Accenture Is A Global Management Consulting Commerce Essay

September 30, 2017 Commerce

Accenture is a planetary direction consulting, engineering services and outsourcing company, with about 2,59,000 people functioning clients in more than 120 states. Uniting alone experience, comprehensive capablenesss across all industries and concern maps, and extended research on the universe ‘s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to assist them go high-performance concerns and authoritiess.

Accenture originated as the concern and engineering confer withing division of accounting firmA Andersen Consulting in 1953. Its first undertaking was to automatize paysheet processing and fabrication at General Electronics Appliance Park in Kentucky. Since so, it has been systematically spread outing.

In 2001 Andersen Consulting adopted its current name, “ Accenture ” . The word “ Accenture ” is derived from “ Accent on the hereafter ” . Accenture felt that the name should stand for its will to be a planetary consulting leader and high performing artist, and besides intended that the name should non be violative in any state in which Accenture operates.

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Accenture ‘s high public presentation concern scheme builds on its proficiency in confer withing, engineering and outsourcing to better its client ‘s public presentation. Using its engineering capablenesss and industrial cognition, it identifies new concern and engineering tendencies and develops solutions to assist clients around the universe enter new markets, addition grosss in bing market, better operational public presentation and present their merchandises and services more efficaciously and expeditiously.

Organizational construction:

Accenture follows a Matrix Organizational construction. All the employees are given certain basic preparations ( known as Green Field Training ) based on their old accomplishments set. Peoples with similar accomplishments are pooled and allocated to work undertakings based on their suitableness.

Every undertaking has 2 directors: A undertaking director and a functional director. The authorization of the functional director flows vertically downwards and the authorization of the undertaking director flows sideward. Hence, each functional worker normally reports to the functional caputs, but does non usually work straight under their supervising. Alternatively, the worker is controlled by a undertaking director. This manner, each worker has two higher-ups, who will jointly guarantee the advancement of the undertaking.

Most of the undertakings in Accenture follow Strong Matrix i.e. most of the governments lie with the undertaking director. The undertaking director has a full clip function, A controls the undertaking budgetA and he has full clip undertaking direction administrative staff under him.

The functional caput may be more interested in developing the most exiting merchandises or engineerings, whereas the undertaking director is more concerned with maintaining deadlines and commanding undertaking costs.

Leadership manner:

There is no fixed leading manner in Accenture and it varies from undertaking to project based on the undertaking director. My undertaking director ‘s leading manner can be best described as ‘Participative ‘ . Even though he did n’t hold much proficient cognition, he used to take all the critical determinations by garnering inputs from the employees working under him and clot all the information to make a concluding decision. This made the group members feel more engaged in the procedure which made them more motivated and originative.


Accenture has a alone civilization in which every new employee is given a KT ( Knowledge Transfer ) Session by his squad members ( irrespective of his appellation ) . This session includes an overview on the on the job manner of the undertaking, all the proficient inside informations that are supposed to be known by the new member. After this procedure, the new member is asked to shadow the bing members of the same appellation for 1 hebdomad during which, he is merely supposed to sit, detect and understand the work performed by the bing employees. After the terminal of 1 hebdomad, the new employee is asked to give a Reverse KT which includes a presentation on his acquisitions during the hebdomad in forepart of a few senior members of the organisation. Reverse KT is a step to find the hold oning power of the employee which helps the director in make up one’s minding the sub-team to which he should be allocated.

Besides, there is a civilization of observing all the festivals by have oning traditional apparels and acquiring Sweets from place. Since there is a batch of regional diverseness in the company, this helps in deriving cognition of each other ‘s civilizations. The whole squad sits together for tiffin on gay occasions and enjoys the Sweets.

