Aed 222 Week 7 Day 5 Appendix C

Axia College Material Appendix C Creating a Student Profile for Mock Case Study Apply the information you compiled in Appendix B to create a profile of a student with at least one exceptionality. Compile details about the student within this matrix. You will post the shaded portion in Week Eight for Discussion Question 1 and use the matrix in its entirety for your Final Project. Requirement |Details | |Name, age, and grade of child |Name: Lolita | | |Age: 5 | | |Grade: Kindergarten | |Detailed description of child’s |In Lolita’s home her parents speak fluent Spanish.

However, her big brother speaks both | |behavior and interactions at home |English and Spanish fluently. Lolita has become confused about which language she is | |and school |supposed to speak and doesn’t really talk much. In school Lolita points to things and | | |mumbles rather than using words or sentences. | |Strengths of child |She receives good grades on her drawings, colorings, and self expression. Lolita follows | | |directions easily and completes each task with success.

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She is a great listener and | | |doesn’t fidget when being given instructions. She plays great with the other children in | | |her age group. | |Interests or affinities of child |Lolita is interested in making friends, drawing and coloring. | |Areas in need of improvement |However, she needs to improve on her sentence structure and pronunciation of words. | | | | |Definition and prevalence of |I believe a Mild Intellectual Disorder is what she has.

Students with this disorder have | |exceptionality or exceptionalities |IQ below 98% of the school-age population. The students lack in adaptive behavior skills | | |and tend to be below average. These behavior skills include practical, social and | | |conceptual skills that people learn in order to function in everyday society. | |Reasons for classification |Lolita is lacking the basic speech skills that are needed to communicate correctly. | |However, with the assistance of a speech therapist, Lolita would be able to overcome any | | |of her speech impediments. | |Possible management plan (associated|Speech therapy and a Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities. This would help | |effective educational practices, |Lolita develop her language skills at a level that she can handle. | |behavior management, assistive | | |technology, and accommodations) | |



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