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December 10, 2017 Commerce

Air Asia Bertha is a Malaysian-based low-cost airline where it was the largest low-fare, no-frills airline and a pioneer of low-cost travel in Asia. Air Asia group operates scheduled domestic and international flights. Air Asia is using e-commerce to promote their product through online. Slide 4 Air Asia is the first airline which introduced online booking system in Malaysia. Online booking system refers to making online, real time, internet bookings for such things as flight, hotel rooms or even theater ticket.

Slide 5 A Global Distribution System (GAS) is a network operated by a company that enables automated transactions between third parties and booking agents in order to provide travel-related services to the end consumers Air Asia also provide if%ticket Slide 6 Air Asia also provide online check in service Use the web check-in and save the time you would spend in queues at the airport because web check-in allows you to check in between 23 hours and 1 hour prior your departure. Rd point After done the online check-in, you can print the boarding pass through the website or download it to the mobile be a Bar code boarding pass. 4th point There is another benefit of web check-in which you can drop off your baggage quickly t the separate counter. Slide 7 Credit card options, you may pay with Visa, Mastered, JOB or American Express. A confirmed itinerary will also be sent to the email you used to make your booking. 4th point To review your itinerary or contact Air Asia Call Centre to check the status of your booking.

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Slides You can pre-book your Eurasia X Duty Free items on irregularity’s. Com. Pre-book the item that you want to purchase. Home Delivery now available for Duty Free items! (only in Malaysia) Slides Customer View l. In addition, the airline websites have the facility to compare airline ticket prices cross many different days. You Just simply specify your date and time of travel and the search engine will do the rest. This saves your time of having to visit each and every date in order to get a best deal of flight ticket.

II. One of the advantages of buying airline tickets online is the convenience of doing it inside your house without having to drive all the way to a travel agency office in the city. Within a few clicks, you are already taking out your credit card and preparing to confirm your booking. 2nd Point l. Internet and Communication Technology offer the opportunity to reduce the arrears of distance, and give…. Countries better access to global economy “so will help Air Asia get more international customer to book their flight. II.

Registered members also receive promotions online though e-mails. Ill. Easily compare the airline company to choose before purchasers terms of quality, price and availability. Customers will purchase upon their satisfactory after comparison; this business strategy is to create customer loyalty. Slide 1st Point I. Air lines no need to provide printed ticket so will reduce the cost of product to gain more profit II. E-commerce helps LLC to simplify the process of purchase by online reservation and issuing of e-ticket, as such no middleman is required in this process.

If customers buy flight ticket through Travel Company, the travel company also will get commission from airlines so the profitability of airlines will decrease. Ill. Save cost on manpower to data entry this information and also the requirement of staff to sell the ticket at airport counter. IV. Able to perform real time transaction to a global customer for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The data provide in online booking combine with the right software ill ease the business administration task to stored and categorized automatically, update in real time and accessed on demand. Cause their consumers can connect directly with the company website Air space advertising: Which now Air Asia has opened up a unique and effective way to reach the wide range of customer bases called the Airspace advertising with this space they can post any offering or promotion on the pages also or any offering that they wanted to offer to the public without paying any advertisement cost on it. Slide 1 l. When the customer makes an online purchase, there need to provide personal information such as an address, telephone number and banking or credit card account information to purchase.

Unfortunately, some of e-commerce websites are not able to harvest other information about the customer online behavior and preferences. This could lead to credit card fraud, or worse, identity theft. II. For example, in Air Asia, security continues to be a problem where the privacy policy is not a contract and does not create any legal rights that make some of the customer doesn’t feel confident about the integrity of their personal information and the payment process from online. D point For example, in Air Asia some of American credit cards cannot be used by the user to make payments for booking the ticket flight. According to Cassandra James (2006), the Air Asia new payment system causes some of the American credit card cannot be used and take a long time for booking the ticket. She says that last time she has no problem using debit card and credit card to make payment until the new payment system come out, all her payment using it being declined and she has to take a long time to check to her bank and she attempts on Air Sais’s website later, the payment anally went through.

Other from that, Air Asia website also provide a search engine on their website for the customer who wanted to book their ticket online with the help of this search engine they only need to fill up their travel destination, numbers of people go to travel, either is one way trip or return and the result will come out with a click on “search” which this has bring a differentiation from others airline company Slide 2 I. The password can easily be read from the hacker. One there gets the user password, they may try to access user email or other sites what the user login, Cause they can search surname in Google.

Inside the Air Asia system, they do allow used to store the credit card number inside, where the user credit card number maybe leak out to by the hacker. 2nd point Most carts are third-party and charge a monthly fee In Fulfillment, it is the place that processes and ships the orders. This will cost of time, money, or sometimes can be both. Air Asia is known the cheapest airline industry compare to another airline. The Air Asia uses e-commerce to promote their sales promotion on ticket prices, where it is more expensive way to promote.

Therefore, Air Asia has to spend more money to pay for e-commerce business to promote their ticket promotion where they also need to pay worker salary, government tax, supplier, equipment, services, and facility. If their ticket sales drop in future, it will affect them where there has problem to pay all the payment include the e-commerce fee. Slide 3 so that they feel that it is user friendly and makes their shopping easier and faster The number passenger of Air Asia has increased after Air Asia was introduced the online booking system to their clients . Nowadays, Air Asia become the largest airlines in Asia.


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