Agatha Christie Essay Analysis

May 14, 2018 General Studies

When writing an essay, there are many aspects that the writer must consider to be able to truly capture the attention of the reader while getting the message across. The essay about author Agatha Christie most definitely does portray an effective base behind due to the fact that it has a strong introduction leading the reader into the actual essay, but also describes the many aspects that she had focused her writing around.

The introduction is probably one of the most important aspects of an essay considering that it does determine whether or not a reader will be interested in the topic or not. The writer of the essay is truly effective within this portion Of the essay considering that the opening Statement started Off as a general overview, and then continued on into being more specific towards the actual topic of Agatha Christie.

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This is able to capture any reader’s attention because it gives them an idea of what they will be reading about rather than just ‘jumping’ out with specific information pertaining to the topic. The writer seems to be able to give a broad question, which makes the reader very interested to what the writer is speaking of. Overall, the introduction within this essay is very effective. Another very important aspect of any essay is being able to describe the topic or the person focused on.

The writer of this essay is truly effective within this aspect of the essay because this person uses the different eras of Christie’s writing to describe who she is as a person and describes her writing techniques to explain to the reader what she has gone through. The writer focuses on the main character without going off track, which keeps the reader interested within the essay considering that it is not changing from topic to topic. For these specific reasons, the writer’s use of Agatha’s life and different ime periods gives an effective understanding of the character.

Although this is an outstanding essay, which is able to describe the topic character perfectly, there is one aspect of the essay that kind of throws the reader off a bit. This is the vast amount of authors mentioned within the essay. Not only does the writer mention so many names, but also seems that this person wants to begin writing about the other authors mentioned but then realizes that they need to stay on the same topic. That is the only portion of the essay where the writer could have avoided or formatted differently.


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