Academic Integrity

Academic dishonesty is when a student lies or cheats in any way on any type of academic exercise. There are many forms of dishonesty. Cheating, plagiarism, fabrication and falsification, multiple submission, and complicity in academic dishonesty are just some (ANA Student Handbook, 2013). Cheating is a very common form of dishonesty. Cheating is when one uses some type of help or assistance to make a better grade that is not authorized to be used. No help should be given, unless the teacher specifies otherwise.

Examples of cheating could be copying off another student, using cheat notes, or trying to use your phone or other device to get answers. Plagiarism is another form of dishonesty, and is the most common form. Plagiarism is when someone uses or copies someone else words or ideas when writing a paper. It is even considered plagiarism if you copy the words and change them around or add some of your own words to it. Examples of plagiarism are not quoting the material copied or citing the reference properly.

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Academic Integrity Fabrication and falsification is another form of dishonesty. Fabrication is when someone makes up something and tries to write about it. Falsification is lying or changing information to where the information is not accurately represented. An example of fabrication could be if someone makes up a Tory that didn’t even happen. An example of falsification could be someone lying about the date or time something happened. Multiple submission is also a form of dishonesty.

Multiple submission is when someone tries to submit the same paper for two classes without prior permission from both teachers. By turning papers in t-van. ro classes this could also be a form of plagiarism. Examples of this would be writing a paper for one class and trying to use for another class. The last form of dishonesty is complicity in academic dishonesty. Complicity in academic dishonesty basically means helping someone cheat. If you help money else cheat then you are being dishonest and you might as well be the one cheating.



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