Alternative Dispute Resolution


Structure: Introduction, rating and decision

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The British Academy of Experts defines Alternative Dispute Resolution ( “A D R” ) as “any method of deciding an issue susceptible to normal legal procedure by understanding instead than by imposed binding solution” . [ 1 ] Pursuant to the Civil Procedure Rules all Court are required to promote all parties to judicial proceeding to utilize A D R. It besides requires the tribunals to ease A D R. There are several methods which can be used to decide a difference which comes under A D R without holding to fall back to a conventional tribunal test. It is hence cardinal for the attorneies to be able to present trim commercial and tactical advice rapidly.

Types of ADR

Mediation to Arbitration

Under this method the parties to a difference agree in progress that they would try to decide the difference by mediation. In add-on to this they besides agree that if unluckily they fail to settle the difference by mediation they will utilize the arbitration procedure in which instance a solution to the job would be imposed by a 3rd party. A canvasser outlining a commercial contract should include a clause to this consequence. If you envisage an ongoing concern relationship peculiarly in the field of building, joint ventures, information engineering, employment, franchises, distribution and bureau, so these clauses are valuable.

Mini Trial

Senior forces from each of the companies in difference, who are non personally involved in the difference, sit on a panel with an independent go-between as a president and representatives of each party present their instance. After hearing the presentation from both parties, an effort to negociate a colony is made. It is possible that junior forces who have been involved in the difference may experience compelled to support their actions which may be a consequence of this difference instead than admit an mistake. However, in such a state of affairs it is ever best to make a solution which would be to the overall benefit of their company.

Adjudication by Expert

Here the parties may hold to settle the difference by adept adjudication who will see the grounds presented and so enforce a solution on the parties. However, it should be noted that this method is merely utile where indispensable facts of the instance are non disputed and the lone issue which needs to be determined is a proficient one.


This procedure is most normally used in A D R. The go-between is appointed by the parties and hence they have to hold who they are traveling to name as a go-between in progress. The mediator’s function is to ease a colony between the parties but has no power to enforce anything on the parties. The go-between can merely do suggestions which parties can accept or reject. The distinguishing characteristic of this procedure is, in judicial proceeding, arbitration and adept adjudication a solution to the difference is imposed by a 3rd party nevertheless under mediation it is non. A go-between must prelude both sides to dialogue, via media and job resolution.

Advantages of mediation

It is possible that costs of a test are so high that they outweigh the benefit that is hoped to accomplish. Even if the client wins the instance it is improbable that he would retrieve the full sum of the legal costs from the other side because of the regulations sing the appraisal of costs. In add-on to this there are ever hazards in judicial proceeding such as adept informant or chief informant of fact may non execute good and hence although the instance is strong on paper there is ever a hazard of losing and in the event of that go oning the client may go apt to pay both, its ain and other side’s costs. On the other manus mediation can be used at any phase until merely before the instance goes to test. It is estimated that 94 % of all differences that use this procedure consequence into some kind of agreement. Average mediation charges sometimes depend on the sum of claim at interest. However, the mean cost of mediation could be ?125 per hr per party based on five to seven hours mediation.

It may be possible that the parties will portion the mediation costs or may be one of the parties may hold the full costs to bring on the other party to take portion in the procedure. The go-between does non hold any power to do a costs order and therefore the parties have to do their ain proviso for legal costs.


The Arbitration Act 1996 provinces that “the object of arbitration is to obtain the just declaration of differences by an impartial court without unneeded hold or disbursal. It farther provinces that it is an understanding to subject to arbitration present or future differences whether they are contractual or not” . [ 2 ] The distinguishing characteristic of arbitration can be summarised as the determination of a 3rd party, the Arbitrator, is adhering on the parties. It besides differs from the judicial proceeding as both parties involved in the difference can hold on who can make up one’s mind the result of the difference every bit good as the process they would wish to follow to come to that determination taking into history any statutory commissariats.

An understanding to subject any differences to arbitration must be in authorship and entered into at the clip of original contract. The day of the month when the proceedings start is really of import as the regulations of Limitation Act apply. The parties can take their arbiter by understanding every bit good the powers that may be exercised by the court. The court has powers to order the applier to give security for costs or give waies with respects to belongings and informants.

The parties agree on the redresss that may be ordered by the tribunal nevertheless, courts besides have similar powers as the tribunal such as concluding injunction, puting aside a title etc.

Although arbitration has an advantage of obtaining speedier and cheaper solution to a difference due to expert cognition of the arbiter, where a point of jurisprudence is in difference or Part 20 of the CPR claim is expected so there is really small point in traveling for arbitration.

