Adults with Learning Difficulties Essay

August 8, 2017 Medical

“People with Learning Troubles are alone persons with their ain likes and disfavors. history and sentiments. They have the same rights as everybody else” To get down my assignment I will be discoursing the history of societal exclusion in relation to people with l’earning difficulties/disabilities. I will so sketch procedure of Social work and in peculiar I will be concentrating on intercession and how intercession has been used in relation to my chosen instance survey. In add-on to this I will pay attending to a figure of cardinal issues in relation to society’s positions on people with Learning Troubles.

I will besides be discoursing what Laws. Policies and Practices have been implemented to protect people with larning troubles from subjugation and favoritism and how effectual these Laws have really been in helping people with Learning Troubles to populate the life they choose to populate. During the late nineteenth century in peculiar. socially excepting people with larning disablements was peculiarly built-in. At the clip. those with ‘mental deficiencies’ were regarded as perverts. and would frequently be blamed for societal jobs such as offense and poorness.

This in bend led to the remotion and institutionalisation of people thought to be ‘feeble minded’ and those referred to as ‘idiots’ . Wolf Wolfensberger foremost published his ideas about standardization in 1972. through his plants ‘The rule of Normalization in human service’ . Wolfensberger argued that many of the jobs with the establishments arose from the manner in which they were designed and run. The occupants of these establishments were treated like Numberss instead than persons. losing their individuality and besides their self-respect.

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They were frequently regarded as primitive. unmanageable and unable to be educated. The basic thoughts and purposes of the rules of standardization have aimed to recommend community-based support for people with learning disablements. whilst traveling off from institutionalisation. But one of the most evident obstructions in accomplishing this has been the attitude of those in the ‘community’ towards people with learning disablements. Up to this point Social workers were still utilizing the “tick box format” when carry oning appraisals and the medical theoretical account of pattern was used which resulted in subjugation of the service user.

It was non until the NHS and community attention Act and the community attention ( Direct Payments ) Act was implemented in 1990’s that the attitudes towards people with Learning Troubles began to better along with the balance in power between Social Workers and Service Users. Further executions of legal models. policies and patterns such as Valuing People 2001 and the Mental Capacity Act have helped to better Social Work pattern and in bend protect the rights of vulnerable people whilst advancing Anti-Discriminator pattern. Social function valorisation and standardization.

Today’s procedure of Social Work consists of five cardinal phases. These are Assessment. Deciding on results. Planing. Intervention and Evaluation. Inter professional working should be placed centrally throughout all phases of the societal work procedure in order to accomplish the best possible result for the service user. Once the service users initial appraisal has been carried out. determinations can so be made sing the persons overall demands and besides their eligibility to have support for attention bundles and/or direct payments.

Intervention can differ harmonizing to puting. but when looking at the intercession procedure for people with larning troubles working in partnership and esteeming the service user’s expertness is critical when seting agreed programs into action. This facet of the intercession procedure can be linked to the exchange theoretical account as this attack promotes Anti Discriminatory Practice by authorising the service user to assist do determinations about their hereafter well-being.

It besides meets the outlooks of the service user that societal workers are esteeming their expertness. Milner and Obrien 2002 ) During the intercession procedure it is the responsibility of the attention manager/social worker to guarantee that services provided are run intoing the needed criterions and that the attention is coordinated successfully to forestall impairment due to spreads or oversights in attention. It is besides the duty of the attention director to guarantee that services users are non excluded from services or having attention that is of hapless quality by invariably look intoing for favoritism stereotypes and premises made during the societal work procedure.

It is at this point that the intercession procedure can be linked with the aims of Social function Valorisation ; the aims being to forestall people from achieving negative societal functions and to advance positive valued functions in the first topographic point. Work to change by reversal. or at least cut down the impact of bing negative functions and advance positive valued functions. The two cardinal procedures od societal function valorisation are to heighten the societal image of vulnerable people and to heighten their competences.

