alcohol in college

January 5, 2017 General Studies

Alcohol is a huge problem on most college campuses. Twenty-one may be the legal drinking age, but somehow minors find a way to get a hold of alcohol. People as young as fifteen are able to get their hands on an alcoholic beverage. Alcohol is said to be the chosen drug among college students. College students have a tendency to drink more than the general population. It is said that college students spend approximately $4.2 billion annually an alcohol. This money is spent on 430 gallons of alcoholic beverages, and 4 million cans of beer (Facts on Tap). The type of college, geographical location, the ethnic and gender makeup plays a role in the amount of drinking that occurs on a campus (Changing the Culture). For example, colleges with fraternities and sororities have higher statistics; this is because of their sponsored parties. They drink more often, which contributes to heavier drinking. .

Studies show that college students drink more when they are in a group, which speaks to peer influences. When it comes to drinking on campus there is no legal age so to speak. When someone goes to a party, they are not carded; they get a cup. Studies show that students between the ages of 18-21 drink more than those who that are over 21. Statistics show that the younger the person the more he or she drinks (Facts on Tap). Forty one percent of college students report to binge drinking, and nearly four percent drink daily. Binge drinking is defined as four drinks for women in one sitting and five drinks for a male in one .

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sitting. (Reports on Alcohol Abuse) Students that are binge drinkers have even more problems then students who do not. Binge drinkers are more likely to have hangovers and engage in unplanned sexual activity (College Binge Drinking).

There are endless consequences that come with drinking. Ranges of problems occur due to alcohol consumption. The most popular problem that occurs with drinking is academic problems; others include things such as trauma, date rape, recklessness, vandalism, and pregnancy in women (College Binge Drinking).


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