Across the Vast Dragon Realm Essay

Narrator: It was a humid twenty-four hours in Eternia. a calm land near the Leonad Mountains where people of different strata peacefully live and work. Here reside common people. tuging at the field. Some townsfolk were merchandisers. selling all that people use and want ; from salts and Piper nigrum to priceless porcelain vase and platters. The few others were from the royal line. born with the gold spoon in their oral cavity.

In this quiet and low topographic point lives a immature adult male of 20 old ages. He was of just skin color. holding maize xanthous braids. and superb sky bluish eyes. Though born as a baron. he chose to populate with the common people. And since there was no particular undertaking for him to make today. he sat an old tree stump. coolly gazing at the floating clouds until he noticed a sparkling thing falling.

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Black lovage: What could that be? ( Reaches out his manus and delay for the white hoar to set down his palm. ) Snow? This is impossible. A crystal fragment in the thick of a hot summer can non be. ( He gazes at the sky as the chaotic-looking dark clouds fleetly wrap the so hot orange sun. )

Narrator: Everything happened in an blink of an eye. As the dark clouds approached. hailstorms emerged. conveying forth stone-hard snow that falls ruggedly down their peaceable town. There were grim electrical storms and strong blasts of air currents threatened to lay waste to every small house that stands on the cragged land. Peoples are horrified at the sudden quandary. Every one looked for a secure screen. Their modest places could non offer safety at this point. They must happen a more cosseted concealment topographic point.

Town: Run! Run for your life!

Black lovage: ( Looked back with a disquieted facial feeling ) My female parent. She’s still at place ( Turns to run back place ) .

Narrator: Try as he might. Alexander could non acquire across the host of people slaming him ; each one running and looking for a safe topographic point to conceal. He was swayed along the current like a paper boat that was put to drift in a river.

Soon plenty. he found himself standing side by side with a mass of people in a cave that was used during the more ancient times for offering rites. He looked out the cave as the diabolic conditions passed their town. Like the people near him. he could non make anything ; merely stare as the storm destroyed their places. deracinating every works. and killing their domestic animate beings. The small kids could non be stopped from shouting and everyone was sober at the state of affairs.

Black lovage: ( Rubing his custodies together and talking in his head )Possibly my female parent is someplace here. A good neighbour might hold helped her. I know she’s non dead. I can experience it( He felt person tugging his apparels ) .

Small miss: Good sir. did you see my female parent? She was beside me merely a minute ago. but I lost her.

Narrator: The kid. keeping a rug doll. shows a warranted bravery yet her eyes seem to shout her bosom out.

Black lovage: Possibly she is someplace here. We can’t travel and happen her at this minute. But you can keep my manus and base beside me. When the storm abated. we’ll go expression for her. Is that alright small angel? ( Smiles heartily at the kid )

Small miss: It’s alright sir. Thank you really much ( Grasp Alexander’s manus steadfastly ) .

Narrator: So they stood against each other waiting for the monstrous conditions to lessen. After several hours had passed. the dark clouds left. go forthing a trail of baffled people.

Black lovage: Let us travel happen your female parent. I may necessitate to travel away and hunt for my female parent every bit good ( Lead himself and the small miss out of the cave ) .

Narrator: Every way they crossed looked atrocious and obviously wrecked. Houses were wholly destroyed. some remains even standing upside down.

Small miss: ( Tuging hard at Alexander ) Sir. that adult female puting at that place looks like my female parent!

Black lovage: I will travel and see. Wait for me here. ( Tracks the manner down to the adult female lying still in the land ) .

Small Girl: I understand sir.

Black lovage: ( Kneels down and reached for the woman’s manus. He focused and tried to experience for pulsation in her carpus ) There is no mark of bosom round. ( Sighs hard ) This adult female is dead. ( Looked back at the kid and easy walks toward her )

Small Girl: Did you see her sir? I am disquieted that she will acquire ill because she is lying level on the land. It is cold. she might acquire a febrility.

Black lovage: Your female parent is dead. We can non make anything about her now. Keep my manus and we’ll now look for my female parent.

Narrator: The small miss followed mutely. She was shocked at the disclosures and could non happen any words to state. When the realisations started to drop in her head. she cried out difficult. Alexander could non make anything but hold her manus in confidence.

When they reached his place. Alexander was more than disappointed. His house. though rather large and hardy. was destroyed. After looking from the exterior. he left the kid for a minute. stating her that he will be gone for merely a 2nd and searched the house’s remains for his female parent. Minutess turned to hours but his hunt was in vain. He was at lost and near to frustration when a blinding visible radiation glimmered in forepart of him. When the visible radiation faded. a disguised figure materialized.

