All Quiet On The Western Front English Literature Essay

The narrative of All Quiet on the Western Front is told realistically through the point of view of a soldier in the field. Throughout the narrative, the writer describes the conditions that soldiers must digest throughout war. He does n’t speak about ideals such as glorification, award or gallantry ; but instead, he focuses on the inexorable inside informations of war, such as decease, hurting and agony, and the psychological effects on soldiers. Remarque shows us the battles that soldiers face twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours ; the battle to happen nutrient, the changeless fright of onslaught, the uncertainness of when or if decease will come. We see how the soldiers are broken and their lived destroyed, both physically and psychologically.

The book was originally written in German, but was translated by – and so the diction is a spot uneven

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Erich Maria Remarque was a veteran himself so the inside informations are rather accurate and all soldiers in WWI can associate.

Kantorek, Paul and his school-friend ‘s old instructor, invariably pressured them into fall ining the German Army.

Paul feels that “ non belong here any longer, it is a foreign universe. ”

transport out their “ loyal responsibility ” .

Narrative is told merely

Their ideas



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