Acing the Examination

Examinations have always caused students sleepless nights making them to have nightmares. Preparations for examinations can be a difficult part in ones life. Students usually have examination phobia not because they have inadequately prepared for it but simply because the confidence is not high enough and are afraid they may fail the examination. Many students are like theatre patients who have that fear something may go wrong and so they anticipate anything. Take courage, I have been there and I know how one feels only to walk out of the examination room relieved that all went well.

In my schooling life, the high school level was the hardest part. Examinations proved to be unpredictable, which meant churning out volumes of courses work, reading between the lines and skimming on others to get the basic idea and employ the knowledge amassed over the educational life to ace the examination. With many courses to cover, stress was always high with some of the students suffering emotionally and psychologically, going to the school nurse and bribing her to write them a sick letter for them to be sent home until they “healed”. With this letter they could avoid the examination and come to sit for it when they were settled psychologically.

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Little did many know that they were just procrastinating what was bound to be done. In most instances, I somehow wanted to visit the nurse and feign sickness but I’m not a good actor and I can sulk in feigning sickness. Moreover, to me mob psychology works best for me as I can draw moral support from the others and steel myself for the challenges ahead. ‘If the others are doing it why not me’ has been my challenge line that has always encouraged me and in the end left a smile on my face, thereafter proving what I’m capable of doing with the clear conscience.

As the years went by in high school, I developed the tactic of being prepared for examinations, vigorously ensuring before the end of each day I have at least perused each of the eight courses, leisurely skimming through, grasping a concept here and facts there until I could, when sleeping, remember the whole courses, and through the mind pages grasp the topic, till sleep lulled me into slumber land. You may not believe me when I tell you this but the mind is mighty when you recondition it. Learning is a process where facts and figures are stored in the mind memory pages and due to memory lapses, they should be frequently and occasionally re-perused to stick in the memory for future reference. If you learn something and fail to remind yourself, unless you are one of the geniuses on earth, you can easily forget. The final year come. A friend of mine wrote me a letter that boosted my morale a great deal.

This friend was my senior who had been in a different school and in the letter he wrote, “…the other years in the high school had been the foundation to the final year and if you’ve built a good foundation the final year will be very easy, you only need to build your courage to ace the final examination”. The other part of the letter did not touch me than this line. Indeed the grand finale was here! That illusional water dropped in my stomach. Had I built a good foundation? Suppose not. What else?

From that instance it was the learning that pre-occupied my mind. Reading and revising became part of me. You can call me a book wormer if you want but if there was any thing that mattered to me most at that time was going to the university and doing something for my life. Students in final year of their course can be stressed to the extent of being miserable. This is a time to be strong and take everything you do seriously but not overdoing it. The problem with many students is they overdo everything ending up by confusing themselves. The dilemma comes when you overdo you studies without a break.

Give yourself a break and if at all you are a fan of something do it if it relaxes your mind. I’m not talking of something like drugs or else you end up being the most frustrated student ever. Games were my passion and especially badminton relaxed my mind, both watching and playing. From morning till the time I left for my bed, I made it my daily ritual that I go through all courses skimming past, together with attending all classes. Before I fall asleep I would try to remember all that we had been taught and all the courses I had revised, topic by topic, reminding myself anything new that I had learnt.

This proved to be quite helpful as topics if not all details would flash before the memory, something that I developed with time. You try it may be it might work for you, it worked in my case. Before I know, sleep would steal me in the process and the following day I would concentrate on my weakness, in discussions groups and in my private studies.

In conclusion, the final examinations came and believe me it paid out for when the results came I had aced it with flying and succeeded in joining the university. The mind can be psychologically channeled to what you want to achieve and with strategized plans you realize you dreams. Channel your efforts to acing that examination and you will succeed. If you want a miracle friend, be the miracle!



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