Cloaked figure: Fear non thy loyal retainer.

Black lovage: ( Confused at the person’s unusual words and visual aspect ) Who are you?

Cloaked figure: ( Pushing back his goon. therefore demoing his olden face ) I am Silva. your stateliness ( Bends somewhat in a courtly mode ) . The storm that your town had merely witnessed was a consequence of Shinma’s release from the sealed abysm.

Black lovage: ( Even more baffled ) I do non understand a word you are stating sire. Please make non name me “majesty” as I have but turned back from being a baron more than a decennary ago. May I be excused from this conversation? I have more of import affairs to go to to.

Silva: Do non look any farther your stateliness. I know who you are looking for and can state you that she is safe.

Black lovage: ( Stares sceptically at the old adult male ) My female parent. you’re stating she is good? Where is she? State me ( Leaned closer and keep Silva’s shoulders ) .

Silva: Ah… The strength of young person. I know so the reply to your inquiries. Your female parent. she is comfortably kiping at the elves’ lair found at the Northern forest. But she was more than ailment. The storm that had passed was no ordinary storm. It brings with it an about incurable disease. A disease that easy eats the human flesh.

Black lovage: Disease? All of this is impossible!

Silva: The truth surely is difficult to accept your stateliness. But do non worry. everything would be back to normal one time you have captured and defeated Shinma.

Black lovage: You have said yourself that that Shinma was an evil spirit. How could you perchance state me that I could contend and get the better of it? ( Eyebrows turned to a “V” )

Silva: ( Looking at the sapphire rock in his staff ) It would be a hard journey but you could. as I’ve said. win over Shinma. ( Pauses and stares at Alexander’s eyes ) You need to see the goddess Celene in her temple at the metropolis of Zion. Ask for her counsel and she will give you the sword Havellion. That is the lone blade that could assist you suppress Shinma and his Alliess. Besides. the blood of the greatest warriors runs in your venas. I could state because of the tattoo at the base of your cervix.

Black lovage: If I triumph over Shinma. my female parent will last and we will be reconciled?

Silva: Yes stateliness. That is right. Once you have defeated him. you will non merely salvage your female parent and all the town of this universe. but besides that small miss that stands behind you. She was infected by the disease. I could state because of the Markss that are easy demoing itself on her tegument.

Black lovage: I could non believe everything you say but if this I must make. I will travel.

Silva: Take this talisman with you. It will assist you along the manner. ( Puts a necklace bearing a bluish treasure in Alexander’s manus ) Once you have acquired the Havellion. you will be ready to see Shinma at the nucleus of the Leonad Mountains. Take good attention my Lord.

Black lovage: I will. ( Walks toward the small miss and kneels ) Little angel. listen good. ( Keeping the kid by her shoulders ) I am to go into an unknown journey. But remember that I am to make this for all our people’s sake. You will be lonely while I am off but I will intrust you to a closest family and your female parent will be buried decently as I wish. But you will be careful whilst I am off would you non?

Small Girl: I will good sire.

Black lovage: Let us travel so.

Narrator: And so. Alexander brought the small miss to his cousin. a gorgeous and rational adult female whom he trusts most. After his really brief stay. he traveled Forth to run into with the goddess Celene. Three yearss and three darks he spent on his journey and shortly he arrived at the busy metropolis of the merchandiser state Zion. He was slightly at lost seeing so many people herding at such a little topographic point. But with his steadfast finding he rapidly found the temple.

Black lovage: At last. the temple of Celene. ( Lighting a gold encrusted torch and speech production at the top of his voice ) Hear me goddess!

Celene: ( Looking merely like a shady mist and speech production with a voice that seems to come from under the land ) Who are you stranger who have disrupted my peaceable slumber. . ?

Black lovage: I am Alexander from the land of Eternia and I have come to seek your counsel and ask for the Havellion.

Celene: The blade Havellion? Who have told you of that spiritual arm and who are you to inquire of it?

Black lovage: Silva. an ancient looking ace. has told me. He has said that I am to get the better of the spirit Shinma. who had merely been freed from the sealed abysm. with the mystical blade. For in me runs blood of the most feared and hailed warriors.

Celene: ( Shows herself in human signifier ; holding snowy skin color. beatific face. and ebony black hair ) Silva you say? I have heard of him and cognize of his great wisdom and powers. But I have ne’er thought he would take such a immature untrained adult male.

Black lovage: Ah… But you are deceived by my guiltless expressions my kept woman ( Bowing courtly ) . I have much more experience than a king’s soldier who has trained through old ages.

