Aims and Objectives of The Body Shop Essay

August 30, 2017 Human Rights

For this undertaking I am required to place my chosen administrations aims and purposes. My chosen administration is The Body Shop. its aims and purposes are diverse compared to other concerns that are on the markets for enlargement and profitableness. In this undertaking I am traveling to see the most common aims and purposes. in making so. I will compare its aims and purposes to other concerns.

Business aims are the declared. mensurable marks of how to accomplish concern purposes. For case. we want to accomplish gross revenues of ?10 million in European markets in 2005. Objective/s have to be S. M. A. R. T. . Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Time specific.

Business purposes is where the concern wants to travel in the hereafter. its ends. It is a statement of intent. e. g. we want to turn the concern into Europe.

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Some purposes are ‘social’ instead than commercial. The Body Shop aims ‘to give our concern to the chase of societal and environmental change’ . This is an purpose that is for the good of society instead than a commercial 1.

Most concerns aim to:

– Grow/Expand – this is done by increasing the size of the concern. possibly by winning over the costumiers or opening new subdivisions.

– Profit – Many concerns try to do as much of net income as possible by supplying their service or their merchandise.

There are many more purposes of concerns but they are non relevant as The Body Shops aims differ from normal concerns. Besides public sector concerns have different purposes and aims.

The Body Shops purposes and aims differ to other major shops such as Tesco’s or Boots. its aims are ethically and socially responsible. whereas. Tesco is on the market to spread out and do net incomes. Even though The Body Shop would wish to do net incomes because without net incomes it will non be able to last for long. its chief aims and purposes is to care about societal issues. wellness. less underdeveloped states and just trade. The Body Shop. therefore. is alone.

Compared to other concerns The Body Shop is different when looked at its purposes and aims. its non about profitableness or enlargement. its about assisting one another and issues such as just trade. the followers is The Body Shops purposes and how they are tackled:

– Bettering the work force conditions – The Body Shop aims to pay its work forces reasonably and supply good on the job conditions.

– Against animate being proving – The Body Shop does non prove any of their merchandises on animate beings compared to other concerns who do. and it aims to transport on in making so.

– Support community trade – This is besides known as Fair Trade. The Body Shop was one of the fist to take this up and pay its providers reasonably. this was its purpose when the concern started and still is.

– Human rights – The Body Shops purpose is to protect human rights in the UK and over the universe. in topographic points such as Africa there are programmes set-up by The Body Shop to support the peoples right. though this is still in procedure. The Body Shop aims to protect more and more people over the universe. this purpose is going a world twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

– Environmental issues – The Body Shop already is protecting the planet by disposing their goods in an environmentally friendly mode. it besides is seeking to promote other to make the same via workshops and programmes set-up by the company.

The Body Shop aims to maintain protecting peoples rights. just trade etc and at the same clip carry on spread outing. to make this they will necessitate raise financess via workshops. certain sum of net incomes. charity carpus sets and through costumiers who are willing to donate money for The Body Shops good causes. This is one manner they can accomplish their aims. As many of the aims and purposes are met The Body Shop is still taking to prolong its purposes by transporting on what it has been making for old ages and puting an illustration to other concerns.

Below is how The Body Shop carries on making the good work ( run intoing their aims and transporting on making it ) :

As you can see each chart shows how The Body Shop completes each undertaking for carnal testing. environmental issues. these are merely a few illustrations as there are many more. Besides The Body Shop smartly produced a tabular array to demo if they have met their purposes and nonsubjective or if they are still in advancement. they tick off consequently. Below is the tabular array and as you can see it was started in 1995 and finished in 2005.

It is rather singular that The Body Shop really takes all these measure to guarantee their aims are met. even Boots who are considered as The Body Shops challengers are non this complex intending The Body Shop has a better direction system and that they are in front of the competition


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