Achieving Life Balance: A Manager’s Practical Tool

In this ever changing world, life has become more complicated through time. Complications arise from the very fact that a variety of technologies aiming to simplify work actually complicates the lives of workers. Career development in this world of modernization seems impossible. Moreover, workers and career men and women strive to keep up with the pace of the modern society. How then can we rectify such a challenge that faces every career man and those who would like to enter the world of fast-paced processes and interactions?

Niles and Herr tried to answer this predicament by their article entitled “Achieving Life Balance: Myths, Realities and Developmental Perspectives” (2001). In their article, they discussed the need for people in any career field to find ways on how to achieve balance in their lives despite the many roles that they are subjected to. Niles and Herr tackled Super’s Life-Space Theory that speaks of the existence of the different life roles that a person possesses and may possess (Nile 16).

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By understanding and realizing the life roles one has, a person discovers ways on how to cope with the ever-increasing challenges of life and work. This can be very useful in management. The role of a manager in creating an atmosphere of order and organization can only be achieved through balance. Although there are no other specific studies that tackle such, one can very well agree by Super’s theory.

Using this tool to put an office or a company in order, a manager or administrator would better survey his subordinates. What are the life roles each worker has? How can a manager offer understanding and help to his staff members regarding life roles? In such case, what are the manager’s life roles? Is the management of the staff the top life role or is it not? These are just some questions that can further improve not only a manager’s skills in the company but also the personalities of his subordinates which could bring development.

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