Accountability Army Essay

July 22, 2017 General Studies

As an American soldier it is imperative to be accountable. whether it be for yourself. equipment. or your conflict brothers. Lack of answerability can do damaging effects to the binds that hold the squad together. For illustration. if you are non accountable of your equipment in combat. so you are a load to the other soldiers. therefore seting the lives of our fellow soldiers at hazard. If you are non accountable. people will detect this and non hold competence that you can finish your occupation in the mission.

The Department of Defense defines answerability as the duty imposed by jurisprudence or an lawful order or ordinance on an officer or other individual for maintaining accurate records of belongings. paperss. or financess. The individual holding this duty may or may non hold existent ownership of the belongings. paperss. or financess. What I perceive from this definition is that the Army and Department of Defense in general expects you to keep all issued equipment and anything that you have signed for.

As a trefoil. it is a must that you be accountable for all your cogwheel. If you lose your assistance bag while in combat. How will you supply exigency attention to the soldiers? If you “lose track” of morphia. What can you make for a soldier that is in terrible hurting enduring from an amputation or other common causes of hurting in state? The reply is simple you are non able. This is unacceptable and will non be tolerated by the Army.

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With the Army covering with financial restraints. losing your equipment is taking off from much needed plans. Soldiers should non be a load to the Army or their fellow companions. As the soldiers creed clearly provinces: “I ever keep my weaponries. equipment. and myself. ” This is non merely an duty but an outlook from the Army.

Another ground to be accountable is that it will be the individual who was non accountable in the terminal. Whether its you paying for the equipment. acquiring an Article 15 with UCMJ action. or being discharged from the Army. No affair what rank or place you are. you must be accountable one hundred per centum of the clip.


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