Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook Essay

August 30, 2017 Media

Social networking has been a common usage on the Internet in today’s coevals. One of these popular societal networking sites is Facebook which has over 1000000s of members linking with friends every twenty-four hours. The popularity of Facebookers in Indonesia has been increasing so much that shortly it will make 43 billion members in 2012 ( kompas. com on first February 2012 ) . However. in society there are pro and contra point of views refering utilizing Facebook in the day-to-day life. Based on this issue we would explicate more about the advantages and disadvantages that people might acquire from Facebook so that you could make up one’s mind whether or non you want to utilize Facebook. We have two common advantages that we might acquire from Facebook such as easy communicating and effectual advertizement while about the disadvantages we have diminishing the direct communicating and blowing your clip. First of all. Facebook has two major advantages.

The first advantage of utilizing Facebook is that it eases our communicating. For illustration when people want to pass on with their friends or household abroad. they no longer necessitate to post mails which need a batch of clip and money. A missive to Timor Leste for case costs us 1 one million millions rupee. Not merely that. the missive takes 10 old ages to make the reference. Facebook provides several characteristics such as chew the fating. personal messaging. and exposure sharing which enable us to portion information with other Facebookers easy. Just by snaping on the ‘post’ button in Facebook. we can direct images. picture. or simple sweet salutations for the people we love who are stat mis off from us. With the being of Facebook. distance no longer becomes obstruction for our communicating.

Facebook seems like compressing the Earth. Another advantage of utilizing Facebook is that it becomes an efficient topographic point to publicize our merchandises. Efficient here are in the signifier of money. clip and energy. For illustration. we can utilize Facebook to publicize our merchandises or events for free. while in the other media like newspaper. wireless. or telecasting. we have to pay a certain sum of money. Even. if we want to publicize our merchandise in Jawa Post. we have to pay Rp. 200. 000 for merely a two-line advertizement. Furthermore. we do non necessitate much clip to distribute out our advertizements.

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We merely necessitate to sit in the forepart of the computing machine. upload the advertizement and portion it via Facebook by merely snaping “share” button. In a few proceedingss. our merchandise will distribute all over the universe and as a effect. everyone will cognize and read our advertizement in their Facebook histories. Furthermore. by utilizing Facebook. we should non make the conventional manner of distributing the advertizement where we have to stand for a long clip on the crowd giving the advertizements to the consumers. Alternatively of making that palling manner. we merely need to sit. acquire connected to Facebook and portion the advertizements. Therefore. we decidedly save a huge sum of energy.

Besides the advantages as described in the old subdivision. Facebook besides has two common disadvantages. The first disadvantage of utilizing Facebook is that it decreases the direct communicating between yourselves and other people. Communicating by utilizing Facebook. it means that you do non make face to confront communicating with your friends and merely utilizing computing machines to make it. Indeed by utilizing Facebook. you can interchange information and do conversation with your friends. However. you will lose one indispensable facet of communicating which is non-verbal communicating. It includes oculus contact. gesture. voice tone and touching. Actually. non-verbal communicating is so of import because it will assist to convey the emotion and feelings strongly.

To exemplify. when your friend is sad and shouting. you can quiet her/him down by chucking her/his shoulder. If you use Facebook to pass on. you can non demo your support and understanding squarely. The 2nd disadvantage of utilizing Facebook is that it wastes our clip. Once people connect with their friends on Facebook. they will be given to chew the fat with them for hours and be funny to cognize what they are making and feeling by looking at their friends’ invariably updated position. Furthermore. Facebook besides provides many sorts of on-line games such as Poker and Cityville. Normally people prefer to play on-line games on Facebook while waiting for the newest position of friends. When they get new presentments. they will minimise the game. expression at the new presentment. and so go on the game.

It happens on and on. As the consequence. people will non recognize that they have spent many hours merely for linking to Facebook. Actually. with the sum of clip. you can make your responsibility or other things which are utile such as making prep or reading books. To sum up. there are two points of position about Facebook: agree and disagree. The people who agree with the utilizing of Facebook find it utile to ease communicating and supply effectual advertizements. However. people who disagree with the utilizing of Facebook think that it is diminishing direct communicating and wasting clip activity. Therefore. it is your pick to hold or differ of the utilizing of Facebook.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook


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