Activity Plan between Shelia Boyles

January 30, 2019 Management

Activity Plan Assignment
Shelia Boyles
5- 14-18

Activity Plan between Shelia Boyles (Student) and Janet Prater (Supervisor).
The practicum student Shelia Boyles will:
1. Observe my supervisor and other professionals at my practicum site as well as their relationships.
2. Exhibit, apply and adhere to the ethical and legal standard as a professional counselor.
3. Apply skills and knowledge in administering intake interviews, mental health assessments psychological assessment for treatment planning and case management. The way I will do this is by administering an intake interview and use of assessment tools. Examples Psychosocial Assessment, Crisis Intervention and Safety Plan Assessment, Locus, CASII, etc.
4. Commit to the principles and practices of the counseling practice.
5. Gain knowledge and experience in multicultural competencies which involves case conceptualization, diagnosis, treatment, referral, and prevention of mental and emotional disorders
6. Gain knowledge and experience in working with clients in diverse populations.
7. Exhibit strategies to promote clients with access to a variety of community resources. By administering appropriate referrals to the clients.
8. Gain knowledge in counseling theories and techniques.
9. Demonstrate and gain knowledge in screening for addiction, aggression, and danger to self and/or others, as well as cooccurring mental disorders. By administering the appropriate assessment. Examples Crisis Intervention and Safety Assessment, Psychosocial Assessment etc.
10. Commit to the appropriate use of diagnostic tools, which includes the current edition of the DSM, to describe the symptoms and intervention to help individuals with mental, emotional and psychological disorders.
11.Acknowledge my own limitations as a Practicum Student Counselor and seek supervision or refer clients when appropriate.

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The supervisor Janet Prater will:
1. Provide a mentoring relationship and an educational opportunity to assist counseling work as well as tailor the student into the profession. Make sure the student is with the appropriate credentialed staff members. Summer, Tyler, Sara Dr. P and Dr. Angela.
2. Provide the student with the knowledge and opportunity for the application of theory and the development of counseling skills under supervision.
3. Commit to allowing the student the opportunity to acquire a minimum of 150 hours of practicum experience over an 8-week semester; 50 of these hours will be spent in direct contact with actual. Which would include 1 hour of supervision for every 40 hours worked.
4. Provide the student with one hour of individual supervision per week.
5. Provide student the opportunity to observe other professional at the site.
6. Provide the student with a clinical environment to ensure that the student gains the skills, knowledge and opportunity to demonstrate her skills in becoming a professional. By giving her the opportunity to administer the skills she has learned while at the site.
7. Make sure student administers accurate forms and signed consents with clients.
8. Give the student the appropriate use of diagnostic tools, which would include gaining knowledge of the DSM.
9. Ensure access to agency manuals, policy statements, computer resources, databases and files as needed for the student.
10. Provide evaluations and feedback of the student’s counseling skills and progress each week until the end of the practicum of 8 weeks.
11. Provide the student with as much knowledge as possible in the counseling field in the 8 weeks of practicum.


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