Academic Integrity

April 9, 2018 Education

What is the true meaning of Academic Integrity? Looking up the definition it tells people that Academic Integrity is a university that adheres to a moral and ethical principles or just plain honesty. This definition comes from knowing what academic means referring to a college, university, educational institution, or an academy. Mainly, a place of higher education (Dictionary. Com, 2012). While combining academic with integrity, which integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty (Dictionary. Com, 2012).

Combining of these two functions will give people the true meaning of Academic Integrity. My Views What Academic Integrity means to me is that people do not need to cheat their way through school to do better in life. When a people are writing a paper, those people need to do it the right way and keep it honest. Keeping a paper honest, people need to write their paper in their own words and if people use material, which is not theirs to make sure their using proper citations using American Psychological Association (PAP) formatting or what the university requires.

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When people do not know if, they are popularizing something, it is always best to cite where they got the information of the material just in case. There are also plagiarism sites that can verify if the material is in good standings. For example, at University of Phoenix people can use the Center of Writing Excellence (ICE) to make sure their papers are not using another person’s material or to help people fix what they are popularizing. If proper readjusts are put into place the university will be less likely to accuse a person of plagiarism.

From what have learned is that when people are not sure if their popularizing material, is to check their work and cite the paper wherever is considered necessary to keep it safe. University of Phoenix is a remarkable help in learning different methods on how to write a paper the correct way by working one-on-one with a tutor or using the ICE. Plagiarism and Discipline Plagiarism is a writing term for cheating. Cheating is a very big deal in the academic world. People whom cheat go through different actions Of discipline.

Depending on what the academic board wants a person to do will e the discipline for the person at any given time. Some will make people write a paper, others will make people take a course on plagiarism, which is a workshop. The workshops last for three days and people are welcome to go to these workshops just to learn more about an area of study. Discipline is for when students get into trouble and have to learn from their mistakes. With the disciplinary actions put into effect, the university can make sure the students know that there will be only so many times before suspension from the university or kicked out indefinitely.

The students will have to provide what is considered necessary from them and do their best not to plagiarism material. Using proper citations will keep students out of trouble with the university. Others Views Other people agree with my views on Academic Integrity; however, they also see that it is not so much as cheating that people are doing but the lack of knowledge of how not to cheat or plagiarism another person’s work. By looking to the professors to make sure that the students are learning the proper way to use citations so they are not popularizing another person’s ark.

Next to follow through with the students to make sure they still understand the methods of citations and references (Gallant, 2008). Looking at a survey done at public and private colleges and seeing the results is informational. In this information, people learn that if everyone from the professors to the students, which need to come together and work as one on academic integrity to help end scholastic dishonesty (Boone, Justice, ; Weeks, 2009). By working as a team the people would be putting an end to academic dishonesty and better educate people on the true meaning of academic integrity.

People see different defied notions for academic integrity such as cheating, fraud, plagiarism, academic dishonesty, and falsification. Then words like honor and honesty are basically the same as academic integrity (Gallant, 2008). Other terms are academic misconduct. Unacceptable behavior is the same as misconduct. Conclusion In closing this paper, am going to recap what was discussed. I spoke of what academic integrity means as of the definition, my personal views on what I think academic integrity is and how it is a good way to get ahead in life f followed correctly.


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