Advertising The Health Benefits of Cow’s Milk: a violation of the Dietary Guidelines

Advertising The Health Benefits of Cow’s Milk a misdemeanor of the Dietary Guidelines


Opening: Cow’s milk has been the footing of American diets for many coevalss. Americans regard milk as a bastioned, nutrient-rich drink crucial for edifice strong organic structures. Even the USDA ( United States Department Of Agriculture ) supports this conventional wisdom by publicizing the importance of dairy as a foundation of a healthy diet on their myPyramid ( ) . Dairy industries advocate the importance of milk by backing their ill-famed “got milk? ” runs with eyecandy famous persons, or demoing the verve of a company ‘s dairy cattles by publicizing these cattles as “happy dairy cows” surrounded by alcoholic green grazing lands. Therefore, milk is the basis of the American diet. Paradoxically, there is mounting research reasoning that America’s favourite “health” drink really causes ruinous wellness effects in those who continually drink cow’s milk. Keep in head, when speaking about “milk” I am sing it as cow’s milk, and much of the stats is based on observation, because proving on worlds is deemed unethical. I will further analyze these standards and compare them to the guidelines shaped by the FDA. These new surveies are of import on casting visible radiation on Americans are being mislead.

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Proposition: Department of agriculture publicizing the importance of cow’s milk is a misdemeanor of The Dietary guidelines for Americans.

Define Footings:

  1. rBGH ( Bovine growing Hormone ) :
  2. IGF-1:
  3. casein
  4. malignant neoplastic disease

Preview: I will analyze the misdemeanors of the USDA with Dietary Guidelines.


I. criterion:The USDA’s set definition for their Dietary Guidelines for Americans is to “ provide important advice about devouring fewer Calories, doing informed nutrient picks, and being physically active to achieve and keep a healthy weight, cut down hazard of chronic disease, and advance overall health” ( ) . Although there is no officially documented standards for making and implementing the dietetic guidelines, the Food and Drug Law Journal of Law concludes the loads of the USDA is 1 ; create guidelines based on current scientific cognition 2 ; cut down the prevalence chronic disease and malignant neoplastic disease ( Herman, 2010, 1 ) .

  1. The federal jurisprudence for dietetic guidelines provinces, “ the information and guidelines contained in each study ….shall be based on the preponderance of scientific and medical cognition which is current at the clip the study is prepared” ( Steier, 2012, 8 ) . In other words, members of the USDA must stay by the regulative codifications of their occupations by utilizing up to day of the month information.
  1. Dietary Guidelines are non based on current scientific cognition refering to milk
  1. Dietary Guidelines recommends an mean three cups of milk per twenty-four hours to better bone mass denseness and guard off chronic diseases such as osteoporosis. Based on current scientific cognition, there is a clear nexus between the sum of milk consumed and greater hazard for osteoporosis.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, milk does non diminish the hazard of bone disease and does non increase bone mass. Research workers at Yale University School Of Medicine found that casein caused 70 % of breaks when looking at roll uping informations across 16 states with 34 different sorts of studies. ( Campbell, 2006,205 ) .
  3. There is a tendency, states who consume the most sum of milk ( largely in a westernized diet ) besides will hold the highest per centum of osteoporosis, and frailty versa. Americans are merely behind European states and Australia/New Zealand in the sum of milk drank. For illustration, America has the world’s 3rd largest per centum of hip breaks amongst adult females 50 and older. These findings useful because it indicates that inordinate bone breaks can progress to cram impairment which leads to osteoporosis. ( Campbell, 2006, 204 ) .
  4. The charts below shows the association of milk and hip breaks.
  1. The USDA refuses to admit mounting scientific cognition that an higher ingestion of Ca from milk additions Ca lost through micturition.
  1. Harmonizing to Dr. Campbell, a universe renowned critic in the field of biochemistry and nutrition provinces that Americans consume an norm of 70-100g/ twenty-four hours of Ca and found that if you changed your dietetic wonts to devour 35 to 78 g/day of Ca, which is lower than the norm, this will ensue in 50 % addition of Ca urinated. Imagine the sum when you double the mean American’s consumption. This find is of import because because it sheds visible radiation on the world that devouring more Ca equals a Ca shortage ( Campbell, 2006, 206 ) .

2. The mechanics of this Ca shortage is triggered by holding carnal proteins disturb the body’s PH balance into an acidic province. Consequently, this throws the organic structure out of balance. The organic structure must neutralize itself, and the most practical topographic point to acquire Ca is from our castanetss. After neutralisation, the fresh Ca is urinated out. As a consequence, your castanetss have less Ca after imbibing milk. ( Campbell, 2006, 205 )

ll.The Dietary guidelines do non cut down the hazard of chronic disease and malignant neoplastic disease

