Agrozan Agro Processing Company In Uae Commerce Essay

Today, alterations happens everyplace around us. The clients gustatory sensations and their outlooks about monetary value and quality and service are altering really fastly. Therefore to set with these alterations the companies have to make research continuously. They have to do their merchandise better than what they have made in the yesteryear. This will travel to new alterations in the direction of available resources.

The Company I select for organisation survey is Agrozan Agro Processing Company DMCC. It is located at Dubai, UAE. Agrozan is a celebrated agri-business company involved in inception, processing and trading of agricultural merchandises like nutrient Grains, and Oilseeds and Edible Oils, They besides process carnal Feed They are besides involved in the processing of Meals, Pulses, Rice & A ; Sugar, Spices and Edible Nuts.

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The company is located in Dubai, UAE and has offices runing worldwide. It has offices runing in locations like Turkey, Russia, Ukrain, Russia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, , Djibouti, India, Pakistan, a and Vietnam. With the powerful presence and huge experience attained in specific beginnings and markets, Agrozan is committed to be a the supreme and respected participant in its field doing value add-ons and cost effectual solutions to its providers and clients.

Agrozan Commodities DMCC is incorporated under Dubai Multi Commodities Center Authority, promoted by the Government of Dubai, to make a planetary centre of excellence in the concern of trade goods.

The survey was aimed at acquiring a clear image of the organisation construction to larn how the authorization flows down the degrees ‘ of direction. Apart from these, present operations of the company, familiarising the responsibilities and maps of assorted sections and how they interact with each other were the aims of the survey.


The function of agro-industry as a sector of the economic system has multiple aspects and alterations in the class of development. In the early phases of growing, industrial processing of agricultural merchandises tends to be limited to a few export harvests, while the bulk of agricultural merchandises are consumed after minimum signifiers of processing that are performed wholly within the agricultural sector. Upstream processing industries prevail in their more crude signifier, such as rice and flour milling, oil pressure and fish canning. An illustration of this phase would besides be the plantation economic system, where agro-industry and primary agribusiness appear as a vertically incorporate activity, with upstream processing pickings over the agricultural base through a production system that is frequently founded on signifiers of disfranchisement of laborers and little agriculturists.

Other instances of seemingly more diversified agro-industrial activities, based on fruits and veggies or farm animal merchandises, may be every bit crude in their organisation, the low grade of value added produced and the deficiency of linkages both with the chemical and mechanical industries and with selling and fiscal services. Such is the instance for Egypt where, in malice of the growing of vegetable and fruit production and the related transmutation industry, primary agribusiness still accounts for about 90 per centum of the intermediate goods purchases of the industry, while a longer concatenation of links has developed merely for livestock-related merchandises. Similarly, a big portion of agricultural natural merchandises in entire intermediate purchases characterizes most agro-industrial production of tropical drinks and other merchandises arising from plantation harvests, every bit good as veggies, fruits, baccy and farm animal in the first phase of domestic industrial development.

Even in the instance of limited backward linkages outside agribusiness, nutrient processing in the early phases of development can be an of import direct complement to agriculture as a beginning of employment for seasonal labor. It requires really small investing and provides ample chances for spread outing value added by utilizing underemployed resources every bit good as for bettering incomes and nutrition. Cottage industries of assorted signifiers are found in about all countries where agribusiness is sufficiently diversified, and there is range for widening the scope and timing of production both for dietetic grounds and as a hedge against uncertainness. The off-farm employment chances provided by nutrient processing may therefore stand for the first instrument of time-smoothing in the labor market and, as such, is an of import factor of capital accretion in rural countries.

Morocco provides an illustration of a more advanced phase of development of agro-industry, characterized by some more sophisticated downstream industrial activities, but where off-farm employment nevertheless remains the industry ‘s chief engine of growing. In this state, the presence of a well-developed nutrient preserve industry for tomato sauce, fruit juices and other canned fruit ensures stronger links with sectors other than agribusiness, both as suppliers of inputs ( chemicals, glass, aluminum and paper ) and as dependent sectors of farther processing ( selling services ) . The nutrient industry in Morocco is estimated to buy merely approximately 70 per centum of its natural stuffs from agribusiness, while the concluding merchandise sold to the consumer and exported in increasing measures contains more than 45 per centum of non-agricultural merchandises.

