Adidas perception of their brand as a

March 15, 2019 Sports

Adidas is very well known for their specialization in sportswear and apparel ranging from casual wear to specific performance-based gears. According to Pledge Sports (2018), Adidas ranks third in the list of 10 biggest sports brand in the world with a brand value of $7.9 billion and is the second largest sportswear manufacturer after Nike. This gives Adidas an upper-hand in terms of branding, which will ultimately affect consumers’ purchasing behavior. As mentioned above, brand loyalty is one of the groups divided under behavioral segmentation. By enhancing their brand value, Adidas has subconsciously influenced their target market’s perception of their brand as a preferred partner when it comes to sport.

Additionally, Adidas endorses several well-known athletes through featuring them in commercials as well as collaborations in a bid to catch the attention of hopeful athletes. Previously, Adidas focused their promotional efforts towards football athletes although over the past few years they have extended their endorsements to “some of the most influential stars of sports and pop-culture” (Bene, 2017) such as Pharrell Williams, Katy perry and Aaron Rodgers to name a few. Even so, the brand still focuses a vast majority of their endorsements towards famous athletes such as Lionel Messi, Mohamed Salah, David Beckham, Luis Suarez, Paul Pogba (Martin, 2018) and several others. It is highly noticeable that the names mentioned are football players. This makes the brand more identifiable to football athletes as a more superior brand as compared to others. Through this marketing effort of endorsing well-known football athletes, the brand targets the usage tendency of their market segment (football players) by increasing the chances of a person purchasing an item from the brand. A pe

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