According person, environments along with health and

April 19, 2019 Health

According to American Nurses Association nursing is the protection, promotion and optimization of health metaparadigm theories of described the definition of nursing as put forward by the American Nurses Association as person, environments along with health and illness, nursing. I feel that the person is the center of health care disciplinary. And the patients control the environment for there setting nurses just over see their care in the hospital by the doctor orders.
Safety is a big issue for the environment of patients. We as nurses want to make sure the patient will be free of hazard. By doing so we educate the patient on falls and use devices such as bed alarms to prevent falls. We know when patients are ill the goal is to get them back to health at a functional level. This takes place on admission to hospital and then again at discharge. Nurses never stop educating their patients.

Nursing is critical thinking and concerns with human responses as the apply to patient’s illness. The entire process of care planning is to create a better healing environment for those patients with illness of any degree. And sometimes we have to reflect on using evidence-based practice to prevent harm or create a palliative care for chronic diagnosis.

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