Acer Pest Analysis India And Germany Economics Essay

September 12, 2017 Economics

Plague analysis stands for political, economic, societal and technological factors which are used to analyze a macro environment, market diminution or growing, possible before puting up a house in that peculiar environment.

The end product of the PEST gives a clear thought of environmental conditions so that house can alter its mission and vision consequently. A positive consequence of PEST analysis gives a house strong clasp for making concern as it includes investing chances, strategic options, local concern, markets etcaˆ¦which ends in efficient tally of concern.

Plague analysis for Acer in India and Germany:

Acer is one of the largest industries of computing machines, laptops, manus held ‘s, storage discs n shows. The head one-fourth of Acer is in Taiwan and it posted a net gross of 19.9 billion US dollars in 2010. it has subordinates all over the universe like Acer India, Acer corporation America, Acer computing machine Australia, battalion bell, e-machine and gateway Iraqi National Congress. In this pest analysis of Acer it shows all the factors in India and Germany for the concern chances. India is one of the fastest emerging economic sciences in the universe with developing IT infra construction so extension n puting more in India will supply Acer a greater value and demand for the merchandises. Germany is a developed state and biggest economic sciences in euro zone and 70 % of GDP is contributed by service suppliers. So puting more in Germany makes more reasonable.

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Political Factor

Political factor which affect the concern can be the regulations and ordinances by the authorities towards the environment of concern which is done by the computing machine fabricating company Acer. Indian authorities and German authorities have positive attitude towards the Acer group. Because for the development of two states IT sector has a large function. non merely, this Acer groups all merchandises are really low-cost for the people in two states, and two authorities acquire more gross through this IT sector, so this is the political advantage of Acer group.


When analysing the political stableness of two states we can see some instability in Indian authorities. This is because of altering of authorities in regular interval. But it will non impact the foreign investors because Indian authorities have n’t gone through a large alteration in foreign investing policies over this 20 old ages. German authorities is ever stable, Because relative representation from different parties ( from little and big parties ) . Because of these grounds Acer groups are more likely to put more and more money than which they had invested in this two states.


War and struggle is another political factor which affect the concern. some times this war may do interrupt up in relation between the states. Suppose if Acer is from China and they had big sum of investing in India and Germany, Because of the war between India and China. They will lose the whole sum of Monet which they had invested. and frailty versa in instance of Germanys war and struggle sometimes will do large lose for transnational concern group like Acer.


Inter relation between states is besides a political factor.if state like India and Germany have good relation with taiwa ( home state of Acer ) they will acquire good market in these two states and because of the investing of Acer authorities acquire more revenue.inter relationship will be in different types, like interrelatedness between armed force and natural resources. two states will acquire more benefit from this



Every states have its on place market for every merchandises. When analysing the place market of Germany and India they have market anterooms in their states like APPLE in Germany and HCL in India ‘s these two states will defy the new comers in the they will give force per unit area to authorities to defy the other new companies from abroad by giving payoff for curates and political leaders.So ACER will traverse all this bridges to go more success full in every state.

Economic factors:

Economic factors are the major concerns of Acer because demand, monetary value degrees, cost and net incomes depends on it. Factors like economic system, GDP growing, revenue enhancement, involvement and exchange rate, rising prices etc… Plays a critical function for the growing of a house. These factors are of import to accomplish short and long term ends in international environment of Acer.

Gross domestic products:

GDP growing of India is increasing at the rate of 8-9 % per twelvemonth, in Germany it is under.50 % which is lower when compared to India. As India is emerging market it provide a large concern chance.

Interest and Inflation rate:

In India Interest and rising prices rate is 5.50 % and 9 % , whereas in Germany it is 1 % and 2 % . These rates in India are major concerns for company like Acer.


Tax rate for houses in India and Germany remains the same 30-33 % but VAT in India is 12.5 % but in Germany it is 19 % .so there is a little advantage for Acer in India over Germany in revenue enhancement.

Business and consumer assurance:

Business and consumer assurance degrees of a state helps in development of house. In India concern assurance degree is 159 and consumer assurance degree is 73. But in Germany it is 111 and 18 severally.

Government disbursement:

Government disbursement is the disbursement of money to that state related to GDP. In

both these states authorities spends more money than it acquiring in. Budget shortage equivalent to 5.10 % of GDP in India, whereas in Germany it is 3 % .

Unemployment rate:

Idle rate in India and Germany are moreover same. It is 8 % in India and 7.5 % in Germany.

