Advantages Of Using Teamwork Management Essay

This survey is based on quantitative research methodological analysis to present specific teamwork phases, addressed the advantages of utilizing teamwork to acquire the best patterns. The four phases of teamwork will be discussed, besides how to obtain high public presentation squads in add-on to associate it with the concern value and how direction will profit from it. Although introduced the lineation of the survey by presenting preexistent issues and concern positions that make the background of this survey.


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Teams are particular. They vary from an absolute group ‘A squad is a group but a group is non a squad ‘ because the degree of doggedness and coaction is on a higher plane. Teams achieve more than merely the amount of the persons. The slang word for this is synergism, which is the great accomplished when persons with diverse manners, positions and accomplishments, work together and carry through much more hand in glove than they could separately. ( Francis & A ; Young 1979 )

The more and more organisation is implementing a squad attack in their mission to run into the petition of an unsettled market place. Most directors in today ‘s concerted and reding environments need to better teamwork to make good results through them. Sturdy squads assist directors and they make organisations stronger.

Although there are many positions sing teamwork, but the general enthusiasm for teamwork is to accomplish staying the squad strong and in the best phase of teamwork phases.

The intent of this survey is to analyze in which phase of development Veoila Water stands in. Besides the manner to heighten the squad to accomplish the higher phase of teamwork to the following higher phase of development.

Theoretical Position

Explain the construct and the nature of teamwork in order to understand the construct of teamwork phases.

Teams can play a major function to a accomplish certain ends and aims, in order to accomplish those ends and aims, people must work together in detailed manner.

Teamwork has become an indispensable manner in any new organisation ; because the advantage of people working together decidedly can open affectional channels of communicating between all members involved in the undertaking, make new thoughts about work outing jobs and competitory liquors in order to accomplish a high degree of development. ( Bennis W & A ; Shepard H 1956 )

There are different intending between a working group and squad work.

Working group consists of the few people with somewhat coaction between each other and remain together until the undertaking is finished.

Teams are different than working group ; they are concerted units of people combined together to carry through a common end. The amount of all single members ‘ activities inside the squad formed the end product of the whole squad. In extra it can specify as “ A few single with complementary expertness who are devoted to a common intent, and a common attack for which they hold themselves communally responsible. ” ( Bennis W & A ; Shepard H 1956 )

The Nature of teamwork

The pattern of squads in organisations has changed significantly over the past epoch. During that period, the new survey of group kineticss has become a multidisciplinary research field.

In the societal scientific discipline literature, degrees of teamwork and productiveness have been linked to the intension of group development. ( Allyn & A ; Bacon 1994 )

The construct that groups develop through clip has received dispersed credence among societal professors and specializers for more than half a century. Thru that clip, generalised surveies, which depend on experiences and ideas of viewing audiences, and experimental surveies that used experimental systems were conducted. ( Hum Relat. 1956, Wheelan S 1993 )

The collected research mentioned that groups navigate through consecutive phases that can be precisely distinguished and determine.

Reviews ( Allyn & A ; Bacon 1994, Psychol Bull 1965 ) of research on group development addition the thought that groups move through all the teamwork phases.

Teams developed exponentially and in phases ; depicting a group of characters to use as a squad is merely the first measure in squad development. Although it takes clip, committedness and energy to better the efficiency of people to be portion of a squad. To go an effectual squad, they must make common ends, and their single focal point must be on those ends, gaining of personal demands. The end of teamwork is that, a extremely successful squad will execute to join forces between the single members of the squad. ( Allyn & A ; Bacon 1994, Psychol Bull 1965 )

The best theoretical account to demo the four phases of squad development stages is the Tuckman theoretical account.

Tuckman theoretical account

Tuckman theoretical account ( Psychological Bulletin 1965 ) mentioned the four phases through which groups transfer as they advanced into well-functioning squads. Not every squad gets to the acting phase, ensuing in a legion of results. The Tuckman theoretical account defines the four identifiable phases of squad development as: forming, ramping, norming and executing.