Celene: ( Laughs gently ) And I would ne’er hold guessed you are such a proud adult male. If you could reply the conundrum I am to give you. I will allow you take the Havellion. I would even assist you through the boring journey you are to track.

Black lovage: If that is the instance my kept woman. so allow me hear the conundrum.

Celene: ( Hesitating for a short minute ) It ever run but ne’er walks. Often murmurs but ne’er talk. It has a oral cavity but doesn’t eat. It has a bed but doesn’t slumber. What is it?

Black lovage: ( Thinking hard and whispering ) Strange so. Runs but ne’er walks and mutters but ne’er negotiations. Could it be an animate being? No. No animate being would non eat.

Narrator: Seconds passed and proceedingss flew into hours but still Alexander could non calculate out the reply to the conundrum. He looks into the goddess’ eyes merely to see licking. He had about given up when the talisman Silva gave gleamed. From there came a hush voice.

Voice: ( In a really really low sound ) River. The reply to the conundrum is river.

Black lovage: ( Hearing the reply. he stood unsloped and is now blessed with renewed energy ) I know the reply! It is “river. ” River Waterss run but ne’er walk. As it flows. it murmurs but still ne’er negotiations. It has a oral cavity but it ne’er eats. And while it has a river bottom. it doesn’t slumber!

Celene: ( Surprised at Alexander’s reply ) I guess have underestimated your abilities. I will maintain my promise. Take the Havellion with you ( Giving the blade to Alexander ) . Keep this ring every bit good. With that I can hear your call. Speak my name and I will be at that place.

Black lovage: My extreme gratitude goddess. ( Bends courtly )

Narrator: With the Havellion in his custodies. Alexander set Forth to run into face to face with Shinma. The travel traveling onto the nucleus of the Leonad Mountains was tough and unreliable. But through the changeless aid of the goddess Celene. through the ring she have given him. he survived. When he had come 10 stat mis near to the nucleus. he was welcomed by birdlike animals. The monster twosome. Avians as called by Shinma. looks at him with crisp eyes. like he is nutrient and wants him dead and served—their organic structure seems really much like homo: they got shoulders. venters. thighs. and weaponries ; if merely they have normal human hair alternatively of plume. a human caput alternatively of a bird’s. and if they don’t have wings attached to their weaponries.

Avians: Aaaarrghhhkk…

Black lovage: The first existent route block. Better get over these fast. Hyaaaa! ( Aimed at one Avian and thrusts his sword. )

Narrator: The bird dodged the onslaught though was left with a deep cut in the right arm. Having his right wing injured. the animal fell to the land. giving Alexander adequate clip and infinite to thrusts his blade and kill him. The other Avian was enraged by the decease of his comrade and assault Alexander with his beak. Alexander used the Havellion as a shield and evaded the onslaught.

The bird moved a small off and threw feather darts toward him. He tried to barricade all the plumes but one got him in the left cheek. go forthing him a shoal cut. After the Avian’s onslaught. Alexander moved to kill it. But before he could acquire closer to the bird. a ferocious pointer appeared past him. tear uping some of his aureate locks. and fleetly immersing at the creature’s bosom. When the animal autumn dead on the land. he hear a voice.

Voice: You’re a really much like a plodder. If you want that animal dead. you should hold used your legerity and head.

Black lovage: ( Turning to look at where the voice came from ) May I know who you are to state so?

Narrator: The voice showed itself to be an hob in his mid-age ; with a handsomely built organic structure. auburn braids and light brown tegument.

Voice: My name is Ryallon. I came from the elves den at the Northern wood. And I. my sir. am a most idolized bowman in our state.

Black lovage: Ah… I see. But how could you hold perchance told me the words you have earlier said?

Ryallon: That is reasonably because I am much familiar with the unknown animals to worlds like you. I’ve heard from old Silva that you are going to run into and seal Shinma one time once more ; and I see now that you already have in your custodies the Havellion.

Black lovage: So you know of my journey as good? I didn’t know I would be celebrated so rapidly.

Ryallon: Do non blandish yourself merely because you are chosen. Shinma is a really ferocious animal. and it would take more than a mystical blade to set him back in the abysm. I understand why Silva has chosen you. I would wager that it’s chiefly because of the stigma in your cervix. But you entirely could non get the better of him. So I have come to assist you.

Black lovage: Such a long address. I would state. But I can grok what you mean. I know you have come here non to assist me but to get the better of Shinma yourself. We should non blow any more clip here. Let us travel.

Ryallon: As you say.

Narrator: The couple track the manner to the nucleus of the Leonad Mountains. The manner. as they go deeper into the saddle horse. becomes brumous and cold. The more they get closer. the more chilling the environing becomes.

