Activities for the Esl Classroom

LESSON PLAN 1 Theme: Classroom texting Level: Beginner Objective: Practice speaking and writing Time: 45 minutes Skills: Writing, speaking Background grammar: Use of relative clauses Preparation: Make a vocabulary list about movie types: romance, comedy, drama, western, science fiction, thriller, horror, animation, documentary, musical, action, adventure, fantasy. Procedure As a warm up, write the list on the whiteboard and ask students about their most liked and disliked types of movies.

After students have identified the new vocabulary, divide the class in four groups and have them write definitions of each genre, model an example on the whiteboard: This is a type of movie that takes place in space or somewhere in a distant future (science fiction) Remind students to use relative clauses with the words that, which, where or who in their definitions. Each group has to come up with their own definitions. Walk around the class, supervise and offer help as needed.

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This is where the texting begins: After the groups have written their definitions, make sure there is at least one cell phone for each group, in turns, a member of each group will read out a definition without giving the movie genre; the 3 remaining groups will guess the genre. Once decided, the answer must be texted to the teacher; the first correct answer that is received by the teacher will get the point. You can do this until each group has had two turns, this will give more students the opportunity to participate. Given the case you have a dominant group or you want to untie the score, you can go another turn.

Remember to set some ground rules for a fair game, for example no one should start texting until a whole definition has been read, take into consideration that the phone service provider might play an important part regarding what message gets received first. The use of the cell phone can be a new addition to your class and students will hopefully have fun with it, fostering some learning in the process. LESSON PLAN 2 Theme: Affixation Level: Intermediate-advanced Objective: Broaden vocabulary using prefixes and suffixes Time: 50 minutes Skills: Reading and writing

Background vocabulary: Words used as a base to produce new words with prefixes and suffixes Preparation: For this class you will need two worksheets, (included at the end of lesson 2) one with prefix and suffix meanings for students to recognize and the second worksheet to practice new vocabulary. Procedure Start your class telling students that they can greatly extend their vocabulary using affixation. Take a base word and turn it into different words by using prefixes and suffixes (eg. Harm – less = harmless, kind – ness =kindness) explain that by using affixation, nouns can become adjectives verbs can become nouns and so on.

Give your students the first worksheet with the list of prefixes and suffixes and their meanings, help them understand definitions and call attention to the spelling changes when a prefix or suffix is added to make new word. For the second part of your class, give your students the opportunity to practice what they recently learned, hand out the second worksheet with a multiple choice quiz on suffixes and prefixes, give them a few minutes to answer alone and then compare answers with their partner. After that, check the correct answers with the whole class.

If you still have some time left, ask students to write definitions of a word with a prefix or suffix, they read the definition but don’t say the word, the rest of the class volunteers guesses. Write an example on the board: This is something that will pose no harm or that can’t harm (harmless) Finish your class by encouraging students to look out for affixed words in their daily reading, they mat be surprised by how many of them there are. WORKSHEETS FOR LESSON 2 PREFIXES A prefix is a word that may be added to the beginning of a base word. This reates a new word that has a new meaning. non- , in-, im-, il-, ir- This prefix means “not”. Non-stop means without stopping, an informal dance is not formal, an irregular design is not regular. un- This prefix means either “not” or “the opposite of”, a preson who is called unfriendly is not friendly, the opposite of acceptable is unacceptable de-, dis- These prefixes mean “away from” or “the opposite of”. A train derails when it pulls away from the tracks, the opposite of approve is dissaprove. mis- This prefix means “wrong”, to misspell a word is to give the wrong spelling. e- This prefix means either “back” or “again”, if the factory recalls your car, it calls back your car for repairs. If you have to restart your car, it means you have to start it again. pre-, fore- This prefix means either “before” or “ahead of time”, to precook means to cook before, a weather forecast predicts the weather before time. sub-, super The prefix sub-,may mean either “under” or “less than” something subsurface is under a surface. A subzero number is a number less than zero. The prefix super- may mean either “above” or “more than”.

A superstar is more successful than most stars trans- This prefix means “across” or “to the other side of”. A transatlantic flight crosses the Atlantic SUFFIXES A suffix is a word that may be added to the end of a base word. Like a prefix, a suffix helps create a new word with a new meaning -less This suffix means “without”, something useless is without use. -ful, -ous These suffixes mean “full of”, something harmful is full of harm, a dangerous adventure is full of danger. -er, -or, -ist These suffixes mean “someone or something who does something”.

An actor acts, a painter paints, an analyst analyses data or behavior. -able, -ible These suffixes mean “can” or “able to”, an adaptable person is able to adapt quickly, a reversible damage can be reversed. -ship, -ment, -ness, -hood These suffixes mean “the state or condition of” or “the act or process of”, friendship is the state of being a friend, the state of being content is contentment. The condition of being dry is dryness and the condition of being a child is childhood. -ward This suffix means “in the direction of”, homeward means in the direction of home.

PREFIX/SUFFIX MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the best answer 1) This man has UNTOUCHABLE principles. a) Nobody can see his principles. b) His principles are very far. c) Nobody can convince this man of doing something wrong. 2) This medicine is a nasal DECONGESTANT. a) The medicine helps to reduce nasal congestion. b) The medicine causes nasal congestion. c) The medicine makes your nose bigger. 3) That shopping bag is REUSABLE. a) Throw the shopping bag away, we won’t need it again. b) Don’t throw away the shopping bag because we can use it again. ) If you throw the shopping bag we cannot use it again. 4) I’m sorry I MISREAD the notice and therefore MISUNDERSTOOD the message. a) Did not read the notice correctly and therefore did not understand correctly. b) Read the notice and understood the message correctly. c) Did not read the notice and therefore did not understand the message. 5) We usually do not publish articles we don’t PREVIEW. a) We usually read articles before publication. b) We do not read articles after publication. c) We read articles the day we publish them. 6) REFORESTATION will help to RESTORE our environment. ) Planting trees again will bring our environment back to life. b) Cutting down trees will further help to worsen the environment. c) Forests should be cut to improve the worsening environmental pollution 7) DEFORESTATION will cause environmental deterioration. a) Means planting trees will help our environment from deterioration. b) Means cutting down trees will cause further environmental deterioration. c) Means too many forests will cause further environmental deterioration. 8) When I first moved here I missed my friends’ COMPANIONSHIP a lot a) My friends had a new company. ) My friends lost their business c) I wasn’t with my friends and I wanted to be with them. Answers 1. = c 2. = a 3. = b 4. = a 5. =a 6. =a 7. =b 8. =c LESSON PLAN 3 Theme: Dumb Laws Level: Intermediate-advanced Objective: Practice talking about rules and writing about rules. Time: 45 minutes Skills: Speaking and writing Background vocabulary: Passive voice and modals to talk about rules Preparation: You will need access to a call lab with internet connection. Procedure: This is an activity suitable for a call lab class, have your students visit the site www. umblaws. com and have them read a few laws, be specific about the country or state they should visit. Talk about the laws and ask them to guess the reason for the silly laws. After that, have students work in pairs or groups of three. Tell them they are going to write 4 dumb laws but some of them should be fake. This means that students have to come up with a couple of silly laws of their own, for the real dumb laws, students should take a couple of laws from the website. Each team presents their laws and the rest of the group has to guess which law is real and which is made up.

Make sure you assign each team with a state or a country from the website to consult, that way you prevent teams from looking at the same laws. Go around the class and offer help as needed during the writing stage, encourage students to be creative and not to be afraid of making silly laws, after all, many people have thought about a silly law before they did. LESSON PLAN 4 Theme: If today was your last day Level: Intermediate-advanced Objective: Practice talking about a hypothetical situation in the future. Time: 45 minutes

Skills: Speaking, writing and listening Background vocabulary: Use of Second conditional Preparation: You will need a sheet (see below) with the lyrics for the song “If today was your last day” by Nickelback, the audio of the song as well as the video. Go to youtube. com and look for the video of the song with sound and lyrics only. You will need internet connection. Procedure: Start your class asking your students if they ever listen to music to improve their listening skills, how often they do it and how much they understand.

After that, announce they are going to listen to a song and ask them to listen to the lyrics, tell them the song presents a question for a hypothetical situation and that they should try to find out what question that is. Play the audio until the first chorus ends, they will listen to the full song later. After they’ve listened to the song, students identify the question “If today was your last day”, tell them to think about it and discuss with a partner what they would do, let them discuss for a couple of minutes and then ask them to share ideas as a class.

Hand out the sheet with the song lyrics; tell your students that the song has a lot of “ideas” for a situation like that. Play the song again, this time use the projector with the video that shows the lyrics and vocals, let them listen to the whole song. Ask your students to look at their sheet and find parts of the lyrics they liked better and explain why. The song is intended to be inspirational and positive; it has a message of living life at its fullest because chances pass us by and may never come back. Encourage your students to tune in the feeling and express themselves through it. “IF TODAY WAS YOUR LAST DAY”

By Nickelback. My best friend gave me the best advice He said each day’s a gift and not a given right Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind And try to take the path less traveled by That first step you take is the longest stride Chorus: If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late Could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last? Leave old pictures in the past Donate every dime you have? If today was your last day Against the grain should be a way of life What’s worth the prize is always worth the fight Every second counts ’cause there’s no second try

So live like you’ll never live it twice Don’t take the free ride in your own life Chorus: If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late Could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last? Leave old pictures in the past Donate every dime you have? Would you call old friends you never see? Reminisce of memories Would you forgive your enemies? Would you find that one you’re dreamin’ of? Swear up and down to God above That you finally fall in love If today was your last day If today was your last day Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?

You know it’s never too late to shoot for the stars Regardless of who you are So do whatever it takes ‘Cause you can’t rewind a moment in this life Let nothin’ stand in your way Cause the hands of time are never on your side EVALUATION Part I Check the correct sentences 1. I like movies that make me laugh. 2. Horror films are movies then make you really afraid. 3. This is a type of movie that have a lot fast scenes and explosions. 4. I prefer movies that make you think, that? s why I watch thrillers a lot. 5. Movies are originally books that were adapted for the big screen. Part II

Choose the correct word 1. I think I __________ what you said and brought milk instead. a) Understanding b) misunderstood c) understandably 2. My__________ used to be really quiet but now it has changed a lot. a) Neighbor b) neighborly c) neighborhood 3. Our_________ has lasted more than 10 years a) Friendship b) friendness c)friendly 4. That is a _______ jacket, you can wear it on both sides a) Reverse b) reversible c) reversness 5. You have to reprint these pages, they are______ a) Illegible b) legible c) legibly

Part III Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verb. 1. Customers should________(give) better service for their money 2. Public transportations rates shouldn? t _______ (raise) so often. 3. Handicap parking ought ______ (made) legal for elderly people and pregnant women. 4. People must ______ (warned) about the dangers of smoking. 5. File sharing should ______(allow) on the internet. Part IV Choose a segment from the lyrics of the song “If today was your last day”; in a minimum of 5 lines, explain what it means to you and why you like it. (Song included at the end of the test).



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