Adventure Tom Sayer

October 10, 2017 General Studies

The pinch bug’s prison, and the boys separated, each feeling wealthier than before. 1. Explain how Aunt Polly Pulled Tom’s tooth? Aunt Polly pulled Tom’s tooth by using a string of silk and she tied one end to Tom’s tooth and the other to the bedpost, then she seized a chunk of fire and thrust it almost into Tom’s face, after that the tooth was hanging by the bedpost. 2. How do you think Mark Twain feels about Huck Finn? How can you tell?

I believe that Mark Twain feels that Hick Finn is a child with no parental guide, which makes him appeal more and seem “cool” to the other boys, a character like this usually adds a little more of adventure to the story since is usually the one, with the ideas that the mothers would not approve of, mostly because of the way the mothers described him “Hucklerry was cordially hated and dreaded by all the mothers of the town, because he was idle and lawless and vulgar, and bad” but the children, such as Tom admired him, and he would played with him, whenever he was able to, “and was under strict orders not to play with him.

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So he played with him every time he got a chance. ” 3. What makes Tom and Huck seem much like ordinary boys? Tom and Huck seem much like ordinary boys, mostly because of the things they did together, Tom wanted to trade his tooth, for Huck’s tick in the story, and during the trade each wanted to make sure that the thing their getting is better than what they had before, when in reality they are both worth nothing, but for small boys seems like a lot, “and the boys separated, each feeling wealthier than before. 4. Explain the conflict in the story? The main conflict in the first story is Tom’s tooth that is hurting and lose, and Tom tries to avoid going to school, by saying that he is dying, at the end Aunt Polly got Tom’s tooth out, and Tom had to go to school, in the second story was about a boy named Huck Finn, and this boy is believed to be troublesome, Tom wants to trade his tooth, for a Huck’s tick, and each wanting to make sure that what they are getting is more valuable than what they had before.


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