Social workers are expected to supervise and reexamine intercession local area networks on a regular footing. Because of this it is critical that these programs can be changed at any clip to accommodate the demands of the person. When alterations are made it is of import that other administrations involved are kept up to day of the month with these alterations to guarantee that the program remains coordinated and effectual. Although this theory of intercession illustrates a individual centred attack. there is grounds to propose that people with learning troubles are still being failed by society due to standardization and computerisation which can besides be known as the “tick box format” .

There are besides many cases where there is an wrong appraisal of fundss during the initial appraisal procedure. due to the focal point on resources available instead than demands. This can take to the service user being denied entree to services that they are entitled to. When looking at my instance survey Gemma. she has successfully been integrated into society after a comprehensive procedure of appraisal. planning and intercession has been completed to organize a individual centred attention bundle that suits her demands as an person with profound and multiple acquisition troubles. but besides as a immature adult female who is a human being.

The execution of policies such as Valuing People 2001 and Valuing Peoples Now promotes personalisation within society and has given people with Learning Disabilities like Gemma the right to their ain independency. pick and inclusion. Besides to hold the option of naming an advocator. However. I can non assist but experience that her narrative of success was down to the sheer finding of her female parent. who had to contend for her girls single demands to be met.

Social Workers and other multi professionals who were involved in appraisal of Gemma’s needs evidently felt that she would hold benefited from institutionalisation. as it is stated that this was suggested as a hereafter program on legion occasions. I can non assist but inquire whether this has been due to professionals concentrating on Gemma’s disablement instead than concentrating on her as a individual. Valuing people 2001 provinces that the function of services is to assist people no affair how complexed their disablement. to populate full and equal lives in their local communities.

Although the article states that thoughts for Gemma to populate every bit independently as possible were good received and eventually implemented. It is besides obvious that there have been changeless battles to obtain support such as direct payments to suit Gemma’s visions to populate a normal life within her community. Following Wolfensbergers development of Social Role Valorisation. Obrien developed the five service achievements. which provided a practical model to work towards Social Role Valorisation.

Obrien suggests “Each accomplishment supports a critical dimension of human experience which common pattern bounds for people with terrible Learning Disabilities. They challenge and strengthen the relationship between people with disablements and other community members. ( Obrien 1989 ) Holocene articles published on the community attention web site have suggested that societal workers themselves are witnessing the target-driven civilization of bureaucratism within councils ( merely like Gemmas mum experienced ) . and are cognizant that this has created legion barriers to people with mental wellness jobs deriving entree to direct payments.

It has been reported that a Social Work Team Manager within Adults with Learning Disabilities really left her function at Doncaster Council in 2010 because she had encountered these jobs and felt that it hindered the intercession procedure. She has since started up her ain Personalisation Forum Group to convey these service users together. The hebdomadal meetings at a community Centre now attract 30 habitues. supplying support and regular socialization chances. I utilise my societal work accomplishments to assist the group solve the jobs that they face ; this involves cut downing dependence on professionals by foregrounding people’s strengths. and promoting them to believe through solutions on their ain and with other group members. Peoples describe experiencing portion of something. like they have some power over their ain hereafter and many for the first clip can see something positive. ” Hicks says.

Michelle Lefevre. senior lector in societal work at the University of Sussex. says it is a “sad indictment” that Hicks felt she had to go forth local authorization societal work to construct such meaningful relationships with users. Not merely is local authorities excessively focused on disposal instead than disbursement clip with kids and households. she says. but jobs in societal work degree programmes and supervising mean practicians are non equipped to cover with the emotional dimensions of the occupation.

Overall it is really bracing to read success narratives like Gemma’s as it seems that she is populating her unrecorded every bit independently as possible. whilst being supported by a dedicated squad of people who are invariably guaranting that she is having individual centred attention and that her wants remain cardinal. It is my lone hope that in the hereafter it will non necessitate a loving parent to contend the rights of a service user and to get the better of hurdle after hurdle to have the support and attention bundle they are rightful entitled to. but that the service user will be granted entree to the services and funding they are eligible for with easiness.


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