Forming ( consciousness ) it is the first phase of development focal points on issues of deduction and dependence ; throughout this phase, members endeavor to distinguish behavior agreeable of the leader and other group single. Although feelings, failings and errors are enclosed and there is no common cooperation and purpose of what needs to be done. Individual shows small attention for others ‘ ethical motives and sentiments.

Second phase of development it is ramping ( struggle ) phase, the people of the group are respectful to each other. During this period squad members ‘ estimation each other and how they suited into the squad. ( John Wiley & A ; Sons 1967 )

In this phase, the group should develop schemes for hiking utile statement and esteeming differences of sentiment. It is critical that the expected struggle that arises as groups begin to skirmish with their differences be channeled in such a manner to further creativeness and let for the rating of an extended scope of positions. While non fun to work through struggle at the clip, a group is good worked by openly covering with their differences and discoursing their scheme for originative struggle declaration. Tuckman believes that groups that ne’er learn to work through the storming phase -perhaps because they are conflicted inauspicious and choose alternatively to let one leader to put the way for the squad ‘s actions- are eventually, less originative. Additionally, the squad members can be riotous because they ne’er learned to cover with their differences. ( J Soc Psychol. 1962 )

Norming ( co-operation ) it is the 3rd phase, this phase is dedicated to the development of assurance, improved relationship and teamwork, and more overripe and unfastened treatments about the purposes, functions, single construction, and divider of labour.

In add-on, during this phase, assurance and trust Begin to originate, together with a more systematic and unfastened attack, taking to a clearer and more logical manner of working. There is greater valuing of people, account of intent, get downing of aims, systematic aggregation of information, bearing in head of all picks, readying of elaborate programs and growing reappraisals to do sweetenings. Group members accept and increase in value the differences of persons, learn to fruitfully work through the battle and concentrate on the undertaking at manus. The hazard of “ group think ” may be encountered if persons “ go along ” with thoughts to keep coordination instead than present differences of sentiment. ( J Appl Behav Sci. 1978 )

Performing ( productiveness ) is the 4th phase, it is described by additions in group effectivity and productiveness. In the acting phase includes flexibleness, leading certain by provinces, non a protocol, everyone ‘s energy is used and basic rules and societal characteristics of the organisation ‘s determinations are considered. Group members have come to swear each other ; they all gain the wagess as the group changes into a productive, fun -and rewarding- squad. During this phase, squad members agree on ends ; originative brainstorming is adopted ; thoughts, instead than personal dockets, are discussed ; and the squad takes shared ego in their squad achievements. ( NY Praeger 1990 )

Groups that have a different stoping point experience a 5th phase. Coming decision may do break and battle. ( J Appl Behav Sci. 1976 )


Phase of group development


1- Forming ( consciousness ) – Dependence / Inclusion


2- Storming ( struggle ) – Counter dependence / Fight


3- Norming ( co-operation ) – Trust / Structure


4- Performing ( Productivity )

Conflict of teamwork

( Nelson 1995 ) He put this list of high possible zones from which unwanted, inactive battle issues on a regular basis arise:

Managerial Actions: If the group wants good constitution for what it ‘s making, its single will non be able to command their work.A ( Nelson 1995 )

Peoples Resources: If the resources in the group does non plenty to make the undertaking, it is predictable that some will transport excessively heavyweight to lade. Displeasure, frequently undeclared, may construct, so it is of import that squad leaders guarantee suited resources.A ( Nelson 1995 )

Exceed cost: Often ineluctable, cost overproductions become a debatable when appropriate process is non taken. The whole squad should state early on when cost becomes a problem so excess money can be discussed by the squad. This manner the troubles can be fixed before it develops into a job for management.A ( Nelson 1995 )

Agendas: The agenda is highly of import to the squad ‘s undertaking and must be really noticeable. All persons should be interested to work with each other to run into their ends. ( Nelson 1995 )

