Accountability in Health and Social Care

October 3, 2017 February 4th, 2019 Health

Accountability is an of import construct in wellness and societal attention scenes. When the NHS was set up the answerability of professionals was to service users and in medical specialty to a professional codification. Managed attention that was introduced in the 1980s and the rise of the service user motion that led to grounds based pattern resulted in alterations in the wellness attention industry. Clinicians were expected to run into a higher professional criterion at bend of the new millenary. The alterations that health care sector has undergone over the old ages highlight the demand for answerability. The populace that has become more knowing and usage sophisticated agencies of jointing their positions and outlooks, as service users every bit good as taxpayers and consumers demands to be safe when cared for within health care and societal attention scenes. The weaknesss at Winterbourne View infirmary and Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust highlight the demand for health care practicians to be accountable. Accountability is a cardinal facet of wellness and societal attention pattern. This paper will critically discourse answerability in footings of the legal, ethical and professional rules that underpin health care. This paper will further research answerability in wellness and societal attention, the different countries of answerability in wellness and societal attention scenes and the importance of record maintaining. Persons undergoing intervention are owed a responsibility of attention by all health care professionals taking duty for their intervention ( Fullbrook, 2007 ; NMC 2008 ) .

Care within wellness and societal attention scenes is delivered by a scope of professions. Consequently answerability within the wellness and societal attention system in the United Kingdom is complex because of the legion administrations and subjects involved in the attention of people. Each profession has different duties and agreements, for prosecuting patients and the populace in the planning and determination devising for wellness and societal attention services, and for keeping themselves and each other to account. A figure of policies, protocols and criterions have been developed across the different subjects involved in the proviso of attention. These policies help clinicians dispatch a responsibility of auto and aid in the accomplishment of effectual pattern. These vary between professions and between services, and have been developed by national professional organic structures for single professions, by the Department of Health or other national NHS organic structures Thirty different wellness professions are presently regulated in jurisprudence on a UK-wide footing by nine regulative organic structures ( CHRE 2011 ) .

The NMC ( 2004 ) defined answerability as the agencies that persons are responsible for their actions and possibly asked to warrant them. Duty means being answerable for one’s ain actions. Mulryan ( 2009 ) agrees that this definition is concise but suggests that unluckily associates answerability with incrimination. The intent of answerability is to advance patient safety, trust and professionalism instead than apportion incrimination. Caulfield, ( 2005 ) states that: ‘Accountability is an built-in assurance as a professional that allows a nurse [ or HCA/AP ] to take pride in being crystalline about the manner he or she has carried out their practice.’ Accountability has three constituents:

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  1. The individual’s professional answerability for the quality of his or her ain work.
  2. The answerability of wellness professionals within the administrations in which they work.
  3. Accountability ( with others ) , as a senior member of staff, for the organisation’s public presentation and more widely for its proviso of local services.

Jasper ( 2007 ) postulates that there are four different types of answerability for nurses viz. ; professional answerability, answerability to the employer under a contract of employment, answerability to the patient under bing jurisprudence proviso and answerability to the profession under the Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1979. Similar agreements are besides in topographic point for the different professional organic structures. Professional answerability means that the practician is a member of the profession, accepting the position, rights and duties that this brings and therefore utilizing one’s professional opinion and being answerable for it ( Jacobs, 2004 ) . A cardinal feature of a profession is that in the dealing for alone powers and privileges, the public assumes that the profession will modulate itself. The Codes of Conduct for the assorted professions within the wellness and societal attention sectors provide guidelines on how practicians should move. This means that practicians are lawfully accountable for their work and can be removed from the registry for unprofessional behavior that breaks the codification of behavior. There lies the outlook that all professionals will, if asked, be able to warrant the footing of their intercessions.

Healthcare professionals may meet the civil tribunals in relation to negligence claims or trespass against the individual or other civil wrongs the service user might endure as a consequence of clinical carelessness. When a patient suffers harm as a consequence of carelessness they or their household can convey action for carelessness and compensation. Judges use the Bolam Test when finding whether a wellness professional has been negligent ( Tingle and Cribb, 2003 ) . Where carelessness has occurred and injury caused because the professional failed to follow sensible instructions or protocols the employer has a right to take disciplinary action against the employee. Should the practician fail to pattern safely the employer may necessitate a period of supervised pattern, action programs, preparation, guidance, disciplinary processs, suspension or dismissal.

The practician is answerable to the condemnable tribunal when there is an allegation that a offense has been committed e.g. when gross carelessness by the practician consequences in a patient’s decease. In such a instance the practician can be charged with manslaughter and face imprisonment. It is this type of state of affairs that could ensue in a practician being answerable to all countries of answerability ( Ogston-Tuck, 2007 ) . Health service suppliers are accountable to both the felon and civil tribunals to guarantee that their activities conform to legal demands. In add-on, employees are accountable to their employer to follow their contract of responsibility. Registered practicians are besides accountable to regulative organic structures in footings of criterions of pattern and patient attention ( RCN et al, 2006 ) . The jurisprudence imposes a responsibility of attention on practicians, whether they are HCAs, APs, pupils, registered nurses, physicians or others, when it is “reasonably foreseeable” that they might do injury to patients through their actions or their failure to move ( Cox, 2010 ) .

Proper certification is a cardinal facet of entering what health care professionals do and how they decide a peculiar class of action. It is cardinal to the proviso of safe and effectual attention. Proper certification is declarative that there has been some grade of idea, planning, administration in the bringing of attention. It is declarative of a health care practician working in a skilled and safe manner. Prideaux ( 2011 ) posits that there is a strong association between proper certification and betterments in the quality of attention. This besides enables the answerability of professionals to be safeguarded. The different statutory regulators across health care province in their codifications of pattern the importance of keeping clear and accurate records ( General Medical Council ( GMC ) 2006, Health and Care Professions Council ( HCPC ) 2008 ) . The Nursing and Midwifery Council ( NMC ) flatly states that “Good record maintaining is an built-in portion of nursing and obstetrics pattern, and is indispensable to the proviso of safe and effectual attention. It is non an optional supernumerary to be fitted in if fortunes allow” ( NMC, 2009 ) . Indeed, this construct is applicable across to all those who deliver attention in whatever field they pattern. Healthcare records can be used in a assortment of scenes, including professional behavior hearings and tribunals. What is documented and how attention is documented is highly of import. Full and accurate records can protect the practician if allegations of hapless or negligent attention are made. In footings of attention records should be: factual, consistent, accurate, in a logical sequence, ssing accepted nomenclature and contemporary ( NIPEC 2010, NMC 2009, GMC 2006, HCPC 2008 )

Documentation that lacks lucidity or significance is unsafe and fails to accomplish what it is intended to make ( NMC, 2005 ) . Dimond ( 2005 ) has identified a figure of jobs with. These are: deficiency of lucidity e.g. entries like ‘had a good twenty-four hours ‘ deficiency lucidity ; failure to enter action taken when a job is identified, e.g. ‘is enduring increasing hurting ‘ so no record of action taken ; losing information, e.g. disposal of a drug non documented ; spelling errors, e.g. mistake in name ensuing in incorrect diagnosing ; inaccurate records ; failure to papers attention given ; failures in communicating between health care professionals. Following any clinical accident whether it is a drug mistake, verbal maltreatment or force, accident or hurt to a patient, staff or visitant or member of the populace, it is indispensable that this is reported and documented. Near girls should besides be reported and documented. Harmonizing to Hulse ( 2007 ) , the degree of professionalism or carelessness experienced by the client can be demonstrated to the tribunal of jurisprudence by the manner the client records are written. The NMC ( 2010 ) states that proper records provide documental grounds of service delivered to the client and they help to turn to ailments or legal procedures. Furthermore, harmonizing to the Midwives Information Resources Services ( MIDIRS, 2010 ) hapless record maintaining is one of the most common grounds for wellness attention professionals to be struck off the registry. Client records need to be communicated to all members of staff as they promote better communicating and sharing of information between members of the multi-professional wellness attention squad ( NMC, 2010 ) . The NMC ( 2010 ) asserts that good record maintaining helps to place hazards and enables the early sensing of complications.


All health care professionals have a responsibility of attention to guarantee that people in their attention receive attention that is safe and effectual. It is of import that healthcare professionals are cognizant about professional issues like answerability and record maintaining and see them in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours pattern.


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