Acquired Immune Deficiency (AIDS), An Employer’s Dilemma

HIV poses the threat to kill more than 70 million people by the end of 2020. Business, government agencies and civil societies are equally at risk. Companies located in the areas of high AIDS ratios are expected more to have their employees suffer from AIDS. Business expansion in countries, in which AIDS ratio is high, is threatened and this leads to the limitation for the companies in their plans of expanding their businesses. There is a great need to take urgent actions to combat against AIDS.

Every part of society should be mobilized to respond to HIV/AIDS. The issue of AIDS should be taken seriously by the national leaders. Business, government and society should take important decisions in a manner that has not been used before. Partnerships should be developed among government, business and civil societies.

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 The relationship between business and society is becoming very sophisticated and complex so there is a need for the redefinition of corporate social responsibility. AIDS is a very important and serious issue that has spread throughout the world. It is not a niche problem that a corporate leader should demonstrate to the special group that is expected to be more inclined towards AIDS. Market development is badly affected by the growth of AIDS among employees. Individual firms are also suffering from the issue of AIDS in terms of decrease in the performance level of their employees since half a century (Ambert, p. 42-45).

The response of majority of the business firms towards AIDS is quite slow although some firms are paying attention towards the control of AIDS in their organizations. The business community has to think about its reputation that is becoming controversial in society. The attitude of business sector towards AIDS is changing because AIDS has badly affected the growth of business.

How Business Can Contribute

There is a need for business to have coalition worldwide. Businesses are taking actions against the spread of AIDS in the organizations. It is more commonly found in the organizations that are located in the regions that are very heavily populated with people with AIDS. Such organizations face the great challenge to keep their employees away from the virus of AIDS. So organizations provide packages to their employees that include how to care and prevent AIDS. This is done by individual organizations according to their requirements. This does not mean that organizations are creating a new health system for public.

Rather it means that leaders of organizations can facilitate the process of awareness among population that has been initiated by the government itself. Thus the provision of health system for HIV can be improved (Bennett et al. p. 13-22).

How Society Can Contribute

Business cannot be limited to respond to AIDS only at the workplace. The response of any business towards workplace is just a first step that is very important to make its employees aware of the harms of AIDS. In order to minimize the threat of AIDS for the growth of economy of a country, it is essential that businesses encourage societies in which they are established to minimize the spread of AIDS to benefit themselves. Businesses should take actions for the minimization of spread of AIDS in a way that does not show that the actions of the firms are benefiting only those firms that are planning or operating their businesses in the countries where AIDS is highly prevalent (Bennett et al. p. 13-22).

As society is becoming globalized, AIDS is appearing to be the most important challenge that needs attention. AIDS spreads across the borders. All the countries are affected with AIDS virus without any exception. Improvement in communications and fast traveling has promoted the spread of AIDS virus. So, active and effective steps are required to combat the rapid spread of AIDS virus on all the levels. Business community is considered as the major source of raising additional funds.

So, businesses can help societies in initiating important steps to combat against AIDS virus by providing additional funds. In this way, the company also gets benefits in terms of caring and protecting its employees and gaining good reputation in the market. Effective programs to minimize AIDS require a lot of money and society can take financial help from businesses. Employees of any organization can share their expertise with the society for combating against AIDS by serving voluntarily.

Collaboration among public and private sectors is essentially required. The links between business, society and government can be closer as the impact of AIDS prevention programs are enhanced at workplace (DFID/UNFPA, p. 63-75).


AIDS is a very serious problem that is spreading rapidly throughout the world. Businesses were not taking any serious actions for the prevention of AIDS among employees at workplace. AIDS has resulted in decrease in the growth and expansion of business in countries where AIDS is more prevalent. Businesses can’t do anything alone for the prevention of AIDS. They need to collaborate with government organizations and societies to take immediate and effective steps for combating against the AIDS virus.


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