Duties: Each person on the squad must acknowledge what countries are allocated and who is responsible for them.A ( Nelson 1995 )

Wish Lists: stick to the undertaking at manus and avert being deflect into seeking to suit other things into it. Wait and make other materials you would wish to make after successful achievement of the original project.A Because every squad is distinguishable, differences that appear will be excessively. ( Nelson 1995 )

Advantage of teamwork

Teamwork is hardly advantageous. It makes you do good and do a better consequence. In a squad everyone is responsible of success undertakings and ends. It is a mixture of strengths, which can besides take to decreased members ‘ failings. In this instance, the failings and strengths of squad person can develop and heighten each other. ( Wheelan SA & A ; Lisk A 2000 )

Before taking any group for the occupation, you should be cautious because you are collaborating with a group and non merely with a solo person. Normally with the best squad, you should seek at a valid aggregation of gifts, expertness and attitude. Teamwork encourages executing good instead making everything by your ain. In a squad, a solo person ‘s determination is non terminal, you will be holding a combination of positions and take every point of position into understanding and choose the greatest 1. A group meeting is ever good for repairing the scheme, executing it and discovery mistakes if any. ( Wheelan SA & A ; Lisk A 2000 )

On a squad, duties are dispersed among each person every bit depend on the capableness and clip handiness. The biggest duty, evidently, rests with the group leader. A group ever lets you to make good in the country which you have the capableness. A good group ever creates converge in its members.

These are some advantages of teamwork: ( Wheelan SA & A ; Lisk A 2000 )

Give maximal outcome consequence with high quality achievement from each squad individually.A

By and large more input consequences in better opinionsA and judgements and the overall procedure is improved.A

The squad involves every individual, his cognition and his duties.A

Transporting out of new ideas can be more functional and effective.A

It increases ownership with broader communication.A

Exchanging information and increases larning in the group and in the full of this company.

Offer more saving and improves personal relationships in the model of concern tasks.A

A specific job can be easy solved with many thoughts at the same time.A

Gives better solutions and can pick the greatest one from those options.A

It raises readiness of every person to take farther risk.A

Better accepting of the decision-making process.A

Peoples can portion common purposes and involvements, among others.A

With a squad, it is easier to analyze the jobs and place many explanations.A

A squad can manage more hard and hard jobs in the workplace.

Groups raise the preciseness of job settlement.A

For individual job you get many thoughts and they can be solved rapidly.

Lebanese instance

Before get downing my research, I already had a connexion with Veolia Water Company who was a possible campaigner for such a survey. The company I eventually chose was a H2O intervention company, of medium size ( 100+ employees ) . Through working with this company an chance arose to analyze their engagement in a undertaking called “ Teamwork phases ” .

Veolia Water Company

Veolia Water, the Water Division of Veolia Environment, is the taking operating companyA for H2O services in the universe.

Specializing in theA outsourced direction of H2O services for municipalA and fabrication clients, it is the universe leader in technology, planning and pursuit of structural undertakings for incorporate installations and H2O intervention workss. The company besides creates devoted technological coming. Veolia Water has about 96,260 Staffs all over the universe and recorded grosss in 2010 of 12.1 billion Euros.

Veolia Water Solutions & A ; TechnologiesA provides the complete scope of servicesA requiredA to plan, construct, A upgradeA andA manage waterA and effluent treatmentA installations and systems.

Most engineerings are developed in-house. A smallA choice comes from extremely specializedA partners.A All are manufacturedA to strict qualityA criterions, utilizing theA bestA stuffs.

Our intervention capableness: drinkable H2O intervention, effluent intervention, sludge and Bio-solids intervention and olfactory property control and intervention

Data aggregation

The targeted country contains all employees who worked in Veolia Water Company ; this survey used one instrument to roll up informations from one sample in Veolia H2O utilizing teamwork phases method for the employees.