A farther phase of development of agro-industry as a manufacturer of nutrient and drinks can be observed in a figure of middle-income states, such as Turkey, Argentina and Chile. This phase is characterized by full development of the forward linkage concatenation, with several selling and other services incorporated in the concluding merchandise, and merchandise invention predominating over process invention to supply a competitory advantage and beginnings of growing to the houses in the market. The linkage with the selling concatenation tends to be good established, with both organisational and fiscal links between the manufacturers and the retail mercantile establishments. The gait at which new merchandises are introduced is highly high, and this testifies to the importance of merchandise invention in this stage of the industry rhythm.

Finally, for high-income countries such as the EU or the United States, the mature phase of the nutrient industry still appears to be really dynamic. While the backward and frontward links do non travel much beyond what has already been achieved by third-stage houses in middle-income states, a separate series of linkages develops through the production of specialised machinery and procedure invention. Because of their size, market leading and grade of internationalisation, the food-producing companies located in the high-income states are frequently instrumental in puting the base for a whole engineering of processed nutrient production. The countries involved scope from the planning and quality control of agricultural merchandises and other natural stuffs, to the design and industry of machinery, specification and monitoring of the production rhythm and the proviso of specialised fiscal and other services.

Therefore, the multiplicative power of the agroprocessing industry throughout the economic system through the linkage effects appears to be an of import factor of growing both for developing and developed countries.A An extra ground why agro-industries are particularly effectual in triping demand from the upstream and downstream sectors lies in the place of nutrient in the ingestion concatenation. Thus, even at a comparatively low degree of edification with limited backward and forward linkages, agro-industries may still be peculiarly effectual in imparting increased planetary demand into increased end product. This is so because, at the earlier development phases, a high portion of private outgo is directed towards cereals and other basics and, subsequently on, as development advancements, towards fruits and veggies and other nutrient merchandises whose income snap is comparatively higher.3A At ulterior phases of development, it is the turning integrating of the bring forthing sectors that chiefly ensures the capacity of nutrient production to trip the remainder of the economic system, although the part of ingestion to the industry multiplier remains sustained through variegation and growing of merchandises with higher income snaps.

An of import characteristic of agroprocessing industries is that they are a major beginning of employment and income, therefore supplying entree to nutrient and other necessities to big groups of population. They are, hence, indispensable elements in the attainment of nutrient security ends.



Pulses & A ; Rice

Oil Seeds & A ; Oils

Animal Feed

Spices, Dried Fruits & A ; Edible Nuts

Major Departments

At Agrozan the followers are the major sections

Production Department

Finance Department

HR & A ; Administration

Selling Department


Production section is an of import section as a company is concerned. The production section is the ultimate authorization sing the determinations of what, how when and where about the fabrication of the merchandise.

The followers is the construction of the production section,

Pull offing Director

Production Mgr

Electrical Foreman

Shift in charge

Production Eng



Fork lift operator


Production director is the supreme authorization in this section. The production Engineer and public-service corporations and care Engineers come under him. He is the overall in A­charge of all production applied scientists is responsible for the displacement allotment of the employees.

Production section collect quality goods natural stuffs, at sensible monetary value and majority measure. Fruits are seasonal resource ( vitamin E ) so they collect the natural stuffs in its season and procedure it and convent it into juice dressed ores and reassign it in to hive away for farther production.


Finance section play an of import function in the effectual operation of the section. All the strategic and developmental determinations are depend upon the public presentation and efficiency of the finance section

Department chart

Pull offing Director

Finance Manager

Sr. Accountant

Histories Asst.

Sr. System Asst.

Admn. Military officer

Finance director is the caput of finance section. He has equal rights and duties as compared to the pull offing managers of the company in general affairs. The finance director has senior comptroller and system offices under him to help him in day-to-day activities.



Employee public assistance

Public dealingss

Performance assessment



Industrial relation

This subdivision can be regarded as the system of regulations modulating employment and ways people behave in the organisation. Whenever a struggle takes topographic point it is the responsibility of this section to look into the affairs and take disciplinary action. The administrative officer acts as a affair with legal advisers. The company has been basking peaceable industrial ambiance for as long clip. The company has the co- operations of employees in about all the activities.

