Alden Nowlan’s Hurt

January 14, 2017 General Studies

A role model is a person who is worthy of imitation. A role model possesses certain qualities that other people admire and like to follow. In Alden Nowlan’s Hurt, Stevie is a kid who inspite of having a drunkard father is a role model for the kids around him. He possesses certain qualities such as intelligence, tolerance, and that make him a good candidate for a role model.

One of the qualities that make Stevie a good role model is his intelligence and natural talent of learning and knowing things. In the story Skip mentions that even though Stevie nevers studies, he is always at the top of the class. Being at the top of the class without even studying is not very easy but Stevie is naturally talented at his studies. This is shown when Skip says:.

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“Stevie never studied and he was usually at the head of the class” (pg.194).

Another example of his intelligence is shown when Skip mentions that when Stevie is not at the head of the class it is because he was away for the week reading books he got from Old Simms. We can see this when Skip says:.

“We he wasn’t in first place it was because he”d stayed home the week we had exams reading a book old man Simms had given him” (pg. 194).

The other quality that makes Stevie a good role model is his ability to tolerate. His father yells at Stevie when he is drunk even though he is not guilty of anything. He just takes what ever his “oldman” says to him. Inpsite of all the yelling and shouting he still gets him vanilla to sober him. ” When he passed out and started shivering Stevie threw a coat over his shoulders. Went down to store and hot him a couple of bottles of vanilla to sober up on.” .

When his teacher gave Stevie a smacking he did not cry like other kids but tolerate and just kept quite till he got to his seat. He understood that his crying was not going to make a difference so he just tolerated and kept his cool. Another example of tolerance is Stevie’s ability to ignore people comments about what he wears and about his parents.


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