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August 11, 2017 Marketing


Research Problem


Sri Lankan Airlines is the national bearer of Sri Lanka. It was founded as Air Ceylon manner back in 1947 and re-launched the concern as Air Lanka in 1979. The air hose was rebranded in 1998 as Sri Lankan Airlines. At this point the air hose was managed by Emirates Group which was based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This move resulted in Sri Lankan Airlines spread outing to more finishs, and the net income started to construct up quickly. However when the 10 old ages strategic partnership ended in 2008, the air hose started to drop in quality therefore taking to loss of net incomes. The air hose could non acquire itself out of this scenario to day of the month.

Emirates Airlines is a in-between E based air hoses owned by the the Government of Dubai. The air hoses is 29 old ages in being and has become one of the market leaders in the air hoses industry. It operates to over 100 finishs globally with over 200 aircrafts.

It should be noted that since the terminal of the civil war in 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka has put immense sum of attempts to develop the state as one of the best tropical vacation finish. This was grounds as the tourer reachings went up quickly during the past five old ages and crossed 1 million milepost in the twelvemonth 2012. However it must be noted that Sri Lankan Airlines is runing to states from where most of the tourers have arrived. This supports the statement that Sri Lankan is losing its market portion to its rivals on these paths.

Airlines industry is extremely depended on the high quality of services. Passengers expect high degree of quality in services offered during their travel. Airlines such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways are runing in the same part and are known for the superior service degrees. However deficiency of expected quality degrees would do the rider to see exchanging to another bearer within seconds.

For an air hose to run successfully, it should supply first-class degree of service to its riders. It is because the journey is long and the riders are required to be seated in one country with limited activities. However in the recent times, Sri Lankan’s quality of service has been criticized widely by the travellers.

Research Problem

Ever since the terminal of the civil war in Sri Lanka, the state is developing to go a tourist finish and a cognition hub harmonizing to the Government of Sri Lanka’s development program. In this context we should anticipate more tourers and exiles to see Sri Lanka over following decennary. Despite the Government has injected a immense amount of money during the last budget treatments, with sorrow it was noticed that the province owned Airlines is quickly losing its market portion in the paths it is runing to other air hoses and as a consequence its net incomes have plunged since 2008.

Problem Statement

Drop in service quality has led to passenger dissatisfaction stoping up in air hose generating losingss for the past eight back-to-back old ages.


Research Aim & A ; Objective



Aim of this survey is to place the linkage between the quality of service provided and the degree of rider satisfaction at Sri Lankan Airlines and benchmark it with Emirates air hoses runing to and from Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport.

Further this survey is carried out with an purpose of doing a part, chiefly to Sri Lankan Airlines on how it could better its quality of service and pull more riders therefore turning around the company to be a profitable venture.



  1. Evaluate how travellers feel about the quality of services on Emirates Airlines and their degree of satisfaction
  2. Analyze rider satisfaction on Sri Lankan Airlines concentrating on the quality of services offered
  3. To urge possible solutions to better the quality of services offered by Sri Lankan Airlines


Research Questions

  1. What is the current degree of services provided and client satisfaction?
  2. How can it be improved farther to run into the outlooks of the rider?
  3. Does quality differ between categories of travel?
  4. How does Emirates Airlines reference this issue?


Key Theories Which Will Be Used to Address the Problem

Following theories are proposed by the research worker to turn to the jobs:

  1. Service Quality Theories
    1. SERVQUAL Model
  2. Six Sigma
  3. TQM
  4. Crosby’s Culture Theory
  5. Deaming’s 14 Point Theory
  6. Juran’s Cultural Theory


Cardinal Literature

  • Armstrong’s Hand Book of Strategic Human Resource Management by Michael Armstrong
  • Culture and organisation by Geert Hosfstede, Gert Jan Hofstede and Michael Minkov
  • The Management and Control of Quality by James R. Evans and William M. Lindsay
  • Entire Quality Management by John S. Oakland
  • Cross Cultural Business Behavior by Richard R. Gesteland
  • International Marketing by Michael R. Czinkata and Ilkka A. Ronkainen
  • Website supplying relevant articles
  • Relevant Diaries



The research worker proposes to follow quantitative methods and qualitative methods to transport out this research. The expected respondents the research worker is taking at utilizing the above mentioned methods are as follows:

  • Passengers at the arrival terminus of Bandaranaike International Airport Colombo
  • Passengers at travel agents
  • Ticketing staff at travel agents

Quantitative Research Technique

By following this methodological analysis the research worker is depending on the numerical informations gathered during the informations assemblage stage that could be measured statistically. The information required for this stage would be gathered through inquirers and from statistics available on the public sphere.

Qualitative Research Technique

In this technique the research worker would be analysing non-numerical informations obtained through interviews with the fining staff at two big travel agents in Colombo.

Data Collection Methods

Necessary informations would be collected from primary and dependable secondary beginnings.

Primary Data

These informations would be collected through interviews with the respondents, inquirers / studies and direct observation of the state of affairs / scenario.

Secondary Datas

These informations would be obtained from dependable beginnings such as authorities publications, diaries / periodicals, old research studies, web sites, etc. The information the research worker is looking on these beginnings are demographic inside informations of the tourers, demographic inside informations of the riders,

Data Sampling Method

The research worker proposes to utilize Quota trying which a non-probabilistic or qualitative sampling method for this research.


Sri Lankan Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Passengers at the Arrival Terminal



Passengers at the ticketing office



Ticketing staff at travel agents






Datas Analysis

Datas gathered during the research would be analyzed critically by the research worker in geting at the decision. For this purpose standard spreadsheet or sophisticated statistical package bundles would be used which has the capableness to statistically analyse and compare two groups of informations. Further the research worker proposes to diagrammatically show the results of the analysis utilizing graphs, charts, tabular arraies, etc.

Conceptual Model

Restrictions to Research

Following restrictions are expected:

  • Limited financess to transport out the research
  • Researcher is employed fulltime hence clip to pass on the research would be a restriction
  • Respondents may non react to inquiries posted due to predominating policies at their organisation
  • Time lapses in having / roll uping the duly completed inquirers from the respondents


Research Timetable

Activity / Time Period

Feb‘ 14

Mar’ 14

Apr’ 14

May ‘14

Jun’ 14

July’ 14

























Background Study

Designation of Key Literature

Survey on cardinal theories

Preparation of Research Proposal

Composing the background

Literature Review

Developing the methodological analysis

Developing inquirers

Datas Gathering

Datas Analysis

Composing the Introduction

Composing the Discussion

Composing the Decision

Composing the Abstract

Preparation of the Draft

Preparation of the Final

Submission of the Final Report



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