Academic Integrity

April 9, 2018 Education

It explains the meaning of “academic integrity ” and what actions will be considered as academic misconduct. Some of the example of offences include: plagiarism, cheating, misrepresentation of personal identity or performance, submission of false information, contributing to academic misconduct and etc. Reason University, 2009) Additionally, this document dates penalties and consequences for academic misconduct and appeals process. I would like to add this document to my reference list, because the purpose of the paper is about solving academic dishonesty in Reason University. Therefore, this document will be the major resource I use for this research paper. An analysis of academic integrity techniques used in online courses at a southern university The purpose of this research was to analyze the academic integrity techniques used by instructors Of online course at Lamar university. Barnes, C. , & Paris, B. L. , 2013) Online course is a new trend of delivering knowledge in current universities. Students don’t have to attend classes in person but can receive all lectures using a laptop with internet connection at home. This technology saves the cost and reduces the time of the students traveling between school and home. This new form of class is growing popularly today, and people consider it as convenient and time-saving. However, these are a major concern regarding online courses among instructors in Lamar University – “How to maintain academic integrity of online courses? The researchers discovered that, academic dishonesty is ore likely to occur in online classes, other than in traditional classes. Students cheat on exams or assignments, by hiring others to be ghost assignment writers or proxy exam takers. To avoid academic dishonesty, Lamar instructors bring out the following prevention strategies: 1. Use of multiple assessment techniques instead of major exams. 2. Greater reliance on written assignments and threaded discussions. 3. Use of test banks and timed test delivery 4. Plagiarism detection software and browser locations. 5. Sing student Identity technologies during exams, such as fingerprint canner. 6. Raising awareness among students about academic integrity. (Barnes, C. , & Paris, B. 2013) Summary Statement: There is a higher chance of accusing students in academic misconduct in online course other than traditional courses. The researchers had recorded several techniques protecting academic integrity from the instructors from Lamar University. This research paper inspires me not only to look into academic integrity in traditional course but also take into consideration of cheating issues in online course.

Let’s think about what studying tools students were using twenty ears ago, maybe just pen and lined paper? But now all students use computers to complete their assignments and research papers. Moreover, people start to read books digitally other than holding a book in hands. Therefore, it is not hard to imagine, in one day, online course will replace the traditional class. And, the students who disobey academic integrity rules will exploit the advantage of online course and fake their grade. Therefore, I would like to add this research report as a reference to my paper to advance my argument.

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Why many international students get a failing grade in academic integrity? This article talks about at some Canadian schools, there is a increasing number of the international students were accused of academic integrity in universities. By interviewing the staff and students from various Ontario universities, the journalists received the following messages: 1. “Over 50 percent of the students who violate academic integrity code are the international student. This group makes up about 12 percent of the total student body at U of T” said by staff lava,n. Ere Karen Belling in University of Toronto. 2. In university Of Windsor, a 2008-2009 report shows, the regenerate of international students accused of academic misconduct was more than three times higher than the percentage of domestic students accused. 3. Factors causing international students fail in academic integrity: Language barrier, culture difference, the pursuit of receiving better grade, school and family pressure and the lack of knowledge in academic integrity and its impact to students’ professional career. 4. A 2006 study survey published in the U.

K found that most of the foreign students who plagiarism are from Asian countries. 5. The techniques offered by universities in helping international students from academic dishonesty: writing tutorial services (all universities), special orientation for international students (University of Windsor), mandatory online academic integrity quiz before class. (Concordia University) (Bradshaw, J. , & Balboa, T. , 2011) Summary Statement: International students are more likely to be accused of academic misconduct in schools, because of language barrier, cultural difference and etc.

The Trend of Unauthorized Assistance in paper Writing among Chinese Students in Canadian Universities This is an article read from a Chinese swapper six month ago. The article briefly talks about the issue of academic misconduct in Canadian Universities and how Chinese students hire ghostwriters to finished their assignment papers during school year. In a survey operated by Canadian Council on Learning, the report shows there are 53 percent of the university students admitted they cheat on paper writing, 18 percent of the students admitted they cheat on exams in 2010.

The journalist states, one of the reasons that courage academic dishonesty is, 41 percent of the school staff turn a blind eye to cheated students when the issues occur and only 7 percent of the parents think their children disobey the academic integrity code. Moreover, the journalist interviewed several Chinese students who were studying in Canadian universities. She found out, the students can spend 200 to 300 CAD to buy a paper, but the price varies by the time urgency.

However, sometimes the ghost writers cannot guarantee the quality of the papers, because some students ask to finish their papers in 24 hours and due to insufficient times, the paper might off the point or does not meet the academic requirement. Therefore, the students can still fail in the rouser, even they were not caught for academic dishonesty. (Song, N. , 201 0) Summary Statement: There are some facts about Chinese students who studies in Canadian universities seek help for their assignments and exams.

But their actions are violating academic integrity and this trend is growing. I put these two newspaper articles together because all the journalists have pointed out the growing trend of academic integrity among international students in Canadian universities, particularly these from some Asian countries, such as China. It reminded me of taking a picture of Reason flyer road located at LIB building for this research paper. There is an ad about offering paper help for Reason students. I guess the school staff didn’t take away this ad, because it is written in Chinese.

Additionally, I want to use these two articles as reference, because they explains some of the causes of academic integrity, and some of the cheating techniques. I would like to quote a student’s words from the article Why many international students get a failing grade in academic integrity?. “Basically [the professor] said I didn’t cite at all,” said Koran, “Back home, we listen to our teachers, and basically mug everything they say. The more you write your answers exactly the way they say it, the better chance you have of getting an A. ” (Bradshaw, J. , & luaus, T. 2011) His words perfectly explain the difference of education view between Canadian schools and Asian schools. In China, people are more likely to focus on students’ grades, other than teach students to learn and create new things. Students study for better grade instead of learning knowledge in school. Also, because of culture difference, Chinese students don’t know how much trouble they will get into if they are caught for academic integrity. At last, For the result of academic dishonesty, I would like to introduce the following articles as an example.

University Of Windsor dean suspended over ‘academic integrity breach involving plagiarism & Changes at the Faculty of Education at the university of Windsor There two articles talk about Dry. Clinton Beckoned, who was Dean of the Faculty of Education in Leistering of Windsor, was accused of plagiarism in December 10, 2012. His punishment was to leave from his position and receive an unpaid suspension affecting until June 30, 2014. (University of Windsor, 2012) Research methods used Both primary and secondary researches will be used for this paper.


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