Activity you identify and assess 4 factors

April 1, 2019 Religion

Activity 1
Produce a report in which you identify and assess 4 factors that affect an organization’s approach to both attracting talent.
Talent planning is a very important step that ensures the organization is able to identify and attract key people that can create advantage and that it positively manages a proper balance of resource to meet changing needs, achieving the mission ,vision objectives and goals of the organization the short and long term ones.

A lot of factors can affect this approach as:
Economic Environment:
The organization should plan very accurately the available resources and where to spend depending on the external and internal factors around it and trying to offer a competitive salary package .
Training and developing programs:
Staff who believe in science and looking to increase their available skills and knowledge for better positions and promotions will be much attracted to a well developed organizations with a clear strong long term training and development programs
Facilities given:
Transportation, medical insurance , recognized reward systems might be good facilities that will attract some staff.

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Positive culture is one of the most attractive aspects for a lot of staff ,as it increases engagements and motivation towards the work that will be reflected in the market in front of the competitors as it will be more competitive.

Produce a report in which you identify and assess 4 factors that affect an organization’s approach to recruitment and selection.

The creation of such a policy is considered to be one of the backbones of any successful organization the less the turnover of the employees the more the stabilization of the organization, so to produce this a lot of factors can be introduced for this approach:
Organization needs:
If there is a demand for more professionals and there is limited supply in the market for the professionals demanded, then the organization will have to depend upon internal resources by producing special training and development programs, so the aim is achieved and the cost will be less.

Legal terms:
Fairness and equity should be ethical, with no discriminations to age, color, religion or gender, etc. in either the way of the advertisement or in the process of selection and recruiting.

Source of recruitment:
There should be a professional agency that understand the needs and the qualifications needed for the specified jobs, for seeking highly specialized skilled jobs.
The given qualifications and skills for the needed jobs should be matching with the organization goals and based on the suitability of the staff to the job.

Identify and explain 3 organizational benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Diverse workforce where there are different languages, cultures, social traditions will bring a lot of positivity to the workplace as:
Increased creativity:
As dealing with different ways of thinking ,talking ,working and different cultures, will arise inside everyone new challenges to achieve, which will lead to more brain storming and creativity that of course will lead to more productivity.

Organization Image and reputation:
The organization will have the image of accepting all good staff with no discrimination to any race , color, age or religion so more skilled staff will be attracted to for more stability and more confident feeling.

Organization gained advantages:
By employing different staff in all aspects every one experience will be transferred to the organization that will be reflected for serving a much more high sectors of customers by knowing different needs for each.

2.1. Describe 3 methods of Recruitment:
Either online or on newspapers or magazines or through professional agencies, advertisements are considered a chance for hiring the right talent as well as promoting the organization brand, if they are loaded with the right attractive informations.
Video interviewing:
Interviewing through out the video technique has many benefits where it is of low cost, it assures how the communication skills of the applicant is as well as it reduces the pressure on the applicant and gives the chance for the interviewer to watch again the interview( if it is recorded) for better decisions.

Employee referral:
It is a kind of internal recruitment process, where an already present employee who knows the place well will refer to other one whom he know well that might fit with the proposed criteria.

2.2. Describe 3 methods of selection:


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