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April 23, 2018 English Language

English is a language that acts as agent in binding people all over the world. In our present condition where we face unprecedented opportunities brought about by challenges of the new millennium, Filipinos found it essential to learn English as a key tool to compete internationally in the field of employment and service. In order to have a thorough understanding of the English language, one must be able to have a broader concept of vocabulary, and be able to use it correctly.

It is, as well, important that a person has a well-developed vocabulary skills for him to facilitate better expression of himself, his thoughts, ideas, opinions, and even establish a strong conviction on whatever matter he wants to articulate. With a richer and wider vocabulary, one would be able to grasp simply or adapt easily to the changes and needs of society. In school, a student with rich vocabulary would be able to write clearly, read accurately and speak confidently. Performing these effectively and efficiently can basically uphold his scholastic performance, hence making him a better and developed person.

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This study aims to determine the strategies of improving pupils’ skills in vocabulary building in English of Grade V Pupils of Lazaro Francisco Elementary School. Specifically, this school-based research study ought to answer the following questions: 1. What are the reading materials the grade V pupils are fond of reading in their homes and in school? 2. What appropriate strategies of teaching would facilitate developing pupils’ vocabulary skills? III. HYPOTHESIS 1. The pre-identified strategies of teaching do not improve the pupils’ vocabulary skills.

Respondents of the study are the teachers of grade V teaching English and grade V pupils. The teachers and pupils are to be interviewed following a schedule as a guide. DATA GATHERING PROCEDURE The researcher will utilized the observation and interview techniques to gather the needed information for the study. RESEARCH DESIGN THAT WILL BE USED Pre-Test and Post Test will be used in this study. PLANNED INTERVENTIONS Employing sound strategies to the class is purposely intended to make teaching-learning process effective and dynamic.

Hence, to help pupils develop vocabulary skills in English, the researcher will used various interventions: 1. Checklist to identify the reading materials they are fond of reading. 2. Strategies of teaching to develop Vocabulary Skills a. Reading Comprehension was made focused, and practiced once a week Steps: 1. The pupils read stories silently for about 5 to 7 minutes. 2. After this, they were asked to identify all the words that are difficult for them to understand. The meanings of these words were unlocked, by using these difficult words in context clues.

After unlocking the meanings of these unfamiliar words found in the story, the class was tasked to answer questions about the selection they have read. This technique allows pupils to better understanding, better reading, and faster accumulation of words because they were able to unlock or define their meanings through the selection. b. Reading reports were assigned to the pupils once a month Steps: 1. The pupils were tasked to analyze the story. They needed to describe each character in the story, identify the setting of the story, as well as the moral values or lessons they have learned from the story.

Summarizing the story is a part of this step. 2. Getting unfamiliar or foreign words from the story and getting their meanings is requested from them. 3. They were tasked to submit a reading report on the story assigned to them. c. Graded recitations and role playing were used which encouraged the pupils to use English and were able to use appropriate words in particular clues. Steps: 1. Inform earlier the pupils before their presentation for role –plays so that they could prepare. 2. They were tasked to create their own scripts on an assigned story. 3. For graded recitations, each pupil will be called to answer particular questions.

They were not allowed to speak in Filipino during such activities. They were graded based on their answers. Doing this, enable pupils to use or speak English more often. d. Spelling test that enhances pupils’ vocabulary skills Steps: 1. The pupils were tasked to spell out the word correctly. 2. The words used in the spelling tests were defined/unlocked, and used in forming sentences. e. Words For the Day This included the list of unfamiliar words given by the pupils, at least five words per day. These words were listed down in the language notebook of the pupils and were used in sentences during class discussions.

STATISTICAL TOOL To analyze and interpret the data, frequency count, ranking and percentage (%) will be utilized. Table 1. Reading Materials Pupils are Fond of Reading Reading MaterialsFrequency N=60 (Multiple Responses) % Books written in English Books written in Filipino Pocketbooks (English) Pocketbooks (Filipino) Dictionary (English) Dictionary(Filipino) Komiks Magazines Journals Encyclopedia As shown in the table, majority of the pupils have indicated that they are fond reading.

Strategies in Developing Pupils’ Vocabulary Skills Pupils’ PerformancePre-Test Post Test F%F% Very Good Average Below Average Poor Based on the data in Table 2 Grade V pupils had  performance in  the pre-test evaluation. A remarkable change can be observe in the post test evaluation. DATE OF IMPLEMENTION The research interview is to be conducted. The researcher considered this study of great importance because of deteriorating vocabulary skills in English among children affect the task of carrying out the objectives of education.

Teachers could use the findings of this study in the performance of their teaching vocabulary in English in their classroom and in the plan of their instructional strategies that would meet pupils’ needs, interests and problems. The findings could likewise help the teachers in formulating and preparing programs in English which could make teaching-learning more productive. The findings of the study could make teachers of Lazaro Francisco Elementary School aware of the need to improve quality education and attain its vision and mission.


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