Agamemnon: Homer’s Negative Portrait Of A Leader Essay Sample

July 24, 2017 History

Agamemnon was blessed to hold such an tremendous ground forces. and this is rather perchance the lone ground why he was such a powerful leader. If. nevertheless. Agamemnon had a smaller ground forces. would he hold still been such a strong leader? No. and the grounds are really extended because non merely was he really negative. but he besides boasted in his power. Agamemnon was described by Homer as a powerful leader. but he neglected to demo us many grounds why he was so strong. The ground why Homer did non demo us many of those illustrations is because the lone ground he was strong was because his ground forces was really tremendous in size. Throughout history. a great leader has been known to hold certain facets or qualities such as: honestness. encouragement. equity. wisdom. and even beastly strength. Agamemnon does non possess any of these qualities. The narrative of the Iliad describes a few great leaders and some simply sufficient leaders. Agamemnon is merely a “sufficient leader” .

Agamemnon shows his soft side on page 107 lines 136-137. He states. “What I truly want is to maintain my people safe. non see them deceasing. ” Soon after we read that. we realize that he is wholly lying. He truly cares nil for his people because in the following line his duologue becomes really egoistic. He tells how his “prize” was snatched off and that he wants the Argives to bring him another award. This is evidently non a good leader. With his strong ground forces. Agamemnon is a reasonably good warrior. He is given the several rubric as a good leader. but he comes up missing the qualities that would do him a great leader.

Agamemnon is non really wise either. One of the chief struggles in the Iliad was between Agamemnon and Achilles. Agamemnon certainly realized that Achilles would be insulted when Briseis was taken off from him. But without thought of what Achilles could make. he ordered him to manus over Briseis. Because of his combat accomplishment. Achilles could hold easy handled Agamemnon in a conflict ; hence. decease may hold been high. Other things may hold besides happened but Achilles merely chose to retreat from the war. This act was really harmful to Agamemnon because the loss of Achilles meant the loss of a great warrior. This created a immense trench for the Argives to hold to creep out of. Obviously. the determination to diss Achilles in this mode was non carefully thought through. Agamemnon should hold thought twice about
stealing Briseis off from Achilles.

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Other grounds of Agamemnon’s deficiency of wisdom is in the first book. Chryses. Chryseis’ male parent. is a priest of the God Apollo. Even though Agamemnon knew this. he paid no attending to Chryses’ supplication for Agamemnon to return the misss. Even with the add-on of a ransom. Agamemnon refused to give him his misss back. This was an highly bad thought because Chryses had direct entree to Apollo. Therefore. Apollo immediately set a pestilence on the Danaans when Chryses asked him to make so. If Agamemnon had the wisdom of a good leader he would hold merely followed the “rules of war” and offered the misss back for the ransom. By following these regulations. the full war may hold been avoided. or at least delayed for a figure of old ages.

Agamemnon was non the best combatant. For case. Achilles is evidently better when he bluffly tells Agamemnon that he will kill him if he takes Briseis. If Agamemnon were a better combatant. he would hold embraced the challenge to contend Achilles. The Iliad nevertheless tells us that Achilles would hold easy won had he non prayed to his female parent Thetis. the sea-nymph. ( p. 113 410-422 ) A individual who is loyal to his household is person that should be respected. On p. 106 Agamemnon declares that he would instead hold Chryseis than his ain married woman. Agamemnon has placed his trust in Clytemnestra. and yet he says that he favors Chryseis over her. A great leader should non renegue on on a committedness to anybody. allow alone his married woman. This case shows an illustration of why Agamemnon can non be trusted.

The great Achilles would ne’er hold run from conflict due to being frightened. However. on page 132 lines 30-32. Agamemnon is merely a coward. He had thwarted his work forces into Troy and ordered the Argives to fly when he believed he did non hold a opportunity. “Obey me. all you Argives. Cut and run! Sail place to the homeland we love! We’ll ne’er take the wide streets of Troy. ” At this same minute in clip. he is besides demoing another feature of a bad leader. Agamemnon is being really detering right now. and whatever opportunity his work forces did hold is now melting. Any leader that alleged “spears his ain military personnels in the back” should be demoted and decidedly seen as less than a hero or great leader.

To be a great leader. one must hold certain qualities that make him or her base out above everybody else. Possibly some qualities are more of import than others. but all qualities must be accounted for. A wise leader with a nice ground forces will ever get the better of a great ground forces with a leader who is un-wise. Major betterments on Agamemnon’s portion would hold afforded him a topographic point among the “great leaders. ” but he will ever miss the qualities that raise him to this degree of illustriousness.


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