Examples of ADR Clauses

  • In the event of any difference arising between the parties in connexion with this understanding which can non be settled by dialogue the parties will in good religion, seek to decide that difference through mediation before fall backing to arbitration.
  • The difference should merely be referred to arbitration if it is non resolved within 30 yearss or one of the parties is non willing to take part in the mediation. The difference referred for arbitration will be governed by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and are incorporated by mention into this clause.
  • The trigger point when parties need to see mediation has to be made clear in the clause necessitating senior direction to be involved right at the beginning.

Mediation and Solicitor

During the mediation procedure legal every bit good as practical issues need to be carefully considered in progress. It is critical that both parties are represented by a individual who has full authorization to settle the affair and it is usual that such representatives are accompanied by canvassers.

Benefits of A D R

A D R has legion benefits. It may salvage clip and money as it is non every bit dearly-won as a judicial proceeding possibly. It besides allows flexibleness and more control on the whole procedure. One of the chief benefits is that it helps to continue relationships which may be of import in commercial minutess and still acquire a satisfactory result of a difference. Besides the whole procedure is confidential and provides conclusiveness.

If the client decides to travel to tribunal so the difference is likely to be settled by a justice who is independent but with a limited cognition of clients concern sector and therefore may necessitate advise from advocate ( barristers ) who may be really expensive. If the difference is really complex so each party should hold their ain arbiter with an independent Chair individual. A individual or nominative arbiter or a go-between normally comes from a specialist panel and therefore they are good trained to move as a impersonal and have necessary industry cognition which is cardinal.

The Civil Procedure Rules sets out rigorous regulations as to where proceedings can be commenced, and parties to the difference do non hold control over location. On the other manus, in arbitration procedure it is possible to decide the difference by paperss if possible and therefore avoid the turbulence of go toing the tribunal hearing and giving grounds in forepart of a justice and other party in the tribunal room. The whole mediation and the arbitration procedure are private and the clip and locale is decided as per everybody’s convenience every bit far as possible. Due the confidential nature of the procedure both parties can continue the sensitive information and their market repute.

The judicial proceeding regulations are purely laid out in the Civil Procedure Rules and both parties must follow these regulations meticulously. On the other manus in A D R the regulations are flexible and can be altered to accommodate both parties by understanding. The timetable in judicial proceeding is set to accommodate the tribunal but in A D R although a clip tabular array is set in the agreed regulations it is possible with common understanding to alter it to accommodate all parties. Besides the tribunals have powers to do the parties to the judicial proceeding stick to the timetable and regulations without taking any history of personal fortunes. By and large the tribunals are loath to utilize their powers to strike the claim out if parties do non follow. However, under A D R process personal fortunes are ever taken into history which gives greater flexibleness. The go-between has powers which both parties agreed on, to cover with the holds.

It is possible the hearing may be postponed if the justice has excessively many instances listed for that twenty-four hours, nevertheless in A D R a hearing day of the month and clip merely set after closely liasing with all the parties is concerned to do certain everyone is able to go to. This restricts the possibility of last infinitesimal cancellations.

In judicial proceeding, costs are discretional but normally costs follow the instance and whoever wins the instance gets his costs paid by the other side. On the other manus in A D R both the parties are cognizant of costs and who will be apt to pay, in progress as these are dealt with right at the beginning as a preliminary affair. The costs in A D R are constantly lower than one would anticipate in judicial proceeding provided the whole procedure is managed carefully.

Using A D R a solution to differences can be found rapidly, cost-effectively and in private. It is peculiarly utile for little concerns making concern with a big Plc or for an person who are in difference with their mortgage suppliers, telephone companies etc. With the aid of modern engineering, dispute declaration can be undertaken online. This is peculiarly utile for cross-border differences.


We as suppliers of legal services have recognised that Alternative Dispute Resolution could go a common topographic point and will be used as an option to traditional judicial proceeding in this state. We have hence formed a particular A D R unit which offers constructive and effectual solutions to your job. Clients who unluckily have to take their difference to a judicial proceeding phase expect their Solicitors to understand the commercial facet of their difference and appreciate their concern demands. Keeping this in head a judicial proceeding procedure should be designed to accommodate single client and their concern aims.

Litigation should ever be considered as a last resort in the declaration of differences. The Civil Procedure Rules have been amended consequently to guarantee all litigators have exhausted all methods of deciding and have considered Alternative Dispute Resolution before existent tribunal proceedings are issued. Pre-action protocols are designed to ease early colony of the difference. In add-on to this Judgess have been given powers to enforce on both parties to seek mediation if they have non already complied with the C P R demands.

The new Civil Procedure Rules indicate clearly the desire of those who are responsible for the disposal of civil justness to convey approximately extremist alteration in judicial proceeding civilization.


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5. Commercial judicial proceeding manual, published by University of West of England, Faculty of Law, Resource book for The Legal Practice Course.




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