Accor The Fast Growing Hotel And Tourism Marketing Essay

Currenly Accor has hotel and service related concern in about 90 states with 4100 hotels where more than 500000 suites has been built where clients being offered hotel stays to the specific demands of each concern and leisure client.

ACCOR worldwid

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Hotel activities

4127 hotels and thalaso sites

Sofitel-121 hotels

Pullman- 46 hotels

Novotel-395 hotels

Mercue-699 hotels

ibis-861 hotels

All seasons-75 hotels

Etap Hotel- 403 hotels

Formula1- 351 hotels

Motel6-1001 hotels

studio6-59 hotels

Hotel without brand-45 hotels

Thalasa sea and Spa-16 Centre

Servicess for our companies and public establishments

As a universe ‘s best service supplier ACCOR has been supplying several flagship merchandise, Ticket eating house, Accor service designs, develops and manages services for more than 490000 corporate clients and public establishments. At least 33 million users and 1.2 million attached service suppliers of 40 states are benifited by the ACCOR.

Part-1 of the Assignment

Footing of competitory advantages

ACCOR has started its concern with the gap of the first Novotel in Lille in 1967. Since their opening a pioneering spirit of conquering has driven ACCOR to accomplish its end. It is a great success for the ACCOR that they made this spirit of conquering shaped into group ‘s civilization. And this civilization shaped by a changeless concern for people and committedness to the highest public presentation criterion.


For more than 40 old ages, across all trade names and parts, Accor ‘s five nucleus values of invention, a spirit of conquering, public presentation, trust and regard have been shared and expressed every twenty-four hours by its 150,000 employees. Directors leverage these values to supply support for squad members as portion of the Group ‘s on-going transmutation and development.

Invention is trademark

The spirit of conquering is growing engine

Performance is the key to go on success

Respect is footing of all relationships

Strategic pick of ACCOR

ACCOR concern schemes are being reviwed and amended invariably harmonizing to client demand and other fortunes such as govt policy, political stableness etc.

Bowman ‘s Strategy Clock-

( Referece analysis-, title- Bowman ‘s stretagic clock, doing sense of eight competitory places )

IN new unfastened markets, clients buying thier merchandises from many figure of companies, and clients have a enormous sum of pick. So, its accor responsibility to happen the competitory border and run into client demands to acquire competitory advantage over the rival competetors.

ACCOR has made their concern stretagy to diferenciate themselve from the others.

ACCOR aims to carry through client ‘s demands harmonizing to client ‘s demand by comprehending added value.

ACCOR value invention hotel:

Mention: ( Title- curve value, direction and accounting web )

Accor ‘s Formule 1 Hotels are based on a new construct where standard hotel characteristics are eliminated ( e.g. , eating houses, sofas and receptionists except for peak check-in and check-out times ) . They use machine-controlled Tellers alternatively of receptionist for clients to check-in and check-out. Their suites are little and include a bed and merely the bare necessities. The suites are modular blocks that are economical to construct and supply good sound insularity. This new construct cut the mean cost of constructing a room by 50 % and staff costs dropped from 25-35 % of gross revenues to 20-23 % . The company captured a big per centum of the budget hotel concern and expanded the market to people that would non otherwise have stayed in a hotel.

The most successful companies were those that used value invention in all the platforms where invention can take topographic point including merchandise, service and bringing. Compaq ‘s inventions in the computing machine waiter industry are used to exemplify the thought. To avoid what Kim and Mauborgne refer to as “ the trap of viing ” , Compaq focused on making client value, instead than what their rivals were making.

In 2006 ACCOR has launched a complete transmutation of its strategic vision, redifing its boundary lines and presenting new concern theoretical accounts in both core business- hotels and services.

With fewer owned hotels and a wide portfolio of complementary, attractive trade names, Accor Hospitality has established itself as a supplier of high value-added services and set ambitious development aims for 2011.

Accor Services is stepping up the technological displacement that will confirm its planetary leading in prepaid services.

Despite the sudden, crisp lag in the universe economic system in 2008 and 2009, Accor is leveraging its new strategic vision to drive continued growing, enlargement and invention in both its concerns, backed by the dedication and professionalism of its employees.

The six foundations of Accor ‘s scheme

stepping up the transmutation procedure

a growing and invention moral force

powerful, complementary, recognized trade names

alone accomplishments to back up the trade names

people, the company ‘s most of import plus

growing that creates chances for everyone

Steping up the transmutation procedure


Escalating the hotel belongings scheme

In 2006 ACCOR has lauched a existent estate scheme based on adepting hotel ownership construction on a instance by instance footing. Each hotel ‘s part, profitibility and market section are taken into consederation under this scheme. 56 % of hotels are now operated under direction contracts, franchise understandings or variable-rent rentals.

Proactive response to structural alterations in society-

ACCOR hotels and services are able to expect and incorporate new economic and societal developments, making an progressively varied portfolio of paperless merchandises and services. ACCOR scheme is to negociate technological displacement proactively delivered delivered via smart cards, the cyberspace or the nomadic phones.