Another of import map of HR & A ; disposal section is to trades with enlisting, choice, initiation, orientation, publicity and calling planning of the employees of the organisation. Performance assessment is one of the most of import responsibilities of this subdivision.

Agrozan has given a high precedence to human resource development through preparation and organisational development activities. The company expression after developing demands of an employee right from he joins as a fresh enlisting through his growing in company hierarchy.

3.4 Selling Department

“ Consumption is the exclusive terminal and intent of all production ” ( Adam smith ) As such, consumers are the marks of really activities performed by concern people. The. satisfaction of the consumer is the chief possibly the most reasonable aim of the concern house.

Selling is a human activity which satisfies the demands and wants of the clients through an exchange processes. Selling is a societal procedure by which persons and groups obtain what they need and want through making and freely exchanging merchandises and services of value with others. .


Pull offing Director

Selling Director

Area Gross saless Exe

Asst. Gross saless Exe

Selling director is the caput of selling section. He co ordinates and command all the maps of marketing with the aid of market research workers. These are two selling advisers working under the MM and helping him


AnA operationsA departmentA typically attends to those administrative, logistical, and other responsibilities necessary for an organisation ‘s daily operation. Depending on the nature of the organisation, anA operationsA section, sometimes called aA back office, may be responsible for a diverse scope of responsibilities.A OperationsA sections exist in concerns and other organisations in every section of the economic system, including – but non limited to – such diverse sections as the fiscal services industry, including Bankss and securities firms, every bit good as academe, fabrication, non-profit organisations, and the armed forces.

Pull offing Director4.1 Department Structure

Quality Assurance Mgr

QA Officer

Lab Operator

QA Assistant


`Every merchandise in Agrozan goes through rigorous quality control measures before it appears in its financial signifier before the client. From the choice of the best fruit to the sterile ‘ packaging, there are no via medias.

Lab trials are conducted sporadically in order to prove the samples like Boiler provender H2O, procedure H2O, mush, juice, packing stuffs etc. These trials are conducted during different phases of operations to guarantee the quality of finished merchandises. Twelve [ mished merchandises are taken every 30 proceedingss of production and the undermentioned trials are conducted:

Product Quality Trials

Physical Trials

a. Taste

B. Appearance of the battalion

b. Labeling inside informations

Chemical Trials

a. Acidity

b. acid ratio

c. Infrared wet balance

Micro biological trials

a. Entire secret plan count ( TPC )

b. Yeast and mmlld.

After the quality cheque, the concluding merchandises are distributed to the traders through proper conveyance channels, that is done by the logistics section of agrozon. The concluding merchandises readily packed and sealed to travel through appropriate manner of conveyance it may be transported through land, through air or by sea.


Major part of production is done seasonally. .

Measures taken for selling is non so effectual in UAE market.

Huge employee turnover in operations section.

Delivery is non go oning on clip.

Machineries create pollution of air.

Lack of installations to tap the market

Low orientation plans for husbandmans

Missing proper market research

Merely seasonal employment chances, provided to impermanent workers.


Through the survey I had done, I can propose some solutions for the development of the company

Give more importance to advertisement in electronic media, particularly during premier clip, for achieving good market portion.

Emphasize lasting employment to cut down the rate of employee turnover.

Strengthen the distribution web by having transporting vehicles instead than taking them on rent so that it will increase the assets of the company and cut down the cost of company

Have a good relation With the workers and organize a democratic ambiance in the company

Keep a good grudge redresal cell for fast solution of workers jobs.

Strengthen the distribution channel through an effectual supply concatenation direction.

Try to acquire as a theoretical account for quality.

To take proactive steps to command the pollution.

Attract more husbandmans and have a good coaching to the husbandmans for better production


“ Agrozan ” Agro Processing Company DMCC is transporting out its concern by a squad of experts agro merchandises Developments and Exports has grown and developed in a short clip and in a really efficient and effectual manner. It can be seen from the efficiency of the imported best quality machineries and its qualified employees. The company gives extreme importance to the development and enlargement of its organisation.

Through this descriptive survey of “ Agrozan ” Agro Processing Company, I got a really valuable and information that will assist me in the surveies.From the survey I came to cognize the company has a good organisation construction and an effectual direction system. Besides the company has a good place in the soft drink industry.



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