AKS firm. Setup in 2003 in Auckland

AKS accounting Services Limited is a Acconting firm.

Setup in 2003 in Auckland
Provides accounting and taxation services from small and medium size businesses
AKS uses MYOB software to Manage Financials of client
AKS provides GST Return, Monthly accounting, PAYE, Management report, End year Financials, Income tax return, Business Set up and Payment arrange of with IRD
The objective of the project is to acquire knowledge of tax mechanism in New Zealand .Calculating and filling of GST returns and income tax returns
Knowledge of Cloud based MYOB software
How to setup accounting accounting firm
How to deal with Client
How to acquire new Client
Work flow management
Tax planning
Company setup
Understanding of Cloud based MYOB software
Calculating and Filing GST returns, income tax returns
Bank data entry and reconciliation
Data coding in MYOB software
GST and Income compliances
Uses of company office
Preparation of Financial statements
Preparation of Management report
Questionnaire-Multiple choice
Reconciliation of all financial statements including Bank Accounts
To acquire new customer need to reduce consulting Fess
Explore New place for practice
Future of profession is bright
Can use excel to manage the work flow
Can higher qualified accountant
Allocate Amount for marketing
Offer discount to new client
Offer referral bonus to existing client
Outsource data entry work to save some cost
Explore new place to setup office

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