Advertising research findings based on the factors

April 15, 2019 Music

Advertising Viewability in Digital Ecosystem: How To Get the Best Out of the Money We Invest!

Dr. Gajendra Singh Chauhan
Resham Rathi
Ketan Deore
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
BITS Pilani

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Viewability is a valuable factor for advertising campaigns. Brands are vying for better visibility in digital media to enhance their awareness and acceptance. In these times of calculated investments, it is still observed that many brands lose on millions of dollars every year on a dubious adventure. This adventure is none other than advertising wherein 56% of the ads that advertisers post aren’t even seen by people. Here it is where the advertisers should consider ad viewability, a measure to know the reach of their ads which in return can scale the success of ad campaign. The paper encapsulates the research findings based on the factors like banner blindness, perceived usefulness, congruence, fraud ads, etc affecting ad viewability. Further, the paper provides the critical insights using the above data which can optimize the amount of investment that a company needs to do in advertisements for a guaranteed profit and also help the company boost conversion rates.

Key Words: Brand campaigns, Digital media, Ad viewability, Conversion rate.

In recent times, everything is going digital, be it people or companies. Digital media has has its own perks including low costs, immediate customization, wider reach and quick transmission. Advertisers are exploiting digital media to make best profits out of their ad campaigns.
Digital devices are an indispensable part of our lives. With their ability to play music, videos and movies, show books, create documents, sheets and presentations, browsing on internet and so on; allows advertisers to draw attention of customers via digital advertisements.


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