Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fixed Exchange Rate Finance Essay

July 18, 2017 Economics


The exchange rate is the rate at which one currency trades in exchange of another currency. Exchange rate is value which is same as any other value, it is the same monetary value to get other things, and in this instance it is another currency. It is the monetary value of one currency in footings of another. The exchange rate are differs from one state to another state, it is depends upon assorted economic factors such as pecuniary policy, financial policy, international policy, general balance, buying power of currency, internal every bit good as external factors and misbalance of market. The rate can be set in different ways ; it can be fixed, drifting, in footings of some external such as gold. However the best ways to put the value is fixed, as it will be determined by different footings such as monetary value, demand and supply. The high degree of demand of currency leads to coerce up its value means exchange rate. When the supply and demand of currency is equal, it is called as equilibrium exchange rate. Exchange rate is besides set abouting long term alterations as per comparative states. As the rate of GBP is ˆ 4.50 in 1920.


As ˆ 1.00 = $ 1.55637, if I want to travel to America and I would acquire $ 155 for ˆ 100. Similarly if any person would come from America, he would acquire ˆ 100 for $ 155.

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Types of Exchange Rate

There are two different processs to find the exchange rate ; the first 1 is that to repair it in exchange of other currency and 2nd one is set it free to drift against other currency, it will happen it ain degree. The both types are known as fixed exchange rate and drifting exchange rate severally.

Floating Exchange Rate

The floating exchange rate is the rate which finds its ain degree of rate as per the forces of demand and supply of currency.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed Exchange Rate

Advantages of Fixed Exchange Rate

Beneficial for Importers and Exporters – As fixed exchange rate provide certainty, it is good for importers and exporters and it is because since certainty is need for international trade and there is a less opportunities for guess.

Lower Hazard in International trade – When fixed exchange rate is maintain, by holding fixed monetary value of merchandises, there is a lower opportunities for hazard in trade. It will besides promote the bargainers to put in the markets.

Beneficial for domestic markets and employees – By keeping fixed exchange rate, domestic organisation and employees can keep their costs under control to get by up in international market ; it will take to rising prices in under control. By keeping this to long tally, Interest rates should be down and increase trade and investing chances.

Introduces subject in economic direction – Fixed exchange rate gives chances to authorities to from following inflationary policies, and it will take to be competitory market. This will assist in state of affairs such as balance of payments.

Reduce the hazard of destabilising the economic system – The fixed exchange rate is cut downing the guess, it is really hazardous for concern in stable market. And by cut downing the guess will take to cut down the hazard of destabilising the economic system when the exchange rate is fixed.

Beneficial for investing – The critical benefit of fixed exchange rate is that organisation can be after the sum of investing and concern that organisation gets in hereafter. There is no hazard of losing more money as it reduces the guess in exchange.

Disadvantages of Fixed Exchange Rate

No automatic balance of payments adjustment – The floating exchange rate is utile to cover with disequilibrium with intervention of national authorities, and it does non impact the domestic economic system besides. It there is a state of affairs arise such as shortage so it lead organisation to be competitory once more, The job should be solve by cut downing the degree of aggregating demand, when there is a fixed exchange rate is used. And as demand of merchandises less, will do less ingestion of imports and the monetary value of merchandises falling down and would do organisation more completive.

Large sum of foreign militias require – In order to keep fixed exchange rate, authorities have to hold big sum of foreign militias require, and it will take to chance costs to hold this militias.

When the exchange rate is maintain unnaturally by the authorities, and it is non up to its degree of the economic status, the development is non up to its degree or in other words non efficient as the rate has adjusted. As the involvement rate is straight related to exchange rate, it can halt economic growing in instance of their disparity to market demands.

Stability of Fixed Exchange rate – The authorities who adopts fixed exchange rate have follow diverse policies, and it may do to inflationary sometimes. It creates some jobs such as the states which will hold low rising prices and it will be really competitory and high rising prices and uncompetitive in some states, have to devaluate.

Loss of autonomy in internal policy – The demands of fixed exchange rate is ruling policy, sometimes it may non good for the economic system at this place. The value of exchange rate should be set by involvement rates and other factors ; It would be instead than more good to the jobs such as unemployment and rising prices which is macro aims.

The chief disadvantage of fixed exchange rate is that it will do jobs to economic system to guess onslaughts. When there is a state of affairs arise such as extra supply and demand in national or other currency, and at that if the authorities is unable to keep it, at that clip the fixed changed rate demands to be changed, and it will cut down credibleness of currency.


Globalization, invention, proficient development dramas dominant function in recent universe. These procedures increase the chance of international trade. The economic system should be flexible with these advancements, the both fixed exchange rate and drifting exchange rate has advantages and disadvantages. Fixed exchange rate is preferred for those states in which internal factors will make jobs to economic system and floating exchange rate is good to those states in which there are more external dazes.


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