The teamwork stages questioner consists of 32 statements this inquirer is designed to mensurate the 4 types of teamwork phases: forming, ramping, norming, and executing. A five point of graduated table was used in these instruments where 1 peers about ne’er and 5 peers about ever.

The inquirers were handed over to HR sections who in bend distributed 100 inquirers to the employees.

From the respondents returned 60, useable study in this survey.

Analysis & A ; treatment

A trial was conducted on quantitative questionnaire research methodological analysis.

The consequence indicated an overall per centum of teamwork phases, the inside informations of this consequence are shown in figure.

The consequence of the sample points contained in each graduated table of teamwork phases questionnaire. Result in figure Out of 60

The consequence was 4 out of 60 which is 6.5 % for the forming phase takes the least per centum and that ‘s indicated that the company members try to travel along with whatever the leader suggests, but besides we can see there is really small battle stated in the group because they have n’t discussed the company goals really much.

For the storming phase the consequence was 7 out of 60 which 11.5 % are from the overall teamwork phases.

In order this consequence we can reason that the company members appear to hold really different sights about how things should be done in this company, besides members experiment the leader ‘s thoughts but there is reasonably a spot of tenseness in the group at this clip.

The consequence was 11 out of 60 which illustrate 18.5 % for the norming phase and that reflect the group is passing its clip planning and detecting how work is done, besides that they can depend on each other and work as a squad.

As I notice in this group they are able to organize subgroups, or subcommittees, to work on specific occupations.

For the acting stag the consequence was 38 out of 60 which 63.5 % are from the overall teamwork phases and it takes the highest per centum, that ‘s indicate that the group uses feedback about its effectivity and productiveness and acts on its picks and encourages high public presentation and quality work.

Harmonizing to ( Wheelan SA 1990 ) the best phase was executing phase, because it is increasing the effectivity and productiveness of teamwork within the company, besides increase the flexibleness and use the basic rules and societal facets of the organisation.

In my sentiment executing phase was the wide phase in Veolia Water company, I suggest the directors in Veolia H2O to increase the performing phase and do the squad more flexible and affect the squad in determination devising.

Recommendations & A ; Conclusion

This practical research appears towards the terminal of my research, this really does non mirror other companies because it relates merely for Veolia Water Company, but the theoretical work took topographic point in general facet.

The experimental information, and research experience, hence acted as facilitators for my consecutive theory development, and it was through consideration of the experimental information that I made development of phase for teamwork. This utile survey hence serves on this research as a set of consequences, which can be used to stand for the phase of development for teamwork, instead than as an official theory.

The results of these surveies set a nexus between group betterment and productiveness. Groups operational are more productive and effectual at higher phases of betterment than groups at lower phases in finalize group ends. ( Wheelan SA 2000 & A ; Wheelan SA 1999 )

Upon the old analyses we suggest the followers:

Keep an consciousness that the betterment of an effectual squad needs a good behaviour and duty toward teamwork, joined with an apprehension of what teamwork engagement.

Second, it needs involved teamwork accomplishments.

Bettering productiveness:

Teamwork can bring forth more well-organized and effectual usage of employment and can increase productiveness by maximising the diverse strengths and accomplishments of squad persons, the biggest alteration of undertakings may be tackled.

Delegating order and screening the plants to the group, accordingly avoiding daily problems such as barriers and restraints.

Transfering several administrative and managerial controls to the squad group or to the squad leader and that will cut down the figure of degrees of direction.

Inspire employees to set about a wider scope of occupations.

Make squad persons more instantly responsible to clients – whether external or internal.

Teamwork will besides present troubles as authoritative publicity paths and limit lines are intimidated. These jobs are sometimes exasperation when the force per unit area to cut down costs to continue fight leads to the demand for reduces in the staff at the same clip as teamwork is stated. If the full benefits of teamwork are to be obtained, its debut must be carefully handled.



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