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March 5, 2019 History

After World War II, 1945, Arthur Calwell began to greatly encourage the idea of increasing the population as it was revealed of the vulnerabilities of being a large nation with limited people. The Vietnamese refugees had contributed to answering the call of Arthur Calwell, through the gradual increase of population. The entering of Vietnamese refugees resulted in a more multicultural society. The government began to modify the Immigration Act 1901 of with significant alterations in 1958 when the Dictation test was put to an end. Vietnamese refugees that were the result of the Vietnam war that began in 1950 and after an extended war that finally ended in 1975, when it became apparent that North Vietnam would take over Southern Vietnam (, 2011).

The changing of governments from 1901 onwards resulted in the 1945 policy that was put in order for Australia to progress greatly as a country it would have to accept other migrants from varying places that were originally European, the policy largely had not yet accepted Asians stemming from the first act that was put in place that restricted Chinese immigrants and Pacific Islander “The Immigration Restriction Act 1901 has social value for migrant communities especially Chinese and Pacific Islanders who were largely the target of the racist nature of the Immigration Restriction Act.” (, 2018) . The test was used less as an immigration policy and more as a tool of to discriminate against non-white immigrants, thus the implications of this resulted in many non-white migrants being deterred and only white migrants coming in.

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Previous to the fall of Saigon in April 1975, many foreign forces as well as Australia accepted the first wave of Vietnamese refugees during 1975, by “Operation Baby lift”, the Australian public was supportive of the operation with the Australia’s women weekly that released a two-page article that empathised the detrimental effect of war on Vietnamese children. The first adult refugees arrived in the 1976 following the end of the Vietnam war, the second wave of refugees emerging after the communist government began to dismantle the old regime with many fleeing Vietnam generally by bo at seeking asylum in neighbouring countries (, 2018). In 1976 the policy began to change with the first boat holding refugees that had arrived having passed formal immigration procedures, the refugees desperate to find a new home after the horrific war and facing the rough seas were finally accepted as immigrants on humanitarian laws. Over the next three years fifty-three refugee boats had reached the shores, then in 1982 the Australian and Vietnamese agreed to the new immigration policy “the Orderly Departure Scheme”, that was made to emphasise the reunion of separated families. The migrants who were involved in this scheme worked incredibly hard in an effort to bring their families over, then doubling the Vietnamese population in Victoria. (, 2018)


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