Powerful, Complementary, Recognized Trade names:

ACCOR has several types of hotels such as value invention hotels with some key installations Formule1 to five star Sofitel. They are being built new trade names such as Pullman in the upscale market and all seasons in the non standardised economic section. the repositioning of Sofitel in the luxury section, .

Unique Skills To Support The Trade names:

ACCOR scheme has been made on the footing of invention and public presentation. Accor has developed experties and accomplishments with professional advanced attack for the last 40 old ages. ACCOR advanced squad is capable to present existent value-added in hotel development, invention and design, building maintainance, direction and finance, buying, preparation and Human resources, technological support, selling and distribution. ACCOR has created a alone system with interconnectedness among the above mentioned unites.

Peoples, the company ‘s most of import plus:

ACCOR Corporate civilization has made a strong span among the squad members in regard of their difference in their ages, cultural places within the organisation. Accor has ever give attending to it ‘s employees with the aid of custodies on direction manner and a committedness to skills enhencement, preparation, acknowledgment and occupation mobility.

Growth That Creates Opportunities For Everyone:

ACCOR is a fast turning hotel and service based company. Every twelvemonth 1000s of suites is being made as portion of their concern enlargement. So, hundrades of people are acquiring opportunity to work in ACCOR. ACCOR has been working for the local people to develop their accomplishments as portion of their societal activities.

Part-2 of the assignment

Management Green Issues:

ACCOR hotel group has topped the first Tomorrow ‘s Value Rating of World ‘s 10 largest hotel groups.

The value evaluation appraisal has been carried out by Two Tomorrows, the taking sustainability consultancy. Harmonizing to the research ACCOR has designed a comprehensive attack to pull offing squad who is confronting sustainability challenges with extremely professional and efficiency.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Two Tomorrows, the taking sustainability adviser said the new evaluation marks to increase argument activities on sustainable concern, non merely that it aims to place and honor best patterns and spur wellness competition among the largest planetary of import companies.

The Tomorrow ‘s Value Rating consequences in the undermentioned hotel ranking-


Company Name


Accor Hotel Group


Intercontinental Hotels Group




Global Hyatt












Best Western

Thomas Krick, Global Programme Manager of the Tomorrow ‘s Value Rating

said Accor has explored some applaudable solution to sustainability challanges. Their navigation advanced energy salvaging engineerings and edifice, and working with communities to maximize local procurance, thereby guaranting that local benefits from it ‘s present.

So, it has already recognised that Accor is acquiring immense competitory advantages from it ‘s environmental friendly activities.

Pull offing green issues- Accor activities

Though most of the large hotel groups have noted the environmental issues. But direction attacks are really immature. Climate alteration, employment patterns, community public assistance, wast and sustainable edifices are the most recognise issues which has been taken into consideration by the Accor hotel groups. Though others hotel groups announced the same steps but the grounds of persevering direction of the issues is truly scarce.

Accor activities to pull off green issues has been explained below-

Local development

( )

Accor has been working in different developing states in order to contend poorness. About 75 % people around the universe life below the poorness line those are depend on agricultural income. Accor scheme is capitalizing on its buying volume, Accor supports local agricultural concern and just trade.

Accor contributes locally to occupations and preparation.


Through a partnership with the NGO PlaNet Finance in Morocco, Accor ensures a professional preparation for 100 deprived young persons and supports argan oil cooperatives.A

Through a partnership with the NGO Agrisud, the Sofitel Royal Angkor in Cambodia has been purchasing its nutrient merchandises since 2004 from little local manufacturers, while they receive developing to develop their expertness and diversify their crops.A

The F1, Etap Hotel, Ibis and Mercure and Sofitel hotels are offering just trade merchandises to their invitees in more than 17 countriesA – chiefly java, tea and cocoa.

Fight against epidemics

( )

Accor has set up a undertaking in all of it ‘s hotel to increase awarness and bar effors to restrict the spread of AIDS. Harmonizing to there are 33 million people populating with HIV virus and 90 % of them are incognizant of that. A figure of preparation and awarness programmes has been conducted by the Accor hotel authorization to increase awarness among the both staff and invitees about epidemic of AIDS and meleria. Accor is actively seeking to increase awarness about the meleria job in Africa with the holp of their 13500 staffs.

Demographic development, clime alteration and travel addition make it easier for new diseases to look and distribute. Thus, the Accor group decided to significantly bolster its engagement in the bar of all emerging diseases.


Accor is call uping its eating houses to advance good wonts among the populace. Because chronic deseases such as malignant neoplastic disease, diabetes, etc are the chief resons of decease in the universe. Accor is working with nutritionist to follow all ballanced diet on their nutrient menue.


ECO precedences

ECO Action:

United Kingdom: The Etap Hotel Birmingham has been retrieving rain H2O since 2006, which saves 780m3 of H2O every twelvemonth. ( 78k )


Several steps has been taken by the ACCOR to cut down enery ingestions which put them as a eco friendly hotels group. Their action has given them immense competive advantage on rival hotels groups such as intercontinental Hotel Group. Harmonizing to ACCOR hotels web site 100 % of the ACCOR owned hotel are equiped with energy-efficient lamps before 2009. 80 % of the subordinate hotels are equiped at the same clip. Solar panels has been installed over the full web in 200 ACCOR hotels before 2009.

Harmonizing to hotel environment charter, 19 energy optimising steps has been recomanded to implement in each hotel installation such as usage of energy-efficient refrigeritors, optimized outside lighting, solar panels to heat swiming pools and more.

On the other manus rival Intercontinental Hotel Group says their owned/managed hotels set thir purpose to cut down energy usage by up to 10 % in 2009. They said over the following three old ages ( 2010-2012 ) Intercontinental Hotel Group will salvage energy 6 % to 10 % . on a per available room dark footing.

So, ACCOR measures to cut down energy ingestions clearly give them a competitory advantages over the Intercontinental Hotel Group.

Water Use:

Water ingestion per part ( M3 ) 2008

United states








Asia Pacific




( source-, Title- Water ingestion )

ACCOR hotel group works every twenty-four hours with the aid of thier extended hotel web to happen sustainable expression to pull off their H2O usage. The end is to utilize through advanced reutilization engineerings. Evry twelvemonth 1000000s of people fall in ill due to imbibe untreated H2O in the developing states such as Bangladesh, Vietnam. ACCOR is working to guarantee complience with strict healthful criterions in its hotels. ACCOR claimed their owned hotels consume 10 % less H2O per room rentaed than in 2006. 100 % of owned hotels and 87 % of subordinate hotels has been equiped harmonizing to flow regulators.



( Source- )

Accor gives precedence to merchandises that use less packaging and are less toxic for the environment at the terminal of their life rhythm. ACCOR has been utilizing different procedure in its installations to take more waste and increase the recycling sections. Merely 10 % of waste merchandises are recycled in the universe. ACCOR has set their mark to recycle 70 percent paper, composition board and glass. 95 % of the owned ACCOR hotels aims to recycle their batteries and compact fluorescent ligh bulbs/tubes by 2010.

A Our attack to blow direction is based on the 3Rs: cut down, re-use and recycle.A Waste decrease has the most economic and environmental benefits ( e.g. decrease in Greenhouse Gas emanations ) followed by re-use, recycling/composting and energy recovery.


1 out of every 4 mammals, 1 out of every 5 fish, and 1 out of every 8 workss are in danger of extinction The beauty of a natural site typically attracts visitants, to the point that tourer hotels are frequently located in delicate ecosystems. Accor is hence committed to the saving of the natural environment by on a regular basis mobilising its staff.


Groupwide programme

This subdivision presents all the countries in which accor is moving to better its impact on the environment and on society:


Construction of edifices are incriminations for 40 % if energy ingestion and 40 % of the universe ‘s CO2 emanations. Main points are heating, illuming and H2O. Accor will finish to open its 1800 new hotels under their intelligence ecofriendly building regulations.


Boxing point creats hundrads of 1000s tones of wast in the universe every twenty-four hours. Though there is signicant opportunity to cut down the volume of waste it is non been taken earnestly by the large companies who are responsible for this wast related job. Accor is in constact contact with their providers to rethink merchandises, cut down unneeded measures and giving precedence to recycle stuffs.


Accor purchases about 3 billion euros in merchandises each twelvemonth.

Present in 90 states, Accor has important purchase for alteration through its buying. The Group therefore wishes to verify that its providers respect its environmental and societal committedness. Accor is supplied by over 2800 providers around the universe.

ACCOR schemes to acquire into new market has been analysed on reference six cardinal issues-choice of merchandises, pick of strategic markets, manner of entry, transfering the corporate Deoxyribonucleic acid, winning the local conflict, and velocity of planetary enlargement. These six issues helps ACCOR travel about edifice planetary presence in a systematic mode.

Part-3 of the assignment

Direction for growing

Part-4 of the assignment


Guest engagement in Green concept- It can be a good thought to affect ACCOR guest to their green construct. I believe it will assist ACCOR hotels to do them a sustainable hotel group in the universe. It is my suggestion to take all old ages guests to ask for them to works tree on the ACCOR hotel premises with hotel and client partnership footing. The construct can be like a old age client will be invited to works a tree that tree will be looked after by the company. But the client of his/ her following of keen will acquire of 10 % of its partnership. A image of their tree plantation will be displayed in museum manner room. Every twelvemonth the invitee will maintain in touch and the advancement of the tree will be informed. Every twelvemonth their household will be invited to an event based on their forestation partnership undertaking. I believe after 15-20 old ages this undertaking can convey immense gross for the company. If the client die their following of keen will be more emossional. I hope their household members will come really frequently to see that nature friendly activities. I made this elaborately which is really hard to explicate in few words.

Justification of the recommendation:

Strategic aims of the recomandation-

Choosing 3rd universe states for mid range hotel- Usually there are two types of hotels are being built in 3rd universe states particularly in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and others developing states. An illustration can be cited on Bangladesh to warrant my recommendation.



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