Black lovage: ( Teeth clicking ) It’s so cold. I would decease frosted in here.

Ryallon: ( Perfectly normal ) You worlds are weakest of the animals. Didn’t Silva give you an talisman? Use it.

Black lovage: ( Clasping his organic structure ) How?

Ryallon: Dressed ore on what you want to go on. on what you wish to go on. When you have focused. believe as if it is going existent. Soon. what you wish will be world.

Black lovage: ( Concentrating on his ideas with eyes closed ) I wish there is fire to steer us and maintain us warm ; A ball of fire that will function as our torch and our heat. It is a ball of gas easy warming. The ball of gas turns into a hot ball of fire.

Narrator: In an blink of an eye. there materialized a drifting ball of fire. When Alexander opened his eyes. what he wished for came true.

Black lovage: I ne’er thought it would be that easy. Come on. we can’t godforsaken clip!

Ryallon: ( Head turning in disapproval ) Let us travel.

Narrator: After the short interruption they have. they went deeper into the mountains. Soon they saw an gap at one of the mountains ; like a gate to Hell itself.

Ryallon: Shinma truly is a Satan! That topographic point looks like Hell.

Black lovage: Let us travel indoors.

Narrator: The two went inside and in a few minutes saw the kiping Shinma. Alexander was astonished at what his proverb. Shinma looks like a firedrake. a elephantine black firedrake with outsize Fangs. strong-looking wings. and long curving horns.

Black lovage: Wake up you monster!

Narrator: The diabolic firedrake easy woke up from its sleep. Sing interlopers at his district. he was alarmed ; particularly since one of them holds the blade Havellion. the blade that was used to seal him more than five millenaries ago.

Shinma: ( With strong. thundering voice ) Foolish work forces who have thought that you could get the better of me and seal me one time once more? Your attempts will be put to blow for I will kill you both and you would be the trophies to get down my universe domination!

Black lovage: Not if we could kill you foremost!

Narrator: Shinma swayed his tail to hit Alexander but was dodged. Ryallon spontaneously hurled pointers. some successfully hitting the firedrake in the venters and at the dorsum. Alexander so moved to thrust the blade in Shinma’s thorax but was hit by the dragon’s strong arm. Shinma in return blew fire at him. He evaded the onslaught by happening an unseeable shield through the usage of Silva’s talisman. Minutes easy passed as Alexander and Ryallon continue the battle.

Alexander looked directly at Ryallon’s eyes and the hob quickly got the thought. He moved in forepart of the firedrake. raging him every bit much as he could by his blows and pointers. Alexander seizes the chance and ran at the dorsum of the firedrake. It was excessively late for Shinma when he realized that Alexander was losing. With a high leap and the amulet’s power. Alexander landed at the dragon’s caput and with a strong concluding blow he thrusts the Havellion deeply at the centre of Shinma’s caput.

Black lovage: Die malignant spirit and travel back to the abysm where you belong!

Narrator: The firedrake fell dead on the land. At that point. the treasure at the base of the Havellion shined. After the blinding visible radiation. the land shook and unfastened. eating the firedrake and drawing Shinma back to the abysm. When the shaking is through and the land closed. Alexander found a unusual looking bottle. precisely where Shinma lay dead minutes ago.

Ryallon: Quick. we need to travel out! The cave is get downing to prostration!

Black lovage: Let us travel!

Narrator: The two set out and run for their lives. Debris upon dust of immense rocks fell and crashed that they about thought they would be buried alive.

Black lovage: ( With intimations of fright in his voice ) Celene!

Narrator: Equally fast as the pressing call. Celene appeared. She used her powers to make a portal out of the mountains which Ryallon and Alexander used to last.

Ryallon: That is a close one.

Black lovage: Indeed. My most grave gratitude to you my kept woman.

Celene: It was nil comparison to what you have done. Go place now and convey the good intelligence.

Black lovage: I will.

Narrator: So the two went place sword lily and winning. The whole town welcomed them with the warmest salutations. Upon Silva’s petition. Alexander gives him the unusual bottle he found in Shinma’s den. It turned out to be the counterpoison for the disease Shinma have brought. With the remedy found. Alexander’s female parent was healed and was brought back to populate with her boy. The small miss was rejoined with them every bit good.

Black lovage: I am more than happy to see you mother. And you excessively small angel. I thought I would ne’er see you two once more. ( Hugs his female parent and so turned to embrace the kid )

Mother: You are every bit brave as our ascendants. Come and I will cook your most favourite dish.

Black lovage: I would love that. Let us travel indoors. ( Keeping the small girl’s custodies )

Small miss: My pleasance. ( Smiling heartily )



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