Achilles can be considered

Achilles was considered as the greatest of the Greek warriors that fought in the Trojan Wars (“Achilles,” 2007). He was the son of the “sea nymph Thesis and Peleus, king of Myrmidons of Thessaly” (“Achilles,” 2007). A prediction was told to her mother regarding his death and she attempted to make her son an immortal one (“Achilles,” 2007).

Achilles, as a hero, had gone a long way in his battles and many knights were presented to him for defeat. In the list of characteristics possessed by heroes presented by Campbell (1988), he definitely fits as a hero. First, the hero is said to have a goal which is to be attained (Campbell, 1988). The first greatest challenge for Achilles, that also served as his goal, was to gain justice for Patroclus, who was killed by Hector when he mistook Patroclus for Achilles (Hunter, 1997).

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Even if he had to take justice with his own hands, he was able to achieve this with all his might, bravery, and courage by killing Hector within the walls of Troy and taking the body home to prevent Hector’s family from giving him funeral rites (Hunter, 1997). Priam, the father of Hector and the king of Troy, actually went to Achilles and asked for his son’s body, something which Achilles gave (Hunter, 1997). Second, a hero fights with courage, whether this is in the physical or spiritual terms (Campbell, 1988). Achilles has do

ne a lot of courageous act all his life. He has fought a lot of battles in the ten year war of the Greek with the Trojans (“Achilles,” 2007). During his last days, he led the Greeks in attacking the Trojans (“Achilles,” 2007). He was the master and leader of the Greeks in this long battle with the Trojans and this attack he led was, unfortunately, his last battle (“Achilles,” 2007).

Achilles can be considered as a hero in many respects. He has done noble things for his people.


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