Adelphia Scandal and Worldcom Scandal Essay

Basic Questions 1. Rigas Entities were entities that shared a common hard currency direction system with Adelphia and Adelphia subordinates. which Adelphia controlled and operated. Since the dirt broke. it is normally referred as off-the-book entities. 2. EBITDA ( Net incomes Before Interest. Taxes. Depreciation and Amortization ) is essentially net income with involvement. revenue enhancements. depreciation. and amortisation added back to it. and can be used to analyse and compare profitableness between companies and industries because it eliminates the effects of funding and accounting determinations. -from Investopedia 3. Self-dealing fundamentally refers to when managers of a company improperly uses company fundss or resource for personal addition. This can include managers taking company loans that the managers do non mean to refund. utilizing company money for extraordinary personal usage. or utilizing company belongings for personal addition.

Advanced Questions 1. Both Adelphia dirt and WorldCom dirt were non prevented by company’s external hearer. though Deloitte and Touche and Arthur Andersen both rated their client as high hazard. As for the differences. Adelphia did non hold an independent internal hearer. However. WorldCom had an independent internal hearer and blows the whistling. 2. I will state Deloitte and Touche is most responsible for non observing and halting. As an external hearer. they should pay attending to organization’s fiscal records and analyze on any errors or fraud. At least. Deloitte and Touche should hold stopped Timothy Rigas from functioning as CFO and Director of Adelphia’s Accounting Committee. After all. it was evidently against the regulations. 3. Timothy Rigas received a sensible prison sentence as we can see from the WorldCom instance ; Bernard Ebbers was sentenced to 25 old ages. As for John Rigas. a former Chief executive officer who was guilty of more than 15 counts of fraud. Rationally talking. it seems to be a just judgement. However. it sounds excessively unsmooth to maintain an old adult male who has been suffered from malignant neoplastic disease in gaol.

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