  1. Some of the most deathly and preventable chronic diseases and malignant neoplastic diseases impacting American citizens are breast, colon, prostate, and liver malignant neoplastic diseases and type 1 diabetes. Harmonizing to the Food Drug Journal Law states about 50-75 % of malignant neoplastic diseases can be prevented if diet was changed ( Herman, 2010, 2 ) .
  1. Although I acknowledge that the opportunity of acquiring malignant neoplastic disease is associated with genetic sciences, diet plays an even greater function in advancing malignant neoplastic disease activation. Dr. Campbell states that “promotion is reversible, depending on whether the early malignant neoplastic disease growing is given the right conditions” ( Campbell, 2006, 64 ) . This indicates that you can turn on and off malignant neoplastic disease with the nutrients you consume.
  2. For illustration, casein from milk is a booster of malignant neoplastic disease by act uponing the growth/ diminution of tumours. As an illustration, scientists found that rats fed a 5 % casein diet had a 35-40 % lessening of rapid growing of tumours. This was done by dividing rats up into two groups. Half of the rats were put on a 5 % diet, while the other half of the rats were put on a 20 % diet for 100 hebdomads. At the terminal of 100 hebdomads, scientists examined tumour growing in both groups. The group with the 5 % diet showed no marks of rapid tumour growing, while the group on a 20 % casein diet were close to decease or dead from out of control tumour growing. Scientists so indiscriminately choose rats from the 20 % casein diet group and put the rats on a 5 % casein diet midway through the experiment and that is how they came to the upseting find of casein as a malignant neoplastic disease booster ( Campbell, 2006, 61 ) .
  1. Approving the usage of rBGH/rbst increased malignant neoplastic diseases rates.
  1. Bovine growing endocrine ( rBGH ) / bovine somatotrophin ( rbst ) are man-made endocrines used to increase dairy milk production. This endocrine increases the rate of insulin-like growing factor ( IGF-1 ) proteins. The function of IGF-1 is to reproduce dead cells, but high sums of IGF-1 causes the procedure of retroflexing cells to be sped up. Resulting in greater per centum malignant neoplastic disease cells to be preplaced ( Campbell, 2006, 179 ) .
  2. A survey concluded that untreated milk has 400 % less sum of IGF-1 proteins compared to milk from cattles injected with rBGH when looking at the blood content of dairy cattles. ( Gillette, 2010, 4 ) .
  3. Ronnie Cummins, manager of the Organic Consumers Association argues that “there is mounting scientific grounds that IGF-1 is a powerful chemical endocrine and that people who have higher degrees of IGF-1 in their organic structures besides have higher rates of prostate, colon, and chest cancer” ( Gillette, 2010, 2 ) . In other words, higher IGF-1 peers higher malignant neoplastic disease rates.
  4. The chart below indicates the association of malignant neoplastic disease rates with rBGH treated milk in adult females over 50 old ages and its effects as rBGH went mainstream.

  1. Guidelines do non diminish chronic diseases
  1. Type 1 diabetes has been linked to milk consumption. In a survey conducted by research workers in the New England Journal of Medicine, research workers took blood samples from 221 aged 4-12 old ages old. 142 were diagnosed Type 1 diabetic, while the other 79 were non. When the blood samples were examined, they found that all of the 221 kids had antibodies for cow’s milk protein, irrespective if they were Type 1 diabetic or non. In other words, these consequences indicate that you can be allergic to milk, which can hold effects such as increasing the prevalence of Type 1 diabetes and still be incognizant ( Campbell, 2006,188 ) .
  2. The chart below shows the association between milk and prevalence of Type 1 diabetes.


  1. The USDA’s guidelines are seting the wellness of 1000000s of Americans at hazard by publicizing the wellness benefits of milk. This is debatable because the USDA has ties to the drug and dairy industries. Therefore they are making guidelines that will be in favour of the industries to claim kickbacks from these multi-million dollar industries. As an illustration, the board members of the dietetic commission from 2000 had ties with multiple industries such as drug companies, nutrient associations, and five dairy industries ( Herman, 2010, 6 ) . Furthermore, every other animate being in our land stops imbibing its mother’s milk after they are more developed. I assume this is because evolutionarily, animate beings can acquire Ca from workss. Besides, cow’s milk is meant for a calf, non worlds. Have you of all time seen any heifers imbibing human chest milk? In add-on, maintain in head that correlativity does non equal causing, but in my premise, I believe there is adequate grounds to deduce causing. Take for illustration, “The China Study.” These peer-reviewed surveies observed the dietetic consumption of over 6,500 grownups in over 130 small towns spread across 65 states, all reasoning that carnal protein additions unwanted wellness effects. Therefore, I conclude there is more than adequate grounds to indicate to causing.


In decision, through analysis the USDA has violated its guidelines for safety and truth of the cognition its advertisement to the general populace. This deficient attending to these dietetic guidelines has negatively affected the life styles of Americans. Even during this research, I found an evident tendency. It was hard to happen indifferent information about the wellness effects of milk when looking at research that was funded by industries with ties to the USDA, such as the dairy industry. There needs to be action taken to forestall these unhealthy recommendations given by the USDA. It is important to our wellness and the wellness of future coevalss. I for one, will non be imbibing milk anytime shortly.




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