Accenture has a quarterly awards ceremonial in which a few of the best acting employees in the undertaking are given awards ( such as ‘Tiger of the Quarter ‘ , ‘Shining star of the one-fourth ‘ ) . They are given certain CP points as wagess which can be used to shop online ( 1CP point = Rs. 10 ) . This increases the passion, ardor in employees to surpass their equals and win the award ensuing in a more dedicated batch of employees.

Team Constructing enterprises:

One of Accenture ‘s nucleus values is to pull, develop and retain the best endowments for their concern and further a collaborative and reciprocally supportive environment for them. Hence, they give a batch of focal point on squad edifice activities.

Accenture organizes inter undertaking competitions such as cricket lucifers, cultural competitions ( singing, dance, conflict of sets etc. ) every month which binds the undertaking colleagues together and increases their interaction. Cricket lucifers give the undertaking co-workers a sense of integrity and improves teamwork amongst colleagues.

Accenture besides allocates quarterly budgets for group dinners where the whole squad is taken out for dinner by the undertaking director. The budget depends on the public presentation of the squad. Hence, this is another motivational factor for the squad to work harder and better their public presentation.

Besides, every squad member ‘s birthday is celebrated in the office cafeteria with a bar cutting ceremonial during which the whole squad is present. This improves the squad kineticss and keeps the employee enthused.


Power and political relations go manus in manus. The same was the instance in Accenture. Office political relations such as favouritism, groupism existed in Accenture. Persons used to do usage of the power assigned to them for the intent of obtaining advantages beyond their legitimate authorization. On occasions, squad leads used to urge those employees for quarterly wagess with whom they had a good repo irrespective of the work being performed by them.

Innovation / Creativity enterprises:

There are certain SIMs ( Service Improvement enterprises ) which can be raised by an employee to add in his originative thoughts and inventions. These SIMs follow a specific process where they are validated by the functional director foremost by look intoing the feasibleness of the thought and the process on how to implement it in the bing environment. After proving, they are moved frontward to the undertaking director. Upon achieving his blessing, it is passed to the Senior Executive who informs the clients about the invention. After all the needed blessings are taken, the squad is asked alter the system by adding the originative thought to the bing environment. Even though this is a clip devouring procedure, it is more methodical and takes into history all the drawbacks and negative impacts of the originative enterprise on the bing system.

Review on the current internal scenario / internal environment including people patterns:

The biggest job faced by the employees of Accenture is the allotment of undertakings. Even though there are Accenture Delivery Centers spread out across 7 metropoliss all over India, people are non given their preferable metropolis. A individual choosing for Delhi might be given Chennai and frailty versa. As a consequence, people have to populate off from their hometown which decreases the EQ degree every bit good as consequences in an extra cost of life which the employee has to bear. Therefore, the satisfaction degree of the employees reduces which consequences in a decrease in their efficiency or even a company switch.

Suggestions and recommendations to do the organisation a “ Futuristic ” or “ Airy “ Firm of Endearment or Conscious Capitalistic organisation:

Accenture has come a long manner since its separation from Arthur Anderson in 2000 to germinate into a mega external service supplier with its roots in assorted industries, parts around the universe.

Accenture has many chances to derive market leading in assorted states which can be done via small/medium sized acquisitions. This will assist the company spread out it capabilities, service, presence worldwide.

Accenture should spread out and enroll more people from developing state ( like India, Philippines, China ) which provide low-cost development and supportA to local client-facing forces in a given domestic market. This will ensue in a more industrious set of employees at cheaper costs. Besides, the cost of puting up bringing centres in those states will besides be cheaper than the developed states like UK, USA. To be extremely competitory, external service suppliers such as Accenture should possess strong planetary capablenesss to pull off clients and battles worldwide. Hence, Accenture should be after to increase its low cost work force.

Besides, the house should alter its undertaking allotment system and concentrate more on the preferable metropoliss of the employees. Bing with their households will maintain the employees satisfied. It would besides cut down the reallocation charges and securities firm charges that the company normally pays when reapportioning an employee to a metropolis which is non his preferable one.


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