situations supposed to be treated with, and how have the local governments of the different countries actually faced this particular dilemma?

(c)  What are the major ways that are designed by psychologists and different NGO’s to be able to assist the victims in actually recovering from the maltreatment that they have experienced in the past?

(d) Based from an online interview of the major sectors of the human population who are afflicted by the said abusive acts, what are the actual impacts of the abusive situations among the individual’s personal development?

1.4     Rationale

Experts such as psychologists and sociologists believe that people do the things they do basing from a certain background that particularly affect their personal growth as individuals. Hence, this theoretical understanding shall be further examined through studying what is causing people to act the way they do with regards abusive acts they commit against their fellowmen. This study then aims to show the readers how this particular theoretical understanding of the situation actually helps in finding the right treatment that assists people in giving ample help to those who are afflicted by the said abusive acts.

1.5     Definition of Terms


Physical or verbal maltreatment that is committed by people against others that usually result to dreadful effects among the victims’ personal and social development as individuals.


The effect that is damaging to a person in his life later on; this usually results from dreadful experiences from the past that could either be inflicted to them by others or by themselves.


Reduced worth or lower view of a certain status of a person in the society because of a past that affects the opinion of people with regards the said individual.

 Independent Support Groups

These are pre-established organizations that are aiming to attain several personal idealism that they have defined as the main mission of the entire organization’s programs and activities.

NGO (Non-Government Organization)

These are privately funded organizations that are established to be focused in keeping close attention to the main purposes that are primarily defined as the foundation of their group.


A branch of science that actually studies the behavior of humans as well as with the results of the said behavioral development among human beings.


The group of people taken as a whole which refers to the entire population of humans around the globe; or it might also refer to a particular group of people that an individual is dealing with.


The study of the entire society’s system that is based upon the connection of humans between each other and how the said relationships primarily affect the development of humans as individuals.



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