After the TV? Or perhaps you steadily

April 12, 2019 Health

After a rough day at work, do you come home and sit on your comfortable couch, grab some popcorn and passed out in front of the TV? Or perhaps you steadily check your cellular device, spend hours shopping online or stay up late on Facebook talking to your friends. Whether you watch TV, gossip every night, drink excessive coffee, snacks on M’s ; M’s when stress, you may have a “soft addiction”. Although they seem to be harmless excess, these soft addictions take away our time, numb us from our feelings, and keep us from living the satisfying lives we desire; In fact, do soft addictions “get in the way of leading a more fulfilling life”?
“Whenever you place something—be it caffeine or an email—above the important people in your life, you’re causing harm,” says Jennifer Ginsberg (Mclaughlin, p.138). Do your partners, whether they be spouse or other, keep leaving you, citing your behaviors such as going on a shopping spree to escape from being stress? Do your friends not want to hang out with you anymore because you’re always on your phone surfing the Net? These types of behaviors can play a toll on your health as well as prevent you to miss out on life; in doing so, you’re causing damage to the established relationship between your peers, partners, and family.


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