Adapting Curriculum for English Language Learners

June 23, 2018 English Language

“National Stereotypes” is a lesson plan topic that focuses on the abstractness of stereotypes.  It may contain some truth but it cannot be applied across the board (Beare, 2007).  This lesson is suitable for young and adult learners in the classroom. It will also help the students improve their vocabulary through the descriptive adjectives that they will provide regarding their notion of stereotypes of different nations.  This perceived beliefs will also develop their ability to distinguish variation and differences across nation.

Kenneth Beare (2007) from Portland Oregon wrote this plan.  He manages Dialogue Consulting LLC specializing in English learning software development.  The lesson plan can be taken from this site  The activities listed in the lesson plan are identifying the meaning of the concept- stereotype, mentioning stereotypes of their own country, including provocative stereotypes of the teacher to make the students think about the deep or shallow meaning of stereotypes, pairing to identify the stereotypes of different countries and lastly, giving reason to their given adjectives.

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In lieu in attaining cultural sensitivity, the listed activities should be materialized first to gage the students understanding of the concept of stereotype and to determine their perception about different nation.  Second, you should be able to provide the students the meaning of the concept.  Finally, you should present cultural background of the different nations that you included in the activities to correct the “unfavorable stereotypes” that the students knew about them.

As for linguistic sensitivity, you should remind the students that every nation has its own psychology of language, thus different race has different interpretation of language.  Likewise, the stereotype “voluptuous ladies are gorgeous” may not be true for British men because they may have different interpretation of voluptuous.

Below are three assignments to enhance the communication skills of the students and for further exchange of ideas on broad topics:

·Each student should be able to list down their perception on men and women of their respective races.

·The class should be divided into groups with the same ideas in mind regarding different religion, for example, stereotypes on Protestantism and a debate will be conducted.  They should be able to lay down their arguments well for the students to realize the truth or fallacy of a stereotype.

·The student should write a short essay on a bond paper- Times New Roman, font size 12 and double space which concerns all his acquired knowledge regarding the activities.


Beare, K. (2007). National Stereotypes. The New York Times Company Website. Retrieved on November 6, 2007 from:


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