According in itself as mind and peace

April 23, 2019 Philosophy

According to Buddhist philosophy, peace is possible only if one let go thoughts that occupy one’s mind. To be at peace with one’s own self it is imperative to know that there is nothing called ‘Peace of mind’. These two terms are contradictory in itself as mind and peace cannot exist in unity with each other. Lord Buddha said, “If you want to know the realm of Buddhahood, the world of ultimate awareness, you must make your mind as clear as empty space.” Mind as an empty space refers to the mind which is unobstructed by any cause and happening. It is only when one arrives in the realm of ‘no mind’ and ‘nothingness’, the true state of enlightenment and awakening can be attained.
The journey to the attainment of one’s own self may be dynamic in nature, but the end of the journey (i.e. enlightenment) is utterly beautiful. The dynamic nature of self brings into purview the different selves in human lives which function according to its own being and fits into the domain of ‘Who I am’ and ‘Who I am not.’ All aspects of self are competent enough to evoke the feeling of self esteem and realization, ultimately uniting with the one heightened consciousness.


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