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February 26, 2019 Theology

According to {Paul Johannes Tillich 1886-1965} gave an overview that symbols are signs, mark, object or word that indicates, signifies or represent certain idea and relationship. Symbols give people that purpose to go beyond everything that is presented in front of them. Symbols can be sources of communication according {Paul Tillich1886-1965} that allow people to process certain data. Symbols come in different forms and they represent certain things that convey certain massage to someone’s life. They are things that you can see and give deeper meaning to the people in the world. Symbols serves as guideline in the culture that certain things or behaviours are not allowed or certain action will be taken against an individual if he/she does not obey the rules.South Africa is one of the richest nation in its different language and variety of them. We have 11 official languages in South Africa, they all play significant role in different cultures. Every culture uses its own language and it is portrayed as symbol of communication. History sometimes state that the English language we acquired it to the British during the apartheid era. The Afrikaans language came from the khoisan, as Khoisan and Afrikaaner have the same resemblance {south africa explored {David Popenoe Sociology 11th Edition page 56-58}Background history of the Zulu tribe.
The Zulu tribe was ruled by “Shaka” after the death of his father king “Senzangakhona”. During the 1800 the tribe reside about 1500 people. Under “Shaka” wars broke up but even though that happen he overcome all those wars, he then build up a combative army to fight the foe. “Shaka” was one of the intelligent military leader, after the death of his mother Nandi, “shaka” started to torture his own army and many people were killed. His two Brothers killed him and Dingaan took over as Chief of the Zulu tribe {D.H. Zulu tribe in transition: Makhanya of Southerrn Natal chapter 1}.Background history of the Ndebele culture.
The Ndebele culture was ruled by Mafana the first chief who later passed away and his son took over the reins. Mhlanga became chiefs and he a son who later went to join the Zulu tribe. Musa had two sons who then fought for chieftaincy after the death of their father. This lead to the Ndebele tribe being separated into two groups, Manala and Ndzudza. In 1883 Mabhongo took over as chief , which lead to out-break of war among Ndzudza and Boer {Zuid Afrikaanche Republick} . people we hidening under Mabhongo not feeling safe, when Mabhongo collapsed everything was taken away from the people even the land and the tribe was torn apart but although after those circumstance the tribe remained allied {D.W. Web Design. Zulu Antropology}.The Ndebele culture are one of the smallest of the ”Nguni” speaking tribe. During apartheid most Ndebele ran away from the country to Zimbabwe but some stayed and build an empire of the Ndebele culture in South Africa. The language coexisted during the war. The Ndebele language is divided into two groups BagaLanga and BagaSeleka which are separated by boundries, they also different in language and culture exercise. The language is dominated by a supreme ”noun” in every sentence {Tillich. Paul 1964.Theology of Culture Oxford University Press. P. 54}.


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