Activity to Protect the Ecosystem

September 29, 2017 General Studies

ESSAY It was a delightful scene for many visitor, young and old, at Kampung Dek Permai, Selangor, on 18 August 2003. Armed with 20 000 young trees, these Malaysian volunteers were united by a task which was to plant trees on six hectares of land. Kampung Dek Permai was chosen as its environment had been damaged as a result of indiscriminate logging. The aim of this activity was to protect the ecosystem and, at the same time, allow future generations to live in a healthy environment. As this activity involved teamwork, it became a symbol of friendship and helped to created awareness of the importance of protecting the environment.

The organisers hoped that what the volunteers were going to do would set example for other. The happy participants, made up of 900 residents of Kampung Dek Permai and 600 schollchildren and teachers, cheerfully rolled up their sleeves and worked together. Those who attendant included the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and the headman of Kampung Dek Permai who spoke briefly at the opening ceremony. Before planting the trees, the participants were briefed by Ayub Musa from the Department of Agriculture, who had the crowd in stitches with his step-by-step guide to tree-planting.

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The talk was informative as Ayub related in detail how a tree is planted. If you want to plant a tree, according to ayub, you will need to gather all the things you require: a young tree in a plastic bag, a large water container, a trowel, garden scissors and some mulch, which is a mass of dead leaved and bark, spread around a plant for protection or to enrich the soil. Ayub mentioned that the next step is to handel the young tree with tender loving care so that it can grow healthily. “Always hold the plant at the bottom, and never hold it by the stem.

You would never dream of carrying a baby that way! Feel free to stroke the plant gently as you handle it – it is a living thing that needs affection too! ” he added jokingly. “Next, while holding the young tree in the plastic bag, soak the entire plastic bag in a large container of water. Keep it under water and check that all the air bubbles are gone. Then use a trowel to dig a hole where you want the young tree to grow. Ensure that the hole is at the right depth to match the height of the plastic bag. It must not be too deep or too shallow.

This is very important. Carry the soaked young tree over to the hole. You are now at a very important stage of the process. Now cut through the plastic bag, making sure that the roots are not damaged. This may cause the plant to die. ” The next step, according to Ayub, is to place the young tree into the hole that has been prepared. “Remove the plastic bag completely. If the soil surrounding the roots breaks off while you are removing the plastic bag, do not panic! Just collect it and place it in the hole as neat as possible. ” he said. Do not forget to cover the hole with the soil that you have removed earlier, using the trowel or your hands. Press the soil down firmly, but not too hard or too lightly, as that may cause the plant to have problems in growing. ” Ayub added that the last step is to place wet mulch around the young tree. The mulch will provide protection as wll as nutrients for the roots. “ It must be wet and hold enough water for the plant to growth healthily over the next few months. ” Ayub emphasised. When the talk was over, the participants got down to work.

After a tiring two bouts, the whole aren was covered with young plants. By the end of the tree-planting activity, it was clear from the smiles all around that something lasthing had been sown in their hearts. It was the seed of a special friendship, very much like the young trees in the fertile ground of Kampung Dek Permai. Summary If you want to plant a tree you need to gather all the things you require. Besides that, the next step is to handle, the young tree with tander, loving care so that it can grow healthily.

Next, the entire plastic bag in a large coutainer of water then use a trowel of water then use a trowel to dig a hole carry the soaked young tree over to the hole. Now cut through the plastic bag. The next step, to place the young tree int the hoe that has been prepared. Press the soil down firmly. Place wet mulch around the young tree. Unfimiliar word 1. Indiscriminate 2. Soaked 3. Emphasised 4. Tiring 5. ceremony Meaning word 1. Indiscriminate -sembarangan atau tidak memilih 2. Soaked -terendam 3. Emphasised -tekanan atau ketegasan 4. Tiring -penat atau letih atau lelah 5. Ceremony -upacara atau istiadat


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