Currency and exchange rate:

The currency of India is rupees but in Germany it is euro. So runing cost of India is lower for houses.

Per capita income:

Per capita income of Germany is 25473 US dollars. In India it is merely 718 US dollars which is really low when compared to Germany.

Social Factor

Social factors chiefly include soci-cultural factors of different states. Each state has its ain socio-cultural factors. The chief societal factors that includes in a state are consumer attitudes, instruction ( literary rate ) , population, cultural facets, populating criterion and demographics

Marketing Strategy of Acer

As India and Germany exhibit more or less same degree of mark group, the figure of difference in the selling scheme it take into history is through

Online shopping through companies authorize website, other webs like e-bay

Through companies authorize mercantile establishments, stores

Tele -commerce

Festive season the merchandises are sold for price reductions, some verifiers & A ; after gross revenues service

Consumer attitudes

For a company like Acer they value their consumer really much. The ingestion form of a state chiefly depend upon their liberalization, purchasing behaviour of childs, rapid addition of atomic households. so the company has a good growing in India and they will acquire batch of consumer. In India and Germany the new coevals does n’t mind in disbursement money for better installations and new merchandises.

So Acer has a got a good figure of consumers in India and Germany


Germany is standing 21st state in literary rate and India is standing 149th rate. India literary rate is 66 % and Germany it is 99 % .If the consumers in a state has good literate rate they may utilize modern appliances. They may utilize the update versions. Most merchandises of Acer is depending upon the grownups and childs.


Population of India is 1,027,015,247 individuals and India stands 2nd in the universe after China. Although India occupies merely 24 % of the entire universe ‘s country ; it supports over 15 % of the universe ‘s population. Germany population is 8,154,500 individuals it stands tenth rank in the universe. If the population is more there is good for the company Acer they may acquire tonss of consumer. So Acer can concentrate more on India as they may acquire a big figure of consumers.

Cultural Aspects

Every state has got their ain civilization.The cultural factors include geographical country, demographic, economic system, religion.The Indian economic system is the universe ‘s 11th largest economic system by nominal GDP and the 4th largest by buying power. Germany is the most popular European state and 82.4 million dwellers including 7.3 million aliens. So it is good for Acer Company to concentrate their sale in both Germany and India. Both the states have good buying power.

Populating Standard

India populating criterion is non good as Germany. The criterion of life of India is really low about 35 % of people live on less than US $ 1 a twenty-four hours. But know the growing of assorted sectors like IT, Real Estate, ITES, has led to the betterment of populating criterion. Germany populating criterion is high when compared to other western states. When populating standard improves people will prefer more electronic good that is good for Acer.


India is the second populated state in the universe. India has more 50 % of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65 % below the age of 35.In Germany 16 million people are of foreign/ it is good for the company Acer to concentrate their gross revenues on the childs


Technological developments are one of the expression which is indispensable for the success of any industry and the state. In this instance Acer companies technological facets is first-class than its rivals in the market. Technological developments non merely means reclamation of engineering but besides inventions of new engineering.

Research Support

Research support means allowing money for the research works, it may be by authorities or company itself. Acer is a transnational company and they do n’t desire authorities money for the research. In Germany, authorities gives money for the company for the research if it is helpful for the populace. Acer invested 1000000s of money for research plants in different states.


Technologies are non stable ever it will alter clip to clip. This replacing engineerings are more in bi-medicals, mechanicals, electronics etc.In instance of Acer industries, they will ever alter the engineerings and research for good one so merely they can stand stable in the field market.


Now the universe is traveling through the aureate age, because earlier this type of communicating is non in the universe. New engineerings paved the manner for this state of affairs. These communicating installations are really helpful for the states to develop in really big manner. By usage of cyberspace and 3G system we can see and pass on with other people populating in other state this is the success of new engineering and

communicating system. In communicating base Germany is far better than India


Invention is the procedure behind the success of every industry and every state. Everyone in the industry have the possible to happen something.but the top direction will non give chance to turn out that ability. but the things are now changed, every concern house like Acer now give chance to workers to turn out the ability of them, and for that they uses encephalon ramping method.


From the above study we can reason that Acer merchandises are go oning to grip up with the competition from the challengers and doing strategic analysis for doing elusive concern schemes to do it more enriched with top technological encouragement in its merchandise in both the states India and Germany. The Acer company has got the stableness in political, economical, societal and technological factors that prevails in the concern environment of the state.By bring forthing advanced merchandises they got to last